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"creatures thoughts to victim's"

'victim's thoughts to creatures

(Yuugi to Yami)

((Vice Versa))

[Ryou to Bakura]

[[Vice Versa]]

*Malik to Marik*

**Vice Versa**


Creature of the Night:

Chapter 1:

It was brisk evening; the moon was shining high in the sky as the winds were light and calm.

A thirteen year old teenager was walking down the streets of Domino, heading towards her boyfriend's apartment.

Her parents were still not happy about her relationship due to the age gap but she didn't care and the way she sees it they just had to live with it.

The teen however, noticed that there were not many people out.

Shrugging her shoulders, the teen pulled her coat closer around her body to keep warm as the winds started to pick up. Unbeknownst to her, a pair of green and gold eyes were watching her, trying to calculate its next move.

The teen stopped as she picked up the sudden change in the atmosphere.

Looking around, she didn't see anything unusual. Shaking her head at her paranoia, the girl proceeded towards her destination.

Due to unfortunate circumstance, the teen was not prepare for what was to screamed when something heavy had jumped her from behind; knocking her hard to the ground.

She cringed as sharp claws sink into her shoulder blades sending pain throughout her body.

The girl began to whimper in fright not knowing what her attacker's next move was.

All she wanted to do was to just throw her attacker off and run, but she couldn't do either.

When she reached that revelation, tears began to pour down her cheeks I am going to die she thought with fear.

Then to her shock, a voice spoke within her mind, "that's right, fear me, and ask for me to bring death upon your worthless soul" to its point, teeth had sank into the back of her neck.

The creature began tearing at the neck muscles and tenants rendering her neck useless.

Seeing her vision darken due to the blood loss, the teen couldn't fight the fatigue that was consuming her.

With one last whimper she gave into the darkness as unconsciousness seep through.

Feeling her body go limp, the creature smirked as it got off of her and vanished within the shadows, leaving the girl to bleed to death.


Morning approached as the residents of the Mouto's household were up and about, doing their morning routine.

Solomon Mouto had just left to visit a close friend for a few weeks.

So, his grandson Yuugi and the Pharaoh were left behind to run the shop and manage the house.

A few months back, Yami was able to obtain his own physical body and loves every second of it. Not that he minded sharing a body with Yuugi, mind you, but it felt nice to not have to rely on someone else's body.

He is now free to do whatever he wants without restrictions.

Yuugi was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for him and his other half while Yami was upstairs finishing getting ready.

(Yami, breakfast is just about done) Yuugi called out to his dark. ((I will be down in a bit aibou)) replied his yami, the short teen gave Yami a mental nod.

When Yami had reached the bottom of the stairs, a frantic knock was heard against the door, startling the always calm Pharaoh.

Sighing, the ex-spirit walked up to the door to let his guest in.

Once done unlocking the door, the ex-ruler was about to open it but the door slammed open much to Yami's surprise.

Then, being unprepared for what was to come next, a figure accidentally ran into the Pharaoh knocking him backwards as the former had landed hard on top of the latter's body.

Hearing a crash from the kitchen, Yuugi stopped at what he was doing and ran out of the said room into the hall to see what the commotion was about.

The short teen stopped a few feet away from the two tangle bodies.

Raising a questioning eyebrow the hikari was debating on whether or not he wanted to know.

Katsuya, Jonouchi was sprawled over Yami, blushing at the position that he and the said spirit were in.

Snapping out of his daze, Jou gave the Pharaoh a sheepish green, which in return the blonde received an annoyed glare. "Uh…sorry Pharaoh didn't mean to fall onto you" the blonde stated with a blush.

"It is fine Jonouchi, could you please it off of me now" he grunted out?

The blonde with speed unbeknown to him, had scampered off of the Pharaoh not wanting to be yelled at.

Once standing, the blonde offered his hand to the fallen ex-spirit who gratefully took it as he was helped up.

After dusting the invisible dirt off his leather attire, the Pharaoh gave his friend a thanks which was return full kindheartedly.

Yuugi smiled at the scene before him and decided to make his presence known by clearing his throat.

Upon hearing the noise, both teens turn their attention to the shorter teen who had an amuse look displayed on his innocent face. Turning to Jou, "Jonouchi, what can we do for you on this lovely morning" the hikari asked curious?

His friend gave the teen a smile, "nuttin much, just wondering if you both had seen the news this morning" he stated while studying his feet.

Yuugi shook his head; "why don't you join me and Yami for breakfast and you can tell us what we missed" he offered as he turns and headed towards the kitchen with the other two in tow.

As Jou and Yami took their seats at the table, Yuugi grabbed three plates that contain eggs, bacon and toast.

Turning, he headed towards the two occupants at the table and placed two plates in front of Jou and Yami.

After settling himself at the table, Yuugi indicated for Jou to continue the discussion that had taken place in the hallway.

"Anyway, as I was saying according to the news a vicious attack had occurred last night."

This news shock both yami and hikari as they gave each other confuse looks, after biting into his bacon the blonde teen continue "they say that the victim was a thirteen year old female who was just torn apart."

Jou frowned as he continued "they don't have any suspects and the police are baffled; hell they weren't even sure if the attacker was human or animal."

"All I can really say is that the scene looked like something that came out of a horror movie" he finished with a shudder as the images shot through his mind.

Yami and Yuugi were both silent trying to comprehend on what they had just been told.

Then Yami spoke up, with a frown he continued "in case you were wondering that wasn't the first attack, four more had occurred a few weeks ago" he mumbled.

Both Jou and Yuugi gave the ex-ruler identical confuse looks, "Other me, I didn't know that; how come I wasn't aware of that news" the light asked curiously?

Yami gave his aibou a smile, "I was watching the news with grandpa that night, while you were doing your homework; the attacks had started in Tokyo and now they are happening here in Domino."

"With that put aside, it would be wise if neither of you go out anywhere alone at night, with the power of my puzzle I can withstand an attack but not you two."

Jou and Yuugi gave the ex-spirit a smile "don't worry Yami, Jou and I will be safe regardless." The Pharaoh gave his hikari a reassuring smile as the three continue eating in silence."


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