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"Damn it!!!" Brooklyn struggled against Dean as she tried to stitch the wound on his arm.

"Dean if you don't hold still you're gonna have one fucked up looking scar!" She hollered back while keeping the injured limb tight in her grip. Sam was busy tending to his own wounds as they were recuperating after a rather nasty werewolf hunt.

Several hours earlier

The fugly had cornered Sam in the corner of the old mill but luckily his brother and Brooklyn had found him and pumped it full of silver, but not before it got one last attack in. It went after Dean knocking him down with the massive force of its body.

The hunter fought against his furry foe keeping the sharp canines away from his body knowing one bite would all it would take to infect him. Brooklyn and Sam had rushed in amidst the confusion trying to get a shot in but the rolling around of human and beast had created a slight problem to say the least.

"I can't get a shot in" Sam growled as he struggled to get the shot.

Brooklyn wasn't having any easier of a time. But she got an idea.

"Hey fugly over here!" The beast looked up which was all the hunter needed as she squeezed the trigger sending two hollowed out silver filled bullets. The shells sunk right in between the eyes of the beast as it growled in pain before falling dead to the stone floor. Dean's face was sprayed with blood as the beast fell beside him.

Dean lay on his back panting hard and covered in blood and brain matter feeling slightly confused and aching all over.

"Dean!" Sam was immediately helping his brother up while Brooklyn found a shovel to decapitate the thing. With one hard thrust head and body became two and a town could now be at peace.

She turned around seeing both brothers were alright. Her smile vanished into a frown when she saw the dark stain forming under Dean's long shirt.

"Dean," she dropped the shovel and raced to his side ripping back the sleeve. There staring back at her were two claw marks.

"Did it bite you?" She asked apprehensively.

"I dunno everything was one giant blur," he closed his eyes feeling the oncoming migraine. Dean held his head as Sam slung an arm across his waist and put his brother's arm across his shoulders as they struggled together to the Impala. Brooklyn cleaned up by dragging the body and head outdoors to salt and burn each.

The ride home was quiet except for Dean's erratic breaths and groans. Sam drove as Brooklyn tended to her hunter.

Present timeā€¦.

Brooklyn secured the last of the bandage over the stitches looking them over before letting Dean go shower. On the way she handed off a lower tab to him to kill the pain but he refused to let go of her hand instead pulling her up and with him to the shower. Strangely enough he could feel the throbbing pain begin to subside even before he popped the painkiller.

His body was still aching all over but it had become a tolerable pain for the hunter. He stood there letting his lover cleanse away the dirt and sweat revealing the scars and skin beneath. Dean always did love the attention she paid to his body and he was going to let her do whatever she wanted with those gentle hands.

Brooklyn could see the tension in Dean's face start to subside with every brush of her fingers against his body. She allowed herself to finally smile as Dean continued to relax into her touch. The hunter chalked it up to her healing touch as he continued feeling the pain subside with every brush of her fingertips.

He looked down seeing the slash marks on his harm gone replaced by faint pink lines where torn skin and flesh were once visible. Dean wasn't alarmed but fascinated with how fast his body had mended itself. But fascination soon gave way to horror as the truth set in.

Sam had finished the last stitch on his arm as Brooklyn and Dean finally stepped out from the bathroom. Dean didn't mention his arm hoping Brooklyn wouldn't notice. But with her keen eyes it would be only a matter of time before she did and her internal ADT system went off full blast. He eyed the bandage wrap and quickly snatched it up. The hunter managed to get the area covered before Brooklyn turned around.

"Dean I could've done that," he spun around to see Brooklyn standing with her hands gripped firmly on her hips. A disapproving look darkened her face.

Dean merely shrugged his shoulders and slid the fresh black shirt up and over his head. Brooklyn noticed the fluid smooth movements and absence of pain anywhere in his eyes. Her hunter's instincts screamed in her mind as something wasn't right. No discomfort or even the slightest bit of hesitation was visible on Dean's face.

She remained tight lipped about her observations rather Brooklyn continued watching Dean as he pulled back the covers and lay on his stomach. He adjusted on the mattress then briefly closed his eyes before opening them back up.

Brooklyn shivered at what she saw.

Instead of jade meeting grey, amber greeted her rich slate pools. Solid tawny orbs with two black vertical slits were glaring straight into her soul. His lips pulled back exposing two deadly canines before quickly covering the sharp fangs. Brooklyn's heart froze mid beat as the low but menacing growl rumbled within his chest.

"No," she whispered stepping back towards the wall. Dean slowly rose and smelled the air appearing to revel in the invisible trail left in her wake.

"Stay back," Brooklyn's words had no effect on him as his humanity was eaten away and the emptiness left behind filled with a primeval animalistic urge.

"Dean, listen to me, you were bitten. You can fight this, just please listen to me. Listen to my voice. Damn it Dean snap out of it!" Desperation filled her voice as he cornered her slamming one hand on each side of her head. Brooklyn couldn't move as her muscles were frozen, locked in place refusing to obey her.

He leaned in inhaling the scent of his prey. Fear filled every pore of Brooklyn's body as this possessed frightening Dean smothered her body until no gap existed between them. She sobbed as the sharp pointed canines nipped at her neck and shoulders then feeling him trace his tongue over the pinch marks.

"No, please stop," she whimpered and closed her eyes. This only fed the carnal need welling within him as his heart pounded violently in his chest and the blood hammered in his ears and throughout the rest of his body. The ancient need to mate.

Dean ripped Brooklyn from the wall slamming her against the bed shredding her shirt and hipster to shreds. Brooklyn fought back kicking him in the throat. But the blow merely stunned him as he lunged for her forcing her over on her stomach as he freed himself from the painfully restrictive boxers.

She screamed into the sheets and mattress as he dug into her hips and thrusted inside her. The burning friction between her legs made her scream harder and louder but it didn't stop Dean. He wasn't going to be denied this, he needed it, wanted it and knew deep down she did too. Brooklyn heard him above her growling in a deep sated tone as he continued taking what was his. She struggled against him but the massive frame of the hunter kept her pinned between his body and the bed. But soon something stirred within her and Brooklyn found her body starting to relax and let pleasure take over.

Dean grinned as he sensed the change in her body and aura as he knew she would come around in more ways than one. Her body trembled and shook as wave after wave of sexual release slammed into her. Cries of pain were immediately silenced replaced by moans of ecstasy. Dean growled in response digging his nails deeper in her flesh drawing tiny droplets of blood to the surface. Brooklyn hissed in pain feeling her skin burning at his tough. The sight of the crimson beads pushed him over the edge and before he knew it his canines were embedded deep into her shoulder. Brooklyn cried out as sharp ivory tore into her flesh as a searing intense heat spilled from between her legs and through her body. Her body tensed but just as quickly eased up allowing her lover to dig his nails and claws deeper into her flesh.

He growled in a possessive manner as he claimed her as his own.

Dean shot up wide awake and drenched in a cold sweat. He looked over seeing Brooklyn on her stomach sleeping soundly. Her hair was tousled covering her face giving her an innocent look. The hunter smiled and brushed back the copper whisps and kissed her lightly on the lips before drawing her in his body.

As he lay there a faint earthly essence ran across his nose and filled his being with a cold realization. Dean was detecting Brooklyn's scent.

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