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"Sam I need you tell me everything you remember about last night."

Sam closed his eyes and thought back to the events of the previous evening. His memories were vague and hazy at best. Jimmy watched as the hunter concentrated trying to recall anything that would lead them to Dean and Brooklyn.

"Just breathe, Sam," Jimmy's gentle voice echoed in his ears.

The younger hunter relaxed allowing his mind to push forth the images.

"We were at the asylum on a job and Dean said we were being followed. Then Brooklyn picked up several scents. Dean told me to hide but I refused and Brooklyn shoved me in a supply locker. I could hear them changing then it all went silent. A few minutes later there was a battle royale then next thing I know I was being ripped out and someone was pumping me full of drugs. Then next thing I know you're standing by the car and the sun's up."

Jimmy tapped his fingers on the table as his brow was furrowed in thought.

"We need to go back there," Sam said with certainty.

"I agree as the attackers may have left something behind."

The Impala was roaring down the road heading back to the old asylum.

Dean stirred and opened his eyes. His throat was dry and parched and his head was spinning. The hunter looked around seeing he wasn't in the cage anymore. A tingling sensation coursed through his arms as he looked up to find his hands cuffed in iron shackles. Dean tugged at the restraints but they held fast against him.

"Damn it," he growled.

The door opened and Daniel stepped in. He was dressed simply in a pair of denim jeans and black t-shirt with boots to match. His steel eyes betrayed nothing of what the man was thinking or feeling at that moment.

"Hello Dean," the cool voice greeted him.

Dean remained silent and cold towards his captor.

"Silent treatment huh? You know I was expecting some smart ass remark coming from you. I mean you're Dean Winchester, the man with the sharp tongue, Mr. Comeback."

"I'm flattered but you're not my type," Dean smirked.

Daniel chuckled and walked around the hunter sizing him up.

"I envy you Winchester. You were blessed with so many talents and abilities and not to mention a knockout for a girlfriend."

"You stay the Hell away from her," his eyes flashed amber.

"Easy there Fido," Daniel pushed his index and middle finger in the middle of Dean's chest.

"I'm not going to touch her in fact my orders are the exact opposite."

"Where is she?!" Daniel arched an eyebrow at the display of fangs and eyes.

"Brooklyn is being tended to so get your boxers out of a knot, Winchester."

Just then one of Daniel's goons entered. Daniel nodded at the towering gorilla then hiked a thumb at the hunter.

"Clean him up and when you're done bring him downstairs. And if he doesn't cooperate use this," Daniel presented a small silver pendant making sure Dean got a good view of it. Dean snarled and felt his heart racing at the small but painful emblem.

The goon looked over at Dean grinning from ear to ear as Daniel flashed one final look before leaving them alone.

Brooklyn struggled against her own shackles watching her wrists and arms run red with blood. She hollered and growled never ceasing her struggle.

Daniel saw the woman then the injuries to her wrists.

"Shit," he muttered. Daniel reached for the syringe hidden in his pocket uncapping the needle as he raced towards her.

Brooklyn snarled and spat but she proved to be no match for Daniel as he stabbed her in the hip pushing the sedative inside her body. She screamed in pain and continued fighting causing the drug to surge through her body and calm the hunter down. Daniel watched as the fight was taken out of Brooklyn until her eyes rolled back in her head and body slumped in the restraints.

Several men appeared in the doorway responding to the commotion.

"Get the injuries along with the rest of her cleaned up. Master will be here in a day and I don't wish to anger him."

The men quickly got her down and carried her away. Daniel sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He would be glad to see the day they were no longer in his sight. At that moment his phone went off.

"Daniel, I will be there tonight. Be sure they are presentable for a couple of clients wish to look at them."

"They are being cleaned up as we speak."

"Daniel, something's wrong for I can hear your voice wavering."

"The female cut herself on the cuffs but they will heal of course."

"Yes werewolves possess uncanny healing powers. But 9 PM have them ready."

"Of course," Daniel heard the connection end.

Dean felt so exposed and open as he was hosed down. The water was warm and rinsed away the soap and shampoo but it was but only a fleeting comfort. Rough hands ran through his hair clearing the last few suds from his hair. A cloth ran along his taut body showing no modesty for running over every crevice of his frame.

"Hey keep that up and I'm gonna be expecting dinner afterwards," Dean smirked at the manhandling goon.

"Shut your trap," the man shot back as he finished up the job.

Brooklyn came to seeing she was bound on a bed with her hands and ankles securely bound with several etchings on each. She wasn't going anywhere someone made sure of that.

"Bout time you woke up," Daniel was seated comfortably in a chair watching her.

"What you get your freak on watching other people sleep?"

"No," he said shortly. "You're Brooklyn DeTaurius, the daughter of an archangel turned werewolf."

"Someone's been doing their homework."

"Have to in this business," he leaned in to her until his face was within inches of hers.

"You know there's this thing called personal space," she hissed.

"I'm not interested in you except in seeing that my Master gets what he wants and that would be you two."

"Care to share?"

"Sorry but no can do as that would only ruin the surprise."

Daniel turned and left leaving Brooklyn hollering and calling him every name under the sun.

Jimmy and Sam followed the corridor painstakingly retracing every step.

"My guess is whoever wanted them had to lure you here."

It dawned on Sam. The news link was a fake!

"Son of a bitch," Sam muttered. Jimmy continued on ahead training the light on every corner and crack he could. As they reached the South Wing, he paused. Something caught his eye in the corner.

"Sam flash your light over here," Sam shined his light in Jimmy's direction watching him kneel down.

Jimmy reached down retrieving what appeared to be a button or pin of some kind. It was made of bloodstone with some strange emblem perched atop of it.

"Jimmy what is that?"

"I don't know Sam," the man's face was masked in concentration as he studied the item.

"I think we found our first big lead Sam."

Dean woke up on a bed seeing Brooklyn across the room on another. Her red hair was sprawled around her as she slept.

"Brook," he called out. She didn't move.

"Brooklyn wake up," Dean called out louder.

Brooklyn's eyes shot open and she raised her head as high as she could.

"Dean," she smiled at the sight of her mate. He couldn't but help to smile at her sweet loving expression.

"Brook your wrists," she looked up at the bandages.

"Oh I got too rough in my restraints. I earned myself a shot of knockout juice compliments of GI Joe. It seems they don't want us being hurt in anyway. Apparently this guy's master wants us in immaculate shape."

The sounds of voices coming down the hall caught their attention.

"Are the arrivals restrained and cleaned up?"

"Yes like you requested."

"Good I don't want any more complications."

"There won't be."

Brooklyn and Dean feigned sleep as the door opened up. Daniel entered seeing they were still asleep.

"Keep guard on this room. No one gets in."

Daniel left leaving the two goons in charge. He hurried as the flight would be arriving in 1 hour.

The Cessna arrived precisely at 7 at the Midway Airport. Daniel stood beside the black Suburban with hands in his pockets. He had only met the man once and that was when his life was changed. He could feel his heart racing while his outer appearance was calm cool and collective.

He watched as a man with silver blonde hair with rich jade pools stepped out and approached.

"Daniel," he outstretched a lean hand to which Daniel took within his own. He slightly bowed in respect and devotion.

"I take it everything is ready?"

"Yes everything is ready."

"Excellent, I am anxious to see our new arrivals. As you know I have several clients wishing for an early viewing and I never deny my clients."

Daniel looked up to see the rich jade depths staring back into his own smoky pools.

Sam and Jimmy scoured the internet unable to find anything remotely resembling the crest on the stone.

"Nothing, nada, zero, zilch Sam," Jimmy sighed. "It's like this doesn't even exist."

"Maybe we just aren't looking hard enough," Sam flipped open his phone.

"Hello," Ash greeted the hunter.

"Ash, I need your help."

"Hmmm I suppose I can but you gotta say it."

Sam rolled his eyes and bit the bullet. "Dr. Badass will you please help me?"

Jimmy raised an eyebrow with a slight hint of amusement dancing in his eyes.

"Alright whatcha need?"

"I'm gonna send you a picture and we need to know where it came from."

Sam downloaded the picture from his camera and emailed it to his friend. Ash opened the file seeing the stone.

"It'll be tricky but I think I can do it. What's this about? Something happened to Dean?"

"He and Brooklyn are missing and this is the only lead we have."

"Enough said Sam. I'll get on it."

"Thanks Ash," Sam snapped his phone shut and rested his forehead against it.

"If anyone can find answers it's Ash."

"Why did you call him Dr. Badass?" Curiosity got the best of Jimmy.

"It's a long story," Sam sighed.

Ash continued digging around cross referencing every cult and off beat group around. Nothing. Then he got an idea. Cracking his knuckles and popping his neck, Ash settled in for the long haul.

Sam was pacing back forth staring at his cell phone waiting for it to ring.

"Sam staring at it won't make it ring."

"I know that but time's against us, Jimmy. For all we know Brook and Dean could be moved around and then what?"

"You remind me of Claire. She was always impatient."


"Yeah she and Amelia my wife were killed by a hit and run driver five years ago. Police never did find the driver but did find the vehicle. Amelia was a hunter the same as me and Claire wanted to be one when she got older."

Jimmy wiped his eyes at the precious memories of his wife and daughter. Sam could see how much it hurt for the man to recall the night his world was robbed from him.

"I'm sorry," Sam said.

"Don't worry about it. I'll be fine," Jimmy sat there staring at the photo on the coffee table.

Sam decided to let the man be and stepped in the kitchen and heard his phone ring.

"Ash whatcha got?"

"I found where this sweet little decoration came from. It's the crest from a long deceased Western European bloodline. Apparently in the 11th century the Vatican launched a war against them and wiped them out or so they thought. This bloodline was very powerful and feared since they were thought to practice black magic. A few members survived and left for the New World in the 1500's. I'm telling ya Sam this is one freaky bunch. Makes the Manson group look like the Brady Bunch."

"Fucking lovely," Sam muttered.

"Hold on to your hat partner because it just keeps getting better. The descendants are rumored to be involved in trafficking of humans and supernatural creatures."

"Trafficking for what?"

"You don't wanna know Sam."

"Ash tell me damn it!"

"If you believe it trafficking for slavery, sexual slavery and worse. Like as in cannibalistic."

Sam felt as if he was going to be sick.

"You mean people are paying to eat werewolves and vampires and witches?"

"Yahtzee," Ash breathed out.

"Alright, find out more about this bloodline maybe a name or address."

"Already ahead of you."

"Ash you're a lifesaver."

Dean sniffed the air detecting the hints of the others. Brooklyn closed her eyes breathing in the faint but sharp scents. They felt their bodies tensing as two distinct presences on the other side of the door.

Daniel entered first followed by the ice blonde man. Brooklyn narrowed her eyes until they were two silver slits. The stranger smiled seeing such power radiating from the woman.

"Daniel you have exceeded my expectations. Well done," he ran his fingers through Brooklyn's hair.

"Get your damn hands off her," Dean's face twisted and contorted in hatred. The stranger slowly turned casting a dark look at the hunter.

"You have no say in what happens, werewolf," Lean fingers gripped Dean's chin locking him in a death grip.

"As of now you and your mate have no say or rights. You belong to me until your new master comes to claim you."

Brooklyn growled and raged against the cuffs feeling her body react.

"Oh no we can't have you go doing that now," he nodded at Daniel who thrusted another syringe in her hip letting the powerful sedative take over.

"Brook!" Dean screamed before his world went hazy.

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