See Me Through

Chapter 1

Blood caked her cheek, neck, arms and legs as she limped to the nearest building she could find, tears streaming down her face, washing away some of it, along with the heavy downpour. She was freezing, wearing a silver nightgown that now looked grey; spaghetti strapped and went to her knees, which were knocking together. Her long black hair clung to her back, shoulders and neck, lips turning blue, feet feeling like ice cubes, which were bare.

Fearful jade green eyes looked back and forth as she kept going, finally not able to take it anymore and found a dumpster to hide behind. No doubt he would be after her and kill her this time from running. How had her life gotten so messed up? The gash in her leg was bleeding more than any of her other injuries as she ripped off part of her nightgown and wrapped it around her thigh, more tears falling, hissing at the pain.

She needed help and nobody was around.

"Cody, you dipshit, give it back!" Randy laughed, chasing after his friend, sneakers pounding pavement as Cody sprinted ahead. "Give me the damn phone back!"

"Sorry, I'm busy on it! Think your mom would mind a picture of my…?"

Ted groaned, watching as Cody stopped long enough to aim the cell at his crotch. "He wouldn't..."

"Yeah, he would, get him."

Laughing, they both advanced on Cody, backing him towards a dumpster.

Her eyes widened as she slowly backed up, wincing, and covered her mouth with her hand to keep from those three hearing her breathing, more tears falling. She was scared to death right now and leaned back against the dumpster, them on the other side, heart pounding furiously against her chest. Those three had to be Roger's henchmen he was sending after her and she couldn't be caught. She had to move fast and bit back a cry of pain when her thigh began cramping up.

"Okay, maybe I got a little over zealous with the nut shots..." Cody chuckled, backing up slowly, cell in one hand with the other raised. "I promise, your mother won't mind TOO much."

"Keep running your mouth." Randy snorted, lips curved with amusement. "See that dumpster behind you, Rhodes? I'm gonna murder you and toss your body in it."

"With all the rest of the dead bodies."

Oh dear god! They were murderers! She had to move now and slowly slid from the dumpster. Swallowing hard when it moved forward, she let out a squeak and froze in her tracks. She pressed her back against it and closed her eyes tightly shut, hand still over her mouth. She couldn't move, couldn't breathe, couldn't think and gasped when she stumbled forward, knee ramming into the pavement below, the rain falling even harder now.

"What was that?" Cody demanded, whirling around to stare at the dumpster, passing Randy back his cell. "There aren't real bodies in there, right?"

"Dead people don't move." Ted pointed out with a roll of his eyes, smacking Cody upside his head.

"Well SOMETHING is back there." Randy squared his shoulders and led the way, watching as the dumpster moved again, a gentle sway on its wheels. "On the other side."

'Shit!' Her mind screamed as she backed up, moving to the side, pressing against it, not realizing blood was coating the pavement, the rain slowly washing it away. 'Oh god, please don't find me again!' She silently prayed, closing her eyes tightly shut and managed to get on the other side of the dumpster that they were previously on, wincing again at her thigh. Her heart felt like it would fall out of her chest at any given moment.

She had two choices; she could run or sit here and wait with bated breath.

Option two is what she did.

The three men had gone silent. They all knew each other well enough to work together without speaking, relying on eye contact and quick; quiet gestures and signals. Randy nodded, creeping around the front of the dumpster, Cody behind him while Teddy started scaling it as quietly and quickly as he could.

"Holy shit dude, it's a woman." Cody blinked in sheer surprise.

"No kidding moron. Lady, what're you doing out here?"

As soon as she went to bolt, she collapsed and held her thigh as a cry of pain escaped her, cuts on her arms that looked like slices, tears streaming down her face. 'No please!' Her mind screamed as she felt a hand grab her arm, screaming out in pain and immediately stumbled back, landing on the pavement. "Oh god..." She felt sick to her stomach, not wanting to go back to him; she couldn't and wouldn't! "P-Please...please..." The loss of blood was getting to her, but still conscious enough, bottom lip split and bruised, the rest of her body nearly covered in them.

It didn't take long to realize this woman was in a bad way and needed medical attention immediately. It did, however, take all three of them a moment to snap out of their shock when they all realized just how bad off she was. "Lady, we're not going to hurt you." Randy said softly, holding out his hands in a peaceful gesture, flashing Ted a brief look.

Nodding, Ted nimbly dropped from the dumpster, landing beside her. "We're just going to take you out of here, okay?"

"N-No please!" She started shaking her head repeatedly, crawling back on her hands, and winced since she couldn't put pressure on her thigh. "Please leave me alone! I-I don't want to go back to him, please!" It was three against one. If there was one thing she knew, it was this: she was screwed and curled up in a tight ball on the pavement, hoping; praying she woke up and this was all one big nightmare. "P-Please..."

Cody frowned, crouching down next to her, while Randy and Teddy both took steps back. He was the smallest of the group so, hopefully, he was least likely to frighten her. "Hey, ma'am, we're not gonna hurt you." He assured her, his natural southern accent seeping through, reaching out a slow cautious hand. "Randy, she needs to go to the hospital, she's bleedin'." He said, trying to keep his voice calm. "Like ASAP."

"Should we call the cops?"

"No!" She shouted, backing away from all of them, trying to get to her feet and bit back another cry of pain. "N-No cops...H-He'll find me that way...I-I can't..." She cried harder, the nightgown piece she ripped off and put around her thigh sliding off as the blood began to flow again in streaks. "Please...please d-don't..." She had to get medical attention, but a hospital was out of the question, along with the cops. They would just take her back to that psycho and that couldn't happen.

"No, don't call the cops. She has to go to a hospital though, look at her." Randy shook his head; this woman was talking crazy. One too many blows to the head or something, she wasn't going to make it too far without medical attention. When she actually kept trying to get away, he stepped forward and scooped her up in his arms, becoming even more aware of how bad off she was.

Her entire body was trembling from head to toe, the sobs tearing through her, soaked to the bone and didn't have the strength to fight him off. She rested her head on his shoulder, clinging to him, since he was so warm, the adrenaline of what happened suddenly diminishing as she closed her eyes, having no identity on her.

"What the hell happened to her?" Ted wondered quietly, shaking his head as he looked at Cody.

"No idea; whatever it is, she doesn't want to authorities knowin'."

She suddenly passed out in this stranger's arms, while he walked her to their vehicle, breathing ragged and slow, loss of blood being a big factor as well.

"She doesn't want the cops or authorities knowing because she's in trouble, obviously."

"So what're we going to do about it?"

"Take her to the fucking hospital, Cody. What ELSE can we do? She needs help and, last I checked, none of us are doctors!" Randy snapped, mildly irritated with his friend at the moment.

The ride to the hospital was made in silence, the woman in back resting in Randy's arms, while Cody drove, Ted staring out the window in thought. Who the hell would've beaten her to the point of near death? That's what the woman looked like, death warmed over. He felt sick just looking at her and closed his eyes, suddenly not hungry for that steak dinner he'd been looking forward too.

Cody was thinking the same thing, Randy already checking and not finding any identification on her or anything. She was a Jane Doe as far as they knew. What the hell had happened to her? Cody sighed as he pulled inside the hospital emergency room parking lot, stopping at the doors to let Randy out.

Randy didn't say a word as he carried her into the hospital. He had no idea who she was or what the hell had happened to her -though he had a few guesses and all of them left a bad taste in his mouth- , but she couldn't go without medical attention, whether she liked it or not. Not like anyone could ID her; she was a ghost and, unless her face was naturally a blue tinted color, she wasn't likely to be recognized straightaway.


Three days passed before she slowly opened her eyes, body racked with pain as tears flowed down her bruised face, a cut sewn up on her left cheek. Her arms, legs, neck, chest, back and abdomen were covered with black and blue bruises. Her thigh was sewn up along with the other cuts, hair matted to her face.

She had tubes up her nose with an IV in her arm to help keep her hydrated, wearing a hospital gown. Her heart began pounding furiously in her chest, causing the heart monitor to increase rapidly, a hiss of pain escaping her when she went to move. She was in a hospital, the beeping machines around her sounding all too familiar.

'Oh god, please...' She thought and closed her eyes tightly shut when the door opened, beginning to tremble.

"Hey, hey! I think she's waking up!" Cody said excitedly, having insisted they stick around just to make sure she would be alright, feeling a bit responsible for the woman since they had been the ones who found her.

"That monitor is going crazy; you really state the obvious a lot. Lady, can you-"

"Let her rest."

"" She felt a hand on her forehead and slowly opened her eyes, seeing three strange men looming over her, swallowing hard through big jade green eyes. Who were they? Did they work for him? More tears spilled down her cheeks and coughed out, wincing since dark blue and black fingerprint bruises coated her throat. "P-Please..." She croaked out softly and closed her eyes again, arms resting at her sides.

"Do you want some water?"

Water sounded heavenly as she slowly nodded her head, throat feeling like a desert.

Randy was closest to a sink and got her a cup of water, carrying it slowly to her. He was careful to not move too fast or anything. She was like a deer, skittish and ready to jump at the slightest of noises.

"Here." He held it up to her mouth, arching an eyebrow when she stared at him, obviously scared out of her mind. "Take a slow sip."

The heart monitor was increasing again, while one of the other men brought her bed up to where she could sit up, wincing slightly and did as she was told. Oh that water felt wonderful as her eyes remained on his, slowly taking a few more sips. "Thank you." She whispered, wondering if this pain would ever go away and looked to the door when it opened again, revealing a man in a white coat.

Her doctor; no doubt about it.

"Jesus Martina..." Doctor Roberts whispered, walking over, breathing a sigh of relief, glad she was awake. "You really scared me this time."

"N-Not my fault..." She stuttered, wincing when Mike took her hand, swallowing hard. "Is he-"

"No honey, he's not here." He checked her heart rate and vitals; glad she was no longer in critical condition. "Nobody knows you're here except me."


"Ssshhhh no worries, nobody will know; you're in a private room."

Martina sighed with relief, and closed her eyes again, while he gave her another shot of pain killer.

Now they were all totally confused and it showed; identical expressions on three expectant faces. Randy, Cody, and Ted all exchanged 'what the hell' looks, before looking at the doctor, obviously expecting some sort of explanation. After all, they had found...Martina...and brought her in.

"What the hell is going on?"

"There's no time to explain, she has to get out of here." Mike stated, staring back at Martina with heart breaking eyes, not believing all this woman had been through. "Look, I gave her a shot of pain killers and I'll give you more syringes, but she can't stay here."

"What?!" Ted's eyes widened as he looked back at Randy and Cody, wondering what the hell this doctor was thinking.

"Look, she's one of my best friends. Her boyfriend is a first class lawyer in this town so he has a lot of money...and he's abusive. She's been in this hospital for the past year at least twenty times." Mike quickly explained, looking out the window and then the door blinds, taking a deep breath. "She needs to escape from here. You found her, you take her."


"Please, she has nobody else to rely on. She has to get out of here now. I've already bought her clothes and whatnot to help get her by."

This doctor WAS out of his mind!

Randy arched an eyebrow, shaking his head. "He's insane, we can't take her. How the FUCK are we going to explain her being on the road with us?" He snorted, wondering what kind of crazy, out of their minds, people they were dealing with. He looked at the woman -Martina- and frowned, taking in her bruised face. The doctor was going to give them syringes, had packed her shit… "Man, we can't..."

"How the hell is she supposed to stay hidden if she's with US?"

Ted was already arranging for her to be added to their travel plans, booking an extra seat on the plane.