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Summary: Duo has just found that he has living family and that he has to live with them until he is old enough to live by himself. He doesn't get the first best impression of his new aunt and uncle and he's just itching to blow something up when he's labeled a freak by his cousin. Dursleys meet Shinigami, the one entity, aside from the Marauders, that you could have gone without pissing off.

Pairings: Slash, of course… not sure as to who, though since I want it to be different. Suggestions?

Skye Lester was having some trouble controlling his trigger finger that morning and he knew that if he did lose control that he would more than likely be fired, then killed on the spot. He had a migraine and it was all the fault of his superior officer, Duo Maxwell. Lady Une herself had ordered him to escort him to a normal looking town in the suburbs. Now that hadn't been the problem to start with but rather the fact that his charge had tried to jump out of the car not once or twice but an astonishing three times before he had to handcuff him to the door.

He looked behind him to the grumbling teen and took a deep breath to make sure that he was ready for the fickle officer. "Sir, we've arrived at the designated place."

Duo glared at him and turned his head away like a petulant child. "I'm not going."

"Sir, Lady Une has asked me to make sure that you make it inside the house safely," Lester said as he dragged some papers from the passenger seat closer to him. "If you don't make it inside then I won't be able to complete my mission."

"I'm an orphan and there's no way in hell I'm going to step foot in there," Duo said as he crossed his arms just making Lester wonder how the hell he'd managed to get his arms free when he was supposed to be handcuffed. "This has got to be the most boring place on the face of the planet and did I mention the fact that I'm an orphan and shouldn't have any relatives?"

Lester sighed and tried to not panic. He was warned that this would happen. "It's the law now, sir. The Restoration Act is supposed to be a good thing. It's supposed to bring families together."

Duo glared at the car walls and didn't say anything but Lester thought that it was a good sign and unlocked the boot of the car and the doors. Duo didn't move and only the wounded look on Lester's face made him come out of the car. His duffel bag was in the officer's hand and Duo still looked rebellious as he stared at the disgustingly normal house in front of him. "Stupid Une and her stupid rules. Why the hell do I have to come to this backwater town that doesn't even know about the colonies?"

Lester gave him the duffel and saluted at him as he walked towards the house. He stared as the door to the house opened and a woman looked this way and that and ushered Duo inside with a glare directed at Lester. With his job done Lester got back into the car and heaved a sigh of relief to not have to deal with the moody teen again.

Duo rang the bell and sighed at his predicament. A woman, that oddly resembled a horse, stared at him with her nose turned up in disgust. "I'm Duo Maxwell."

"Oh, you're the boy," she sneered at him and Duo knew in that second that he and his newfound relatives would not get along at all. "Come in. I don't want the neighbors knowing about your kind in my house."

As he entered the perfect house his eyes immediately scanned the house and all the escape routes. There was a fat man sitting on the couch watching the TV, another fat man at the kitchen table stuffing his face and he could barely see a head popping out of an upstairs room. This was all taken in with just the first steps of entering the house, as he looked left, right, and in front of him. The man suddenly looked up at them and stood, the couch groaning underneath him, and made his way towards them. He was beginning to change different colors as he caught sight of Duo and sized him up.

"You listen here, boy. I will not have any of the, that—strangeness, in my home, you hear?" his face had turned red as he glared at Duo with beady blue eyes. "You will be staying upstairs with that other freak and you will keep quiet, understand?"

Duo stared and resisted with all the force in his very being not to punch the man square in the face. The woman had sniffed at him and grabbed his upper arm rather harshly, her fingers nails digging into the soft flesh.

"You'll sleep here. I don't want to hear a peep out of you two!" with that said she pushed into the room with the many locks that he had seen the head pop out of earlier.

Duo looked at the closed door and his heart turned cold when he heard locks shutting in place. He looked behind him in half confusion and a raised brow. "Who are you?"

"That's my question," the teen was taller than him by a couple of inches and he was standing with his arms crossed in front of him. "Why did Aunt Petunia push you in here?"

"She's your aunt, too?" Duo asked with a shudder. "That woman needs some lesson in manners."

The teen frowned and his head moved to the side. "What do you mean? You're related to her?"

Duo nodded slowly looking back at the locked door. "Yeah, apparently my mother was her sister or something like that."

The boy tensed in front of him and just stared at Duo with calculating eyes. "Who was your mum?"

"Who are you?" Duo asked again as he crossed his arms and just stared at him. "I'm Duo Maxwell. I may run, I may hide, but I never tell a lie."

A small smile crept into the boy's lips and he looked away for a second. "My name's Harry Potter. Who was your mum?" Harry asked again as he settled himself on the edge of the cot.

"Lily Evans," Duo said casually and nearly regretted it when the Harry's entire face spoke of betrayal. It seemed like someone had knocked the air out of him and his mouth was hanging up just staring up at him. "Did you know her? She died a while ago."

"You're my brother?" Harry's voice cracked as he stared into the cobalt blue eyes in front of him. "But how is that possible? How old are you? When's your birthday?"

Duo blinked away his confusion as he stared at the teen. "That's a good question. I wasn't told about you. I think I'm sixteen, but I grew up on the streets so I don't know an specific date."

Harry stood from the bed and began to pace back and for in the small room. Duo watched him and nearly missed as he began to mutter under his breath. There was a cage by the window with a white owl watching him move back and forth. The Deathscythe pilot was shocked when Harry suddenly stopped and made his way to the foot of his bed and started to take out books from a large trunk there. He sat on the floor and opened several of them and quickly discarded them when they gave him information that he didn't want.

"What the hell?!" Duo walked towards him at the shout and crouched down to stare at the ancient looking book in Harry's—he was still having issues accepting him as a brother, hands. He watched Harry's lips move as he read the words and he noticed his expression change the more he read. "This is bloody ridiculous."

"I'm not your brother?" Duo's head cocked to the side and his lower lip popped out in a mock pout. "But I just met you."

Harry looked at him and sighed. "There's a lot I have to tell you, Duo. I want to say that you're not my brother, frankly because I rather that you not live with the Dursleys, but you look so much like Mum that it's hard to say no. I don't know a lot about Mum and Dad but I can answer some of your questions."

"How old are you?"

Harry reeled back slightly and put his book away. "I'm sixteen. I'll turn seventeen at the end of the month."

"Then it's not possible for us to be brothers, right?" Duo said as he sat down and crossed his arms. "Maybe I'm younger than I thought."

Harry looked away as a blush crept up his neck and cheeks. "That can be explained later."

"How long have you lived with these people?" Duo asked as he stored away Harry's reaction in his head. "They don't seem to like people."

"I've lived here since Mum and Dad died," Harry said and took out another book. "I was fifteen months old and was dropped off on their doorstep. I'm curious why you weren't with me at the time."

Duo shrugged and looked at the book in Harry's hands. It was leather and was worn, so Duo guessed that Harry used this book often.

There was a sharp knock on the door and Harry looked over to the bedside clock and then over to the door. "Ah, sorry, Duo, I have to go make dinner. You can come downstairs or stay here if you want. I'll bring food up for you."

Duo looked at the door and scowled but decided to stay upstairs. Harry nodded and made his way out the door with one last look to his brother.

Duo stood with a sigh and dropped his duffel on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. "What have I gotten myself into?" he looked back down at the books and picked up the one that Harry had before he left. He opened it and raised a brow at the moving people. Was it one of those cards that if you moved it a different image would appear? He looked at it more closely and didn't notice anything that would say it was anything other than a regular picture; except it was moving. There was a woman twirling a green-eyed baby in her arms in the snow. Duo could barely see a small bulge on the woman's stomach due to the layers of winter clothes, but it was obvious she was pregnant and happy. She stopped twirling and just held baby-Harry in her arms only as she caught her breath only to start twirling again.

He looked through the rest of the photo album and somehow figured out who some of the people were. The man that was always with her with the messy dark hair and glasses must have been his father. The red haired woman with the beautiful green eyes, that Harry shared, must have been his mother. The rest he didn't know who they were and there were no pictures of him as a baby but it was obvious when Lily was no longer pregnant. There were also several pictures growing up, in school probably, with two other people always at his side, with more people in the most recent photos.

Lily Evans stared up at him front her wedding picture and he smiled down at it when he saw the similarities between them. The same bone structure and height by the looks of it. He had gotten James' smile and he was sure that by the looks of the men surrounding him, that he had gotten his pranking ways from the man as well.

He flinched slightly as Harry came into the room and berated himself for not noticing his footsteps. Harry was carrying two plates, one with more food than the other, and he frowned as he noticed the book in the longhaired teen's hands. "I hope you like what I cooked."

"How is it possible?" Duo asked in confusion as he stared at the smiling Lily. "It shouldn't be possible."

Harry frowned as he put the plates on the wobbly bedside table and put the books on the floor back into the large trunk bearing his name. "Something about different gestation."

"What the fuck do you mean?" Duo nearly yelled as he frowned in confusion. "Was she not human or something?"

Harry flinched at the tone but shook his head. "No, she was human. She was just different than your everyday person."

Duo looked at the moving photographs and then over to Harry. "What was she?"

Harry sighed and sat down beside Duo. "As far as I know, magical gestation is apparently seven months. Babies grow a lot faster than non-magical babies and they're usually more aware of their world when they're born than others."

"What are you trying to say? That I'm some kind of magical baby?" Duo ignored the flinch and continued to stare at Harry. "What is all this? How come I never knew about it?"

Harry carded his hands through his hair and he looked distressed. "The reason why Aunt Petunia doesn't like me, us, is because Mum was a witch. The Dursleys find anything abnormal to be some kind of sin. They've never liked me and they made it very clear the minute that I was dropped off here and they tried their best to stomp the magic, the abnormalities, out of me at a young age," Harry gave a mirthless laugh that chilled Duo's bones. "They were never able to get rid of it. I've always been a thorn in their side and the more that they started to figure out that my strangeness wouldn't go away the more that they began to try harder."

Duo frowned at his brother's explanation. "Did they hurt you?"

"I'm sure that you suffered more than I ever did growing up, Duo," Harry said with a pained smile at Duo. "You said that you grew up on the streets; I had a roof over my head, however grudgingly that was."

"Don't sell me short," Duo grumbled and with one swipe to Harry's head ruffled his hair. "You need to tell me more about this magic stuff and how our dear family has been treating you," he sneered at the word 'family' and looked at Harry's lips twitch into a smile. "Now let's see how good your food is. It'd be disappointing if someone related to me was a sucky cook."

Duo's eyes shot open as the annoying knocking on the door woke him. Harry was curled around him and he was still sleeping like the dead. Duo groaned and dislodged himself from his older brother as he made his way to the bedroom door and glared at the fat man.

"What?" Duo growled as he glared more intently at the tub of lard in front of him. "This better be important because I got no sleep last night because of your obnoxious snoring," he tapped his foot as Vernon's face changed different color the angrier he got. "I'm waiting."

"Why you insolent, vile brat," Vernon made a grab for Duo but the smaller male sidestepped him.

"Harry and I will be catching up with each other, Uncle, so it would be best if you didn't bother us today unless you want something really bad to happen to you," Duo said with a bright smile firmly planted on his face. "We will be coming down for breakfast later, okay?"

He closed the door on the sputtering man's face and bounced his way back to the small bed and under the sheets. Harry curled back around him as if he'd never been gone and Duo was out like a light again with his arm wrapped around Harry.

Harry woke up half an hour later when the sun speared into his eyes. He groaned and buried his face in the chest in front of him and curled tighter. When the sun insisted on blinding him he raised his head slightly and looked over to the blurry numbers on the bedside table. He looked down at Duo and blushed as he noticed the quirked brow and the bright eyes staring at him.

"Morning, Harry."

Harry groaned and tried to bury his head back on his Duo pillow. "I should have been awake an hour ago to make breakfast. My internal clock is getting rusty."

"Petunia is making it," Duo said as he failed to tell Harry of Vernon's visit not that long ago. "We should get up if we don't want that whale-man eating all of it."

Harry mumbled something about pillows and a bigger bed as he got up with a bone cracking stretch. He walked around the bed to get his glasses and stumbled his way to clean clothes. Duo laughed as Harry tried to function with his sleep muddled mind. "I've never been so well rested that it was hard to get up," Harry said as he stretched again.

"Duddikyns? Mummy is off now," Harry stopped mid stretch as he heard his aunt's screechy voice not that from his bedroom door. Her heels clicked away from the second floor and down the stairs. Duo looked over to him and shrugged.

"Let's go get food," Duo cheered as he grabbed Harry's hand and dragged him out of the room with a happy bounce in his step. "Good morning," he said cheerily to Dudley as he stumbled out of his room scratching his blonde head.

Harry looked back at his confused cousin and widened his eyes as Duo nearly caused him to fall down the stairs with his pulling. "I'm not going anywhere, Duo. You can let go of me."

Duo squeezed his hand and let go after they reached the last step. He let Harry guide him to the kitchen when the teen walked around him. "This place is cleaner than a hospital," Duo commented with a wrinkle of his nose as they entered the kitchen. Harry laughed as he opened the fridge and began to take out things to make breakfast with.

Harry ignored Dudley as he sat at the kitchen table and began to make breakfast. His bigger cousin groaned and slammed his head on the table while Duo snicker. "Too much to drink last night, big boy?"

Dudley looked at Duo then sneered over to Harry. "Tell your freak of a brother to shut up."

Duo raised a brow as Harry's lips thinned into a tight line. "Dudley, I'd appreciate it if you didn't call my brother a freak, okay? Just remember that in a couple of weeks everything that you ever did to me could come back to haunt you."

Dudley's face turned white as he looked from Harry to Duo and back again. "You can't do anything with him here."

"Allowances are made for family," Harry said as he slammed a plate full of bacon in the middle of the table along with a plate of eggs. "If you have a problem with that, I suggest you deal with it."

Duo looked confused as he stared at the both of them. "What are you guys talking about?"

"You're coming to live with me at the end of the month," Harry said simply as he flipped the pan with the pancakes. He started to stack them as he maneuvered the three skillets so the pancakes wouldn't burn. With one final flipped he began to turn off the stove. "That is if you want to, of course."

Dudley eyed the food and picked up his share of it. Duo smiled as he put an unnecessary amount of the pancakes in his mouth. "Your food is so good," he moaned as he took another bite and Harry smiled brightly at him.

"It's because he's a freak and always playing with a cauldron and frog parts," Dudley sneered under his breath as Harry went to the fridge to get something to drink. "You'll probably end up being one of those freaks, too."

"Bugger, I forgot Hedwig's water bowl," Harry muttered as he dashed out of the room and up the stairs.

Duo licked his fork and stared straight into Dudley's eyes and grinned. "You ever call Harry a freak again and I will blow you a new one."


"Do you know what ammonium picrate is?" with Dudley's shake he continued to lick his fork. "It's what the military uses to put holes in tanks," Duo answered and if possible Dudley got even paler than earlier. "It's easy to carry around so I wouldn't go insulting Harry or me anytime soon."

Dudley nodded quickly and was saved from anything more intimidating as Harry sat back down at the table. Harry didn't see the predatory look that Duo sent across the table and he was a bit confused when Dudley rushed out the room screaming as if the dementors were after him again.

"What's with him?" Harry asked as he looked back to his brother. "You'd think someone was after him with his reaction."

Duo shrugged and laughed as Harry gave him 'the eyes,' the same one that Quatre used when he changed Heero's computer files around. "I just told him of some of the things I know about the military tanks and stuff."

So, what did you guys think of it? This is just introducing Duo and the pranks and the death threats will start in the next chapter.