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Chap. 1

"You are such a jerk! Just shut up and let me go home!" Kagome yelled so loud all the birds (even demon birds) took to the air in fright. "Will you stop yelling!" Inuyasha yelled just as loudly, flattening his dog ears against his skull at how loud her voice was. "Then let me go home!" She struggled out of Inuyasha's grasp and started grabbing all her things. " Oi, you are NOT leaving here without…" "SIT!"

Kagome stomped over as Inuyasha plummeted to the ground. She yanked the beads off his neck and stomped off towards the well. "I don't think you'll be needing these anymore since you have HER to tell you what to do!" She yelled over her shoulder as she continued her trek. Her friends were back in Kaede's hut knowing full well that Kagome would be going back to her world with or without inuyasha's consent. Sango was crying on Miroku's shoulder knowing that her best friend whom she loved like a sister won't be coming back…because of HIS choice. 'I can't believe that inconseded jerk! Saying I can't go home! Please he has the stupid ORIGINAL now! Why should he want me to stay?!...Oh yea the jewel…Well he's not getting it!' Kagome started yelling profanities and random things towards Inuyasha in her mind. She stopped as she felt a familiar weight on her shoulder. "You can't come with me you know." As she said this she turned her head to see the small fox kit sitting on her shoulder looking worried. "But Kagome I don't want you to go th-the well might keep you now an-and…" The poor fox whined and started sobbing now not wanting his new mother to leave him behind. "Shippo…" She cuddled the kit in her arms and started on her way again with Shippo sobbing into her priestess kimono.

She stopped just as she got to the well and sighed in relief. 'Good, hopefully he wont follow, after all I did take the beads off.' She took the beads out of her priestess kimono and thought back to the day before…the day she came…the day he chose. She shook her head to clear the thoughts. "Well Shippo you ready to try?" She looked at the little kit in her arms. "Of course anywhere with you Kagome!" Shippo exclaimed delighted they would try. ' At least I still have the jewel and hopefully Shippo.' With that thought in her mind she jumped through the well, with Shippo in her arms, awaiting as the red light engulfed her…wait RED! 'Hold on the light is usually BLUE! Not RED!' The light seemed to be dissipating around her and soon she felt ground. 'What?' Kagome looked up to see a small roof above her. 'Did the color just change because I was angry? I mean that's the shrine roof isn't it?' She hopped out of the well and landed at the top like a feline jumping to get on a table. 'Wait when did grandpa hang small cranes in here?' She looked around and in fact it was her old shrine but the only difference is the small cranes hanging from the ceiling. "Is this it Kagome?" Kagome looked down in shock and happiness. " We both made it!" She yelled and twirled Shippo around both laughing in joy since they can be together now and never be separated by time. Kagome looked at the cranes once more before she was dragged out by a very excited Shippo.

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"Solomon why are we looking around a stupid old shrine house again?" Karl asked Solomon ,who was looking around the old house for any clues of the jewel for Diva, in a highly annoyed and bored tone. 'What is so important about a stupid jewel that is in a stupid little legend about a stupid dog?'

" We need it for Diva, Karl, she wants it so we shall find…uh!" Solomon and Karl flinched back as a red light engulfed the whole area around the shrine. Karl grabbed Solomon and they both backed into a room on the second floor. 'What was...?' Karl looked out the window in the room and saw that the light was reseeding back into the old well shrine a bit a ways from the house. 'Strange…isn't that where the well is?' "Karl…"

'Maybe it was the sun…no…maybe someone to kill!' "Karl." Karl started darting his head around to see everything from the tiny window hoping to catch a glimpse of someone who looked like they did it so he could kill them. "Karl!"

"For Diva's sakes Solomon…WHAT!?" As Karl turned around he came face to face with a giant picture of …cosplayers? He looked around the room and noticed it was a small girl's room but the strangest was there were flowers and cranes hanging everywhere. And the picture…the picture had a girl, maybe in middle school, sitting down in an old kimono with a man, standing to her right in a red haori and strange silver/white hair looking down at her…and on his head was…dog ears? On her left was a monk and a woman in some sort of tight black outfit with a huge boomerang on her back. Then he noticed the two strange creatures in the girls lap. One looked like a child except with pointed ears, a huge tail, and strange animal like feet. The second was a tiny gold fox with two tails with a black diamond on its face.

"This must be the half-demon dog from the legend." Solomon's eyes grew wide as he saw what was around the girl's neck. "The… jewel!?" Solomon was in shock. 'How can a picture be around here? This can't be right.'

"Ok Solomon, how old was this story?" Karl turned to Solomon not so sure if he should believe in a stupid old story if it has a PICTURE of the characters. Solomon just nodded dumbly still staring at the picture. "Then how the HELL can it be that there's a PICTURE!?" Karl was fed up, although he loved Diva, he didn't like anything about the past never did never will. Just as Karl was about to yell at Solomon for being a retard he was shoved into the nearby closet with Solomon shoving himself in as well. "Solomon you freaking…!" He was quieted when Solomon put his hand over Karl's mouth and shushed him. There it was again! Karl froze now hearing what Solomon was hearing…running footsteps?

"I can't believe it it's still the same!" They heard a young girl yell just as the door leading into the room busted open. They jumped back when they heard the door slam shut …trapped. "Kagome I found candy!" Yelled the voice of a small boy, they think, from the other side of the room. "Don't eat those Shippo it might be rotten." The girl, Kagome, said as she started to move around the room. "Ok!" The kid, Shippo, threw all the candy into a waist bin, probably the one next to the white desk. Both men clearly trying to listen to what the kid was doing, which he was now jumping up and down on the bed, didn't here the feet coming towards the closet…well until they fell face first to the floor. "Eh?... Who are you and what are you DOING in MY closet!?" And let the questioning begin.

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