Elyon's pov:

It's just another day. Unfortunately, I just happened to have gotten a bad mark in math. If Irma or Hay Lin found out, I would have to do punishment. I bet I can't even trust Cornelia on this one. This means I'll have to act happy. Hey, who knows, with Irma as an influence, I could probably do a pretty good job.

"Ask Elyon, she has all the news," said Cornelia.

I was almost there.

"Hey guys," I said, trying to smile.

Now, looking back on that day, I guess I didn't do the best job. They figured me out right away.

"I know a flunked face when I see one," said Irma.

"Okay, so I got a bad grade in math," I said.

"PUNISHMENT!" yelled Hay Lin an Irma together. Cornelia just sighed.

"You know the group rules," said Cornelia.

I eventually left the group to go home and think about my Halloween costume... and Matt. I hoped so much that he would like my costume. My mom helped me pick out my green elf-queen outfit. I even had a green leaf laurel to go with it.

"Hi mom!" I called.

"Ellie! Great, your home! Help me set up this prank. It's to get your father back for the trick he played this morning," said Mom.

"You mean the rat," I said.

"That would be it," said Mom.

I helped her put some red food coloring on the ground. Dad hated the sight of blood almost as much as Mom hated rats.

"There, that should do," said Mom.

I handed her the red food coloring.

"You're welcome," I said.

"Anyway, I shouldn't keep you. You need to get ready for your party," said Mom.

"Yeah, party, right," I said.

"Is there something you're not telling me?" asked Mom.

"Yeah, here," I said.

I handed her the math test.

"Elyon! Do we need to hire you a math tutor?" asked Mom.

"Uh…" I started to say.

"We'll let this one slide. Don't tell your father," said Mom.

She signed the test. I went upstairs and started getting ready for the party.