Cornelia's pov:

Yan Lin left as silently as she came. When Hay Lin got up to see where her grandmother had gone, all the doors down the hall had been closed. Yan Lin was real good at dramatic entrances and exits!

"Guess I'm way to late for my date," Elyon said.

Everyone else got up and headed for the door. Outside, Taranee began to speak.

"I don't completely understand what just happened," she said.

Anger from this whole "secrecy" boiled inside of me. "Nothing happened," I retorted. I fixed my hot pink shrug, and looked at Hay Lin. "With al due respect, Hay Lin, I think your grandma has a few screws loose," I said. I know I was being mean, but I continued anyways. "She told us some ridiculous story, hoping she'd amaze us using her trick with the shiny medallion."

"You're afraid, Cornelia, aren't you?" Irma asked, giving me her famous 'I know what's going on inside your head' smirk.

I rolled my eyes and walked away from my friends. If I stayed any longer, I'd probably loose it and lash out on another one of them, maybe even Elyon, my best friend. I wondered how she even became friends with Irma – we were so different! Like fire and ice, summer and winter. Make that earth and water, a little voice inside of my head said.

I turned around. "I don't believe in fairy tales, Irma," I said, "This is different. And now, I'm going home."

Irma's pov:

Taranee looked at Hay Lin in alarm. Hay Lin looked a bit upset too. I wanted to say something, about how Cornelia always got over these little issues, but Hay Lin relaxed.

"I know her," Hay Lin said to the remaining girls. "She'll change her mind."

Then, a thought occurred to me. "Hey, if we're some type of super-group, we should have costumes, don't you think?" I asked. As a joke, I balled up my fist and tried to make my muscles bulge. It didn't work very well.

Hay Lin played along, as always, by laughing and doing a little karate-chop. Then, Hay Lin gasped and pulled out her pen. She scribbled something on her hand, and suddenly looked… relieved? Elyon, who had stayed silent and awestruck by the story, looked over Irma's shoulder. Her face coloured with excitement.

"We need a name too," said Hay Lin. "And check this out – what do you think of W.I.T.C.H.E.? It's our initials put together? Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin and Elyon! Isn't that cute?"

Taranee gazed up, her hands behind her back. Then, Elyon spoke for the first time since they had left Hay Lin's place.

"Yan Lin said I was different. Like Will. But she said that Will was still a guardian. She didn't give me a position. She just told me some stuff about being a Queen. Thank you, Hay Lin, for trying to include my name, but I think it would be better if it was just W.I.T.C.H., you know?" said Elyon.

"Come on, Ellie. You are still our friend, no matter what. You should have a spot in our name. Anybody else have a comment?" asked Hay Lin.

"All that ink is going to end up poising you, Hay Lin," said Taranee.

"I think the ink already poisoned Hay Lin," I said, trying to make a joke. Everyone else's faces were grim. My joke didn't work. I looked at Will. "How about you?" I asked.

"I – I don't know. I'm still a bit confused," Will said, shakily.

I realized something then – the other girls were all elements, except Elyon and Will. Elyon was supposedly the Queen of another world, but that didn't mean that she was meant to lead. The true leader was Will, because she was a guardian, who had the heart of Candracar – something none of the other girls had. I had to wonder exactly what things she would lead us into.

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