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Authors Note: I can honestly say that I have no idea when I wrote this. However, I looked up the properties and it says I wrote this last summer. Just some fun, mindless banter!

~ Aiden Skywalker

"Anakin, it's late, and I think that it would be a better idea if I took you out tomorrow."

"But if we went now, there would be less traffic in the sky lanes."

"We live on Coruscant, Padawan. There will always be traffic."

"Sooner, better than later, right?"


"Then we could go in an hour…"

"Anakin, we are not piloting today."



"Pretty please?"


"What if I cleaned my room?"

"Not gonna fall for that one."

"Did the laundry?"

"Good try…"

"Took out all the trash?"

"How about no…"

"Made you breakfast?"

"You can't even cook!"

"Learned how to cook?"

"Not in my kitchen!!!"

"Cleaned your kitchen?"

"No Anakin!!!"

"Fine… you didn't have to yell at me…"

A distraught look crossed the Padawan's face as the boy began to jut out his lower lip. It was obvious that the boy was trying to hold back laughter as his eyes glinted. Obi-Wan's jaw dropped. The older man could not believe that his Padawan was trying to pull a guilt trip on him!

"Don't even try it young one."

Anakin let up on his puppy dog pout and crossed his arms with an audible, "Humph!"

"Stop trying to be so serious and loosen up a little! You're starting to sound like Yoda."

"Padawan, do not forget that I am your elder. Don't think you can just pull crap like this off and get away with it."

"Come on, we're buddies right? You don't need to be so uptight. Just take me out piloting…"

This time, Anakin had gone too far.

"We aren't going out tonight and that's final. Go to bed. Now."

To add emphasis to his command, Obi-Wan pointed his finger towards the boy's room.

"That's not even funny Obi-Wan. It's still light outside!"

Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow, "Does this face look like I'm trying to be funny?"

"No… but you honestly can't expect me to be able to fall asleep right now."

The stern look on the Master's face held no mercy.


"Excuse me?"


"Holy crap, Obi-Wan! I'm not five! Damn… you didn't have to go all "parent mode" on me."

After letting out a frustrated sigh, Anakin turned and sauntered to his room, immediately letting the door swish behind him before Obi-Wan over heard a loud thump. It was Obi-Wan's turn to let out a sigh before the older man slumped into a kitchen chair.