It was silent, the wind blowing slightly through the night sky, the trees scratching at the windows, children snuggling safely into their warm beds. The streets lights flickered on and off, flickering the shadows that were on the pavement. The swings swung back and fourth, the ominous squeaking noise made filled the air. She ran, her gasping breaths followed as she did. Her face flushed and pale, eyes dilated from fear. She wheezed as she ran, her unbuttoned pants riding low on her hips, showing her purple thongs. She wore no shirt; he bra barely covering her D sized breasts. Her orange hair bounced on her shoulder, sweats pouring down her face, she froze suddenly, screaming when she heard the dark ominous chuckle.

"Staring something you can't finish isn't fucking nice." The voice spoke, the dark and lusty voice caring in the wind. The woman trembled, unable to move. She stood there, whimpering in fear. She then stopped, and turned around before taking off, no one stopping to take in the almost nude woman running down the street, people obviously used to see people running naked down the downtown streets of Karakura. The man sighed, his face hidden in the shadows. He opened his eyes, bright teal burning into the night, and an ominous teal that would've made children believe that the boogey man was real. He stepped out of the shadows, his bright teal hair clashing against the black of the night sky, the cigarette in his mouth as he leisurely walked down the street, stalking his prey.

His pale pink like quirked themselves into a smile, the flickering light flashing on the pearly whites, blinding oncoming cars and hiding his large fangs. He inhaled a large breath through his nose, the wind carrying his prey's scent and he exhaled through his mouth. His mouth was watering at the sweet smelling scent that filled his senses. It was inevitable to run. He never let his prey get away, He just prolonged it, like he did with this one. Wait until another time and then take the sweet blood of denial and dominance to a vampire. He snorted, he would let them run and tell their stupid sob storied to the police, as if they would believe them.

He scoffed, how stupid would that be to have a cop coming to downtown Karakura to look for a vampire that had been terrorizing the streets for two weeks. Oh how he would give to be there to listen to the dumb fairy tale that was actually true. He smirked, his lust becoming overwhelming. Oh well, guess the lady would never get a chance for her sob story. He snapped his fingers, his maniacal laughter carried through the wind as it blew.


The orange-haired teen concentrated on the television, his father dancing around the kitchen as his sisters made breakfast and got ready for another day of school. "ICHIGOOOOOOOO! MY YOUTHFUL SON! WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING ON THE TELEVISION?!" he screamed in his ear. Ichigo cringed back, his chocolate eyes filled with anger and he kicked his father, sending him flying into the other room.

"Shut up goatface!" the teenage yelled before listening to the television once more, speaking about a girl that was killed and possibly raped, all blood drained from her body. This puzzled Ichigo. This was the third body found this week, all blood drained from their body. What the hell was going on? Then Ichigo waved to his family, running out of the house to school after kissing his sisters on the head and wishing them a good day. He walked, his mind slipping away from his, comforted by thoughts.

The third killing this week, all found the same way. Why would that happen? Ichigo asked himself in thought as he was yanked the other way, a cry escaping his lips before jumping when a honking truck flew by him, mere inches from his face. His heart pounded, he was about to be hit, by that truck. He shuddered and then felt the grip on his forearm and looked up to see Shirosaki Ogichi, the school's new badass. The pale white hair and glistening red eyes, a cross hanging from his ear on a chain, a piercing in his lip and a rose tattoo on his neck, wearing black jeans with a tucked in black button up shirt made him look flawlessly good looking. A golden cross-hung from his neck exposed on the pale torso which shown through the first few unbuttoned buttons of his shirt, a white belt on his pants.

His deep red eyes focused onto to Ichigo, making his blush, and smirked little tiny fangs shown behind his smile, "I'd watch where I was going if I were ya. Don't want that purdy face o'yers damaged do ya?" Shirosaki asked him. Ichigo blushed harder, and yanked himself out of Shirosaki's grip.

"Don't touch me." Ichigo growled and began to glare at his savior. Shirosaki threw his hands up in the air surrendering to Ichigo's wrath before it began.

"Oi! Oi! Don't be ta hasty now. I only saved yer life is all." Shirosaki teased, the smile growing larger. This really was too much fun, messing with this kid.

"I never asked for your help!" Ichigo yelled at him. Shirosaki shooked his head, letting his hands fall.

"Ya sayin' ya woulda had a chance once the truck smashed ya like a pancake?" Shirosaki asked him amused of how thoughtful Ichigo looked.

"Well…no…" Ichigo stated uneasily.

"Well then its settled! Lets get ta school!" Shirosaki yelled gripping Ichigo's hand and taking him towards the school.

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