Personality Test

AN: Sweets is annoying and funny. He is the best fictional psychologist I know of. Remember when he had them take that personality test? He said they had an emotional connection. What was in the test to make him think that? Booth, Bones and soft science.

He had seen many partners before and tried not to judge before getting to know them. He had to try hard to suppress that Dr. Brennan was aloof and Agent Booth was aggressive. He was reviewing the tests. Due to their resistance, he doubted he had deep answers .It was none the less info. He asked the basic questions and they were answered. He had the same formula: easy questions and the type to throw off guard. He didn't really read the easy ones .There were five he paid mind to.

16. Why did you choose to work at your career of choice?

Dr. Brennan had spent several well worded sentences to avoid the question before saying she was good at her job. He was excellent at reading between the lines and what these lines between them said was she appreciated identity. She thought it was needed, however dead or bad off a skeleton was. Booth was defensive before alluding he wasn't proud of what he had done with his life. He wanted to put away criminals to make up. His file mentioned basic info: served as a sniper, abusive father. He was making amends. Both had different reasons ,but were solely motivated by the value of life. Another interesting development was the second crucial question: What are your siblings like? Agent Booth had mentioned that Jared got into trouble and he always had to take care of him. Sweets supposes this is stemming from being the man of the house, as their father was not able to properly care for them. Dr. Brennan said her brother put her in foster care after her parents went missing. She most definitely had abandonment issues. Booth's childhood made him protect people. Brennan's made her struggle to remain independent .They were opposite, but complementary. She needs support and refuses it. He is always needing to support her, constantly since she pushes away. This has great potential to make them stronger because they help each other, without need for embarrassment. The third question was about their close friends. Both didn't make friends easily. They had potential to become very close. He also asked what they thought of another. Agent Booth answered professionally but clearly admires her greatly. Dr. Brennan respects him greatly. They are proving to be very complex guarded individuals with close ties. He wondered what they would do along the way to prove this.

AN: This is a deep piece. Sweets is very clinical but I'm hoping it wasn't boring. I reread 'Loopy" and I noticed it is a tad choppy with dialogue*cringes* I don't think I will continue with 'Miss you From Russia" Everybody good with that? Read and review. Please?