Fight For Light

A Xiaolin Showdown FanFiction


I was on a hill, lying by a tree, in its shade. I sighed and closed my eyes. I was alone.

Always alone.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and opened my eyes. Inches away, Ann was smiling at me. I felt my heart melt as I grinned back at her, embracing her tightly. It was nighttime, but she was glowing with a thin white outline.

"Don't kill me!" she teased. "I'm just using astral projection. Chase and Jack think I'm asleep."

I leaned back against the tree again and sighed. "I wish you could be here…" She frowned and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"I know," she said quietly, but she didn't continue. She usually talked or at least looked at me. Ann was facing away, biting her lip.

"What's wrong?" I asked. She turned and looked at me a bit too fast.



"Well…" she muttered. "I'm confused." I felt my heart about to sink, knowing where this might be headed, hoping it wouldn't be close to there.

"Please don't say that."

"…I'm confused about you and Chase…"

My heart was sinking. I still had hope, though, that she would choose me. But odds weren't that great. Chase was, after all, her first love. She could have a chance with him, especially since she was closer to him currently. But didn't I have a chance, too? I hadn't started to "awaken" yet, but I knew it was coming soon.

"Please, don't be sad!" she exclaimed, taking my hands in hers. I looked at her with sad eyes. "I like you, too. In fact, I respect Chase now, but I haven't really loved him yet. I love the memories of both of you, but it's so hard to know when I haven't actually finished awakening."

I gave her a weak smile. "I can wait for you," I said. That was a stupid and cheesy line, but it was all I had. "I really like you." She gave a weak smile in return.

"I better let you go to sleep," she said. I didn't want to hear that. "I'm getting rest at the same time I do this. You aren't."

I frowned. I wrapped my arms around her again. Even though this was her spirit, not truly Ann, she still felt warm and soft. The only difference was the heart beat that I so loved to hear and feel, the strength in her that I seemed to be able to sense, and the emotion that radiated out towards others. I stroked her hair, wondering how long she'd let me stay here.



"…You need to rest…"

I pulled away softly. Her words hurt me. I know she cared, but it felt like she didn't want to see me, or that she had others things to do. Seeing my sorrow, she gave me a kiss on the cheek, her fingers trailing my cheek as she faded away.

I sighed and started to walk back to the temple.


My eyes fluttered open. I glanced out the window by my bed. It was near dawn. I sighed. Rai wouldn't get much sleep, or wouldn't have gotten, anyway.

I got up and dressed in my usual ao dai, which is like a Chinese dress. It had slits on each side heading up until the middle of my thigh. The ao dai I wore today was black and only reached my knees. I wore silver tights underneath that reached my ankles. The ao dai was sleeveless today, but it was a turtleneck. It was black silk with silver linings. Around my waist, I tied a silver sash. I chose to have my hair straight today, with a carnation in it. It was mostly white, but on the inside heading out there was a faint pink color, much like a gradient.

I sighed and slipped on shoes that seemed like ballet flats, except they had pieces of cloth that tied all the way up to half of my shin. I headed out of the room, looking more elegant and calm than I had in weeks. My panther came to me at once, and I smiled at it, petting its head. I know that most, if not all, of Chase's cats were fallen warriors, and that they can morph to humans momentarily. However, he told me that my panther had no human spirit left in it, so it was of no use to him any longer. I even had a leash for her. I picked that up now, making sure it was securely on her.

"Come, Princess," I whispered. I walked around the palace until I found what I was looking for. I had arrived at the small garden hidden somewhere deep inside. This garden wasn't small, but it was when you compared it to the entire citadel. It was closed off by high rock walls, but it had no roof. I had opened a certain door that led me inside and smiled, brighter than I had in days. The rocky walls made it hard to see, but I could make out the sun rising out in the east. I watched as the sky changed colors, first going from the last bits of dark night to twilight, then watching as it became lighter and brighter softly, until the sky was finally blue.

For hours, I stayed meditating, enjoying the changing of the sky's colors. Princess, my panther, had been running around for a while, but she eventually came to rest next to me, her head on my lap.

After a while of blue, it seemed the skies had performed enough for now. I gently work up Princess and we went back into the main hallway and I removed her leash. She ran off somewhere, but I'd find her soon enough. I walked down a hallway, eager to get to my room again, to stand out on the balcony.

"Ann!" I heard Jack's voice call after me. I stopped and turned to wait for him.

"Yes, Spicer?" I asked quietly. "What is it?"

"You know, Chase was watching you meditate today!"

I raised an eyebrow. The news should have bothered me, but I had sensed someone nearby, anyway. "I know, and?"

"How long were you there?" Jack asked, ignoring my question.

"From dawn to now," I replied.

"I didn't see you move an inch for the short time I was there," he said. "Did you even budge at all during the hours?"

I shook my head. "I was meditating and watching the sky. It calmed me very much. I was so glad to have my mind free from any stress and emotions, and just watch the sky perform for me," I said, my voice brimming with silent joy and appreciation for the show the world gave me.

"Interesting way to phrase it," said a voice behind me. I turned around and found, who else but Chase?

I bowed in greeting. "Chase," I began. "Might I…be able to return to the temple?"

He frowned. "Why? I've been training you here."

"I wanted to go see my friends. I really miss Kimiko, and Omi's like a little brother to me," I replied.

He grimaced even further. "If you're back by tomorrow, then fine," he muttered.

"No," I said. "I need at least a week. I'm not bothering to ask if I can leave, because I know you'll just send your cats after me."

"Very well, a week." He turned and left quickly, but I couldn't find the emotion in his face before then. It felt like he was hiding something with his words.

"Can I come?" Jack asked.

I groaned. "Sorry, Jacky, but you're not exactly welcome there," I said, teasing him by calling him "Jacky".

"Fine, fine, I can take a hint," he said. "But I can show you out."

I nodded, and went to my room. I already packed my suitcase yesterday. I found Princess in my room, waiting for me with her leash on. Jack must've put it on her.

I took the suitcase in one hand and Princess's leash in the other. I wanted to leave as soon as possible so I would have as much time as I could.

Outside the citadel, Jack waved. I guess I'd become a bit too much of a friend to him, but I'd deal with that later.

I walked out with Princess, heading towards the temple.

I'll be there soon, Rai.


Last night was both very good and very sad. I didn't get to see Ann. I got to see her spirit, and I got to talk to her. But it wasn't the real her. I missed her so much.

I stood out on that same hill, against the same tree. The sun changed suddenly, and the light hit me. I squinted and saw something far off. I got up and walked towards it, wondering. As I got nearer, I saw that it was just my reflection. Upon closer inspection, it was a spirit who looked too much like me. It was creepy.

"Who are you?" I asked, already knowing. The spirit looked at me, and smiled mischievously.

"Hey, Rai," he greeted. "I'm Ray, well, I'm you."

I nodded. "So I'm starting to awaken?" This was all getting boring fast.

"And there couldn't be a better time," he said. "I'm you, technically. We are the same person, but you don't have your memories from 1500 years ago, so that's why I'm here. You're going to awaken, and earn bit of your memories each day."

"Wait, aren't you supposed to give me a bit of a story or something?" I asked, remembering what Master Fung said.

"The prophecy?" Ray said. "All you gotta know is that there will come a time when you have to fight for Lucia—I mean, Ann—or she won't be yours anymore."

"Anymore?" I interrupted. "When was she ever mine?"

"1500 years ago, but that's not the point," he said. "Chase Young wants her, too. Don't be mistaken. Even though he's evil and plans on ruling the world with her, he still loves her as well."

"Love? Ew. I doubt that old dragon has a romantic bone in his scaly body," I grumbled. Ray ignored that and continued.

"And if you know Chase, he's used to getting everything he wants. Ann is the one thing you can't let him have."

"How am I supposed to keep her away from him if she likes him, too?" I asked. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Like I said, you'll be getting your memories back day by day. You and the others will learn very quickly, remembering their, your old skills from back then. You will remember enough to defeat Chase Young. I can't tell you how he will be defeated, but you'll find out. We are and will be the same person, so I won't be around at all. I'm already fading away! That just means you're awakening. You and the others are stronger than you'd ever believe." Ray paused. "To start you off, here's a memory of you and Ann, 1500 years ago, that she recently had."

My vision blurred a bit, and I found myself in a different scene…

She sighed, watching the sunset.

We were on a beach in Brazil, not too far from Rio, leaning against a palm tree. I held her in front of me, my legs on either side of her. I held onto her waist securely, but lovingly, as if every moment with her was numbered. She was the one who I found, sad and heartbroken. I became her best friend and helped her through it. Why? She was a fellow Xiaolin Dragon. She also seemed like she needed someone. I didn't think I'd fall in love with her…but I did.

"Ray," I heard her sigh as she placed her arms over mine, which were still around her waist. I rested my chin on top of her head, squeezing her waist gently in a hug for just a moment.


She sighed again and leaned back against my chest. I couldn't believe she could love me, especially after what happened with Chase. He was a monster in my mind, and that would never change. I was so glad and so happy that I could make her feel better when she was sad over him. I was so overjoyed that I could be the one to wipe away her tears, and to hold her when she cried. To be there when she needed a friend.

She twisted around on my lap, reaching her hand up to stroke my cheek. He delicate fingers left fire wherever she touched my face. She looked up at me, and I gave her a warm smile. She returned it, and the emotion reached her eyes.

"So didn't you miss me while you were on that mission?" I asked abruptly, wanting to hear her voice, to hear her laugh.

She burst out laughing, just like I wanted. "Of course, of course," she teased. "No, really, Ray, you're getting cocky."

"So you didn't miss me?" I asked, pretending to be heartbroken over it.

She laughed and hugged me around my neck, twisting over even more to do so. I hear her whisper in my ear, "Of course I did, you fool."

I chuckled and embraced her, more tightly and even more lovingly. Our lips met and I knew just how lucky I was that this woman was choosing to be with me, happy that she did care for me like I did for her.

"I love you," we both whispered. It was the first time we'd said it in those specific words, and it meant only so much more.

I blinked, and I returned to the present. The spirit—Ray—was watching me for my reaction. "T-that was us?"

"Yes, that was you and Ann," he said. "Or, rather, Lucia and I, 1500 years ago. We're the same people, really, but our names just changed."

I nodded, and Ray was fading away.

"Your memories will come swiftly," he said. "And you should know, Ann is coming soon! To the temple!"

Before I could ask any questions, he faded away.

I ran back to the temple, eager to tell the others. Eager to prepare for Ann's visit.


I was outside the temple gates, hiding. It was nighttime. I blinked, switching to night vision. My eyes were glowing white, and I saw everything clearly. I must have looked creepy, or maybe startlingly beautiful. However, that wasn't important to me. I left my suitcase in the garden and walked around slowly. I was slinking around somewhat suspiciously, but I didn't know how to enter.

I turned and saw someone lying on the grass far off in the other side of the garden. It was Rai. My heart swelled with joy and relief. I quietly slinked over to him, lying down beside him discreetly. His eyes were closed but I knew he was awake. If he wasn't, well, it didn't matter. I blew in his ear to see his reaction. His eyes flew open and he jerked up, panicking.

"What the?" I smiled and hugged him tightly. His confusion melted away as he looked down at me, smiling.

"Big, tough Rai is scared of little old me?" I asked teasingly. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and kissed my forehead.

"No, just of losing you," he said.

"Really?" I asked jokingly. He nodded, playing along. I turned serious. "You're acting more like Ray… You've seen him?"

"I saw him today, a few hours ago," Rai said. "I also got a memory of us from the beach, and I think you saw it before I did."

I nodded. "I remember. It was in Rio? On the beach? We were watching the sunset, and I was sitting in your lap, both of us leaning on a palm tree."

He beamed. "Then do you remember what we did?"

I smiled and hugged him around the neck. I reached up and kissed him softly. I didn't want to let go of him. "Rai…are my eyes still glowing?" I asked, laughing. They must have been, but I just wanted to hear his voice.

He laughed and pretended to inspect my eyes like a doctor. "Yup, still all white," he said. "But you look like an angel."

I smiled. "But isn't that what I am? Guardian of Light… Isn't that like the Angel of Light?" I asked, mostly myself. I shrugged it off. "Let's go inside. I wanna see Omi and Kimi and Clay and Dojo…"

I stood up and ran back to the temple gates. When I returned, Rai was looking at me questioningly, looking pointedly at my panther. I chuckled nervously.

"This is Princess!" I said cheerfully. "She wanted to visit." He raised an eyebrow, but led me inside the temple anyway.

"Everyone else is sleeping, so they don't now you're here," Rai said. "Just head to sleep, and surprise them in the morning."

I smiled and looked down at Princess. "Princesa," I said in Spanish, "go sleep in the garden." Rai watched in shock as the panther obeyed, rubbing my leg before heading out to sleep under a tree in the garden. He shrugged it off and led me to my old room.

"You'll be fine here?"

"I'll be fine," I said. He turned to leave. I caught his arm, forcing him to turn to face me. "Rosa and Pedrosa?"

He smirked. "Rosa and Pedrosa."

We both laughed quietly, and I hugged him before kicking him out of my tiny room. I laid down on the mat in my room, still dressed. Rai poked his head in seconds later.

"Miss me already?" I questioned with a smug grin.

"Hey, I was just wondering…" he began. "Would you wanna go visit Brazil with me?"

"Now?" I asked. He nodded. I stood up and followed him out. "Isn't it kinda midnight?"

"Well, not in Brazil," he muttered. Once we were outside, he took out the Golden Tiger Claws from a knapsack he was carrying. "Golden Tiger Claws!" We stepped out on a beach, but it was a little before evening.

"Why does this place seem familiar?" I muttered.

"Because I've taken you here before," Raimundo whispered in my ear.

I turned towards him, my hands on his chest, staring him down. "Are you sure?" I teased.

He rolled his eyes and took one of my hands. "I'm sure."

I smirked. "Are you sure you took me? It was 1500 years ago… You could've forgotten!"

Rai rolled his eyes once more. "Don't be ridiculous, Ann," he said.

I laughed. "Okay, okay, fine!"

He smiled and draped his arm around my shoulders, ushering me forward. I gasped in awe when I saw an old palm tree, isolated in one lonely part of the beach. "You like?" he asked.

I scoffed and punched him softly in the shoulder. "Shut up! It's amazing! The same tree?"

He nodded excitedly. "The very same."

"Wait, so, for our first official date of the century," I began, "you're bringing me somewhere we visited 1500 years ago?" He shrugged, smiling. "That's amazing."

We sat beneath the tree, just like we had 1500 years ago. We watched the sunset, bathing in its glory and beauty.

It was so strange to be here. A century and a half had passed since we were last here, and we both know that. But, here, it feels like it's just us. Like time has no meaning for us. As if it was just yesterday we were here last.I turned to Rai and smiled, throwing my arms around his neck and hugging him.

"Doesn't it feel like time has stopped?" I asked. He glanced down at me, smiling.

"Whenever we're together," he said. "Rosa and Pedrosa for the world!" I laughed lightly and closed my eyes.

"You're so lame…" The night was coming in slowly, as if it didn't want to interrupt.

"Yeah, but I'm your lame-o," he responded. "So you're stuck with me."

"Hmm…" I pretended to ponder that. "Maybe." He stuck his tongue out at me childishly. I turned towards the sunset. I chuckled when I found my gaze on the empty black space where there was no horizon. Nothing to separate sea and sky, letting them meld together and be as one.

"What's so funny?" Rai asked.

"Uh… Didn't you notice it's already nighttime?" I asked, tapping on his forehead. He laughed when he looked towards the spot where the sunset should've been.

"Let's get back," he said. "Golden Tiger Claws!"

When we got back, I said goodnight to Rai and hugged him before shuffling to my room and crashing on the 'bed'.

Okay, so, officially, I have no idea what to do with this story. Not to mention, I'm so preoccupied with my schoolwork and what's going to come when I get to high school in four months (in a super advanced curriculum, which means even MORE work), as well as trying to stop procrastinating with one of my other stories. I didn't actually write this recently. It's been in my computer for many months, and I've just dug it out. I could try to write a half-arsed ending in a chapter or two, but that won't work. Plus, I've totally forgotten anything and everything about this story. I'm so sorry. But other things do come first. Adieu.