Maddness Season

Author's Note:

To my readers,

This is an archive of old, odd, StarFox stories I found while chapter diving a few nights ago. Some have relevence to the old fic "Euthinasia", some do not, most are random character studies. Regardless, pleasent reading.

Kasan Soulblade

By Degree: Intro: 60 flat.

Per the Cornerian constitue all public locations must make accomidations for all spiecies. (Ie: Ex: In consideration of those born with cold blood a room must be left at 85 degree ferinhieght)

Cornerian multi specie coexistant act: page 1, paragraph 2.

Mercury crept up like a tide, a thread of fire, always striving forward and up, but slowly, like a tepid tragedy that the furless apes called soap opera it crawled, the leading edge folding amongst itself on during the climb up.

From dream to waking, to the waking dream, he slid through the currents of his life while the cold stole the edge of his thoughts and his claws gropped at the wall, seeking to make the thread of quicksilver live up to it's name.


No, please!" Rough dexterous paws closed over his wists, and though he winced from the ontat it galvanized his desperation. HAte and loe were aever a potent blend for him. "Don't!"

He struggled forward, those hands with thier course, hot, pads held him back. Satisfied he was secure one of his assailents steppd past him, walked into a thin beam of light...

-The only light he'd dared permit!-

...and he saw.

Enlongated muzzles choked with fur, seamless blue uniforms with Cornerian insignas, a glint of polished copper to allude to military rank.

His snout curled in distate at such snippits and thier unwelcome revelation. A hiss escaped as he at last recognized his captors. In response to his "hostility" the beast to his back tightened it's grip. He hissed a second time, this time in pain. The scent and heat... and the miasma of hair... the imput was making his stomach writhe. But his discomfort was nothign compared to the festering pain. Emotion so violent it must be conained swelled and stirred within, pressing agasint the walls of his reason.

Light glinted of the steel hued snout of a blaster, his heart wich had lurched forward full speed due to th adrenaline's demands went still a that threat. Looking past the muzzle, in the gloom of his subteranian lair he couldn't see, for the glint of light on steel's edge.

But, despite beign blind he could sense, intent, motion, and what he sensed caused him to fight for what little he was worth.

"No, she's just hatched, less than an hour old..." He screeched. "You... you can' just shoot her!"

Such was his desperation that he threw both himself and his captor forward a few steps. With a growl to his back as warning he was sheeled back into the dark. The figure, it's silloute once illuminated by the thread of light ducked back into the dark, going deeper into the den. He caught a glimpse of sleashy fur drapped features, of tear wet eyes, than nothing save an outline cast in hot reds and oranges as he forgoed sight and saught seeing in the infrared.

Still... he recalled the details. A long snout with a black nosed tip. Fleash that dripped down the muzzle due to a surpluss of epidurmis' growth, a yellow fang tip poking out from one exuberant fold of "lip". Fur the color of brittle wood, so short it gave the illusion of being frizzed, no static electricty required.

That one went forth, from dark to light, nostrils' whuffing as he searched and found her.

And he faded from normal sight to the reds and oranges of the infrared, burned without flame or blaster he strolled into the dark that wasn't dark.

Heat embraced a mewing cool. And that chill, living, being let out a squeal of agony as it was engulfed in a furred inrerno.

Those of hot blood never considered those of cool. Thier heat was a discomfort, at times a pain. Helpless he quaked, letting out noise's too primal to be words.

Charging forward, he manged to get free. Her screams calling him forward, he had to make them see... see reason... He reached out, clawed hands groaping...

And gripped wall, his last reach missing the termostate by inches, his vision blurred and breath steaming as the infernal cold sucked down drafts of his heat. Still, though it was a miss, his arm grazed the device, the cuff of his sleeve catching the fine piffs and caused the wheel to spin and the numbers to crawl up.

Too slow, he moaned, awakening from the protracted rememberance like another would wake from a nightmare for find the demons waiting. Too slow, too soon, too quick, too much,

His eyes rolled back and he slumped forward.

The last vision was of numbers, sixty degrees became sixty one, sixty two...

Jaws gapped wide, sucking down drafts of chill and lethargy in equal dosses, he lifted a black claw to the dim floresent lighitng above. A thunk, than there was light, all to better chase back the black that was chasing after his eye and closing, closer, caught.

Above, a world away, the thermosat wheel wheezed as it chased itself, the numbers whirling towards some numeric acme, some peak clad in digits that beter cloaked survival.

Oblivious, he fell.