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Fumbling Towards Ecstasy


Epilogue: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

"All the fear has left me now,
'm not frightened anymore.
's my heart that pounds beneath my flesh
's my mouth that pushes out this breath"

Her hot little hands were scrambling at his duster, ripping it off, tearing up his tee-shirt, and somehow never letting their lips part. She was on top now, and one of his hands had slid up her shirt and was gently massaging her breast, fingers pinching and caressing the pebbled nipple. The other hand held her ass tight against him, then jerked upwards and pulled her frilly blouse off. The Buffy-Bot had never been so warm and alive, never emitted those breathy little gasps that she did as he nibbled her lower lip and slid his mouth along her jaw, kissing her in that sweet-smelling spot on her neck where the blood pumped strongest. He pressed his mouth there, and the scent of it made him harder, so that he groaned.

"Bloody hell, Buffy…" He was so wrapped up in the pleasure of her that he was unable to articulate more. Buffy reached between them, found the zipper of his jeans and wrenched it downwards. In a moment his cock sprang forward, pale pink head drooling and erect.

Before he realized what she intended to do, she slid down his length to take him into her mouth. She was unsure of herself, kissing the tip and meeting his eyes briefly. He watched in silent wonderment as the slick head passed her lips, and her bright eyes met his for one brief second – so full of happiness, contentment, and a pleased sense of pride – and it was only a few moments before he felt himself buck forward in orgasm, his cock softening slightly in her mouth as she sucked him dry.

She scrambled back over him to capture his lips, letting him taste himself on her tongue as she crouched over his already hardened cock. Still kissing him, she sunk down onto it, moaning in pleasure as he stretched and filled her. He was grasping her everywhere, bouncing her with his hands on her hips, and then moving over the softness of her arms, the silky undersides of her breasts. She rode him slowly, taking long, drawn-out thrusts as she worked herself on him. All of a sudden he had her flipped over, and her eyes rolled to the top of her head as he began to pound into her and she let out a long, heavy moan.

"Fuckfuckfuck, do it Spike, do it, I want you to," she said breathlessly, the words tumbling out of her mouth as she held his mouth to her neck. He brought his game face forward with ease, the liquid sound drowned out in the midst of her moans. The sharp canines scraped over the hot flesh, rasping tongue flashing out to lick her gently, and then slid in, velvet smooth.

Her eyes rolled into her head as her orgasm crashed upon her. Colors were exploding behind her eyelids, deep auburns and golden yellows, and stars were dancing and planets crashed as she clutched onto him for her very life. Every part of her body hummed in rapturous pleasure, from her fluttering stomach to the two pinpoints of heat where his fangs had sunk into her neck. When she finally opened her eyes he was lying above her, game face gone, kissing her neck and mouth softly.

"You really did that. I really did that, didn't I? That wasn't a dream, was it?" Her eyes were so big, yet content and glazed in pleasure. She smiled up at him, brought his lips closer to hers so that she could taste the salty remnants of herself on him.

"Bloody hell, I love you looking at you like that, all warm and melted in my arms after you've been fucked good." There was a snarky tone to his voice, but she laughed at his words, reaching up again to kiss him.

"You're not so hard on the eyes either."


"What do you think about a vacation," Buffy asked later that night on patrol. He shot her a look that clearly read "What the hell are you on about," but she continued. "I mean, I think it'll be good to get away from here for a little while, to go someplace like New York, or Florida. And Faith already said she'd watch over the Hellmouth for me. Dawn can come with, or she could stay here. She'll be out of school for Christmas…"

In a second he had snatched her to him, pushing her up against a tree and bringing his mouth low and close to hers.

"If we go anywhere, it's just you and me, Slayer."

She giggled, bringing her arms up to his shoulder.

"Where would you take me, Spike?" she asked with a high, childish voice, pressing her lips to the corner of his mouth.

"Right around the corner, if we were to go right now," he murmured suggestively, pressing his hardness lightly against her. She gave him a coquettish grin, batting her lashes and reaching between them.

And then she was sprinting away, in the direction of his crypt with her laughter floating high on the breeze. He watched her with dark eyes before rushing after her.


"Let's go to Florida, luv."

Buffy opened one bleary eye, and raised an eyebrow. They had ended up at her house, in her bed tonight. They had spent the night watching movies with Dawn, while vampire and teenager painted each other's nails. They hadn't spoken of Buffy's vacation idea for the past few days, and the fact that he brought it up startled her.

"Really, you want to?"

"It'd be fun, sure. Can go swimming naked in the middle of the night."

"But Spike," she protested, still half asleep. "It'll be freezing." He laughed at her, rolling over to wrap an arm around her.

"It's bloody Florida, pet. Never gets cold."

She smiled, her eyes already closing. In her half-sleep she nodded against his shoulder.

"Okay, Spike. Let's go to Florida."


The End.