"The fact that I liked it,"

My gasp echoed in the pipe. I could hear my heart thumping in my ears, almost deafeningly loud. My eyes stung and I could feel a lump forming in my throat. She… she..

" – il? Phi – ip? Wh – s hap – ing?" Lil's voice was breaking up. I could barely hear her through the static. I swallowed, and it felt like broken glass.

I took a deep, shaky breath and tried to calm down. It was harder to do this when one of us was too upset. And go, was I. I brought my hand up to my forehead. Calm down, Phil. Calm. Calm. Something dripped on to my wrist. My brow furrowed in confusion. I brought my hand down to my cheeks. Tears. I hadn't even noticed my eyes get blurry. I took another shaky breath. Calm down. Calm DOWN. Why can't I calm DOWN! I forced myself to take a few more breaths.

"Ph… Phil, are you there? Are you okay?"

There. Calm enough to hear in HD.

"Y-yeah… Yeah, I'm fine." I closed my eyes to focus. "I… you… You really liked it? When I kissed you?"

"Yes, Phillip." I could hear her take a breath, something that would usually only happen if we were both concentrating our hardest, but seemed a lot easier, especially considering the years without practice. "Phil, that… That was…"

It was what? Amazing? Weird? Amazingly weird? Weirdly amazing? The most disgusting thing you ever enjoyed? The weirdest most amazing thing you ever enjoyed?

"That was my first kiss."

First. No one else. No one else had ever done that. No one else had ever k… kissed her?

"First? Y-you mean no one, not even Z…?"

"He tried, but I… it wouldn't have felt right."

At this point, part of me is sure she's not really talking to me anymore, and that she's gone to the police and I've gone insane. And the other part feels kind of guilty since that wasn't my first, too.

"Lillian, I really do love you. I love you more than anything."

"I love you too, Phil." And that time, it's not her voice in my head. I can hear it echo through the pipe, just like mine did before. I opened my eyes and looked over, to find Lil standing there, panting slightly. "Phil…" She trails off. She walks over and squats down in front of me. "You're crying…"

Her hand comes up to wipe the tears from my face and I stare at her in wonder as she does. This… this is real. This isn't a hallucination, or a dream. Lil… Lil loves me.

"Do… do you really mean that, Lil? Do you love me?" My voice is a bit scratchy now. It's a little hard to form words right now.

She stares me straight in the eye, her hand leaving my face. I gaze back at her, searching her eyes for an answer. I don't find one before she wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a shy peck on the lips. When she immediately buries her face in my shoulder, I can tell that she's blushing. I smile and pull her close, wrapping my arms around her. She gasps, but snuggles into me.


Lil is my sister. We're twins. We used to eat mud and bugs. We loved everything gross and slimy. We stored things in our diapers to eat later. We talked in twin language, finishing each other's sentences. Things were fun back then. They still are now, actually. We talk in twin language, just like we used to. We have jobs at a branch of this practical jokes and gross-out store run by some other pair of twins in Britain. We are a bit different now, though. We got older. Things have changed. We've changed. We aren't just twins anymore. We're also a couple. But, uh… don't tell our parents, alright?


This the first fic I have ever finished, and I'm sorry the last chap is so short. I know you didn't wait a year for such a pitiful finish. To everyone who stuck with this fic till the end, even after I didn't update for almost a year, thank you. I love you all, and this is your Christmas present. Happy holidays.

P.S. Look closely at this Chapter, and you can guess the next Twincest(with no other person) that I'll write.