Son of a Squirrel Chapter 1

Aeytru's POV

My life sucks. My name is Aeytru Merchrix, and my mom is dragging me from Los Angeles to Seattle. California to Washington. That's 18 freaking hours in a minivan with my mom and my 12 year old brother, Griff. We wouldn't have to do this if it wasn't for my dad going psycho on us and leaving for this other… lady. Oh well. "Are we there yet?" Griff asked. I glared at him. On top of everything, I had to listen to him whine. I curled up in my seat, put on my iPod, and went to sleep.

I guess my mom planned for this already, because we were stopped in front of an old house. Griff thumped me in the back of the head.

"Hey. Hey Trutru. Wake up, sleeping ugly-"

I turned around and slapped his hand away before he could flick me again.

"I'm awake, creature. Where are we?" Not that I could really trust his word.

"Mom's old house. She's inside, making sure everything isn't completely falling apart, I guess." She came out, and opened the door.

"Okay guys, the old place is ready when you are!"

She was taking the whole thing pretty well. She must've seen this coming. Dad was kind of a fudge monkey anyway.

"Hello?" Griff waved his hands in front of my face. "What?!" "Inside. Moving. Hear any of that?"

It's like he lives to bug the crap out of me. I rolled my eyes, grabbed some of my bags, and went inside. I looked around, as I went upstairs to choose my bedroom.

Griff had gone ahead and chosen the biggest one, so I had to find somewhere else. I sighed.

The only other room was really small, and but hey, it was better than nothing.

As I put my stuff down, though, I noticed a ladder on the side of the wall. I climbed up, and there was another room. A secret room. Somewhere I could be alone, work on my blog, and be away from that kid I call my brother. This place might not be so bad.

I set up my bed, put on some PJs, and tried to sleep. So begins my life in Seattle.