A/N: See the first chapter for the disclaimer. Title and lyrics are from "When It's Over" by Three Doors Down. Thank you all so much for coming along on this story journey with me. I'm glad that so many of you enjoyed and favorited this story. Thank you all. I hope you guys enjoy this last chapter as well. :D

When It's Over

Sam sits on his bed, leaning back against the pillows. He feels a weight sink onto the bed, and he looks over to find Jessica there.

"Jess," he breathes softly.

"Hi, Sam," she replies, smiling.

Sam is slightly timid, wondering what is going on.

"You don't need to be afraid," she tells him gently. "I'm not here to hurt you. I'm not even here to ask you why."

Sam furrows his brow.

"I came here to say that I love you," she continues. "And, that I don't blame you. I forgive you, and I'm sure everyone else does now that it's over. I'm proud of you."


"Please, Sam. Forgive yourself. Stop blaming yourself. Everything will be okay now. And, I would love for you to move on."

Tears threaten to come to his eyes, and he sighs. "Jess…"

"I love you, Sam. And I want you to be happy."

Sam nods, falling quiet.


Dean leans against the hood of the Impala, drinking a beer. He stares out across the lake, feeling at peace for the first time in a long time.

"You did it," a voice says behind him.

Dean scoffs lightly. "I did somethin', alright," he replies, feeling his peace start to dissipate.

John walks over, standing next to Dean. "I'm proud of you."

Dean shakes his head. "How can you be, Dad? Sam and I started this. We had to finish it."

John sighs softly, watching as his eldest son takes a drink from the beer.

"And, while I'm at it," Dean says. "Why didn't you ever tell us about Adam? Maybe we could've saved him from the ghouls."

"I'm sorry, Dean," John replies.

Dean shakes his head again. "I should be sayin' that to you. I failed you, Dad."

John snorts lightly. "I should be sayin' that to you."

Dean looks down. "Before you died, you asked me to stop Sammy from going dark-side. You made me promise to kill him before it comes to that. And… and I didn't. And look what happened."

John shrugs one shoulder. "You saved the world. You and Sam. You saved this family."

Dean frowns. "Yeah, and how many other families are ruined?"

John sighs. "That's not your fault."

"Isn't it?" Dean asks, looking over.

"You know, you were peaceful until I walked over," John says softly, furrowing his brow.

Dean sighs heavily.

"I'm sorry," John continues. "I'm sorry that I put the weight of the world on your shoulders when you were younger. Maybe if I didn't… you could accept that you did good here. That I'm proud of you."

Dean finishes his beer. "You know, years ago, that was all I wanted," he says. "To make you proud of me. But… I don't know. It's like, as soon as I got back from Hell, I had to do as much good as I could. Make up for what I did down there. Maybe if I had been paying attention to Sam, I would have known…"

"You couldn't know the game the angels were playing, Dean," John says.

Dean scoffs. "All of this sounds strange coming from you."

John chuckles. "Yeah, I know. It's true, though. I taught you how to deal with every evil supernatural thing there was. I never prepared you for dealing with angels."

Dean nods. "You know, when you died, all I kept asking myself was why. Why did you sell your soul for me? Why did you die so I would live? I kept asking it until Sam died. Then everything was clear."

John nods.

"But… we're both alive now. We're both well. And… we're okay."

"Yeah," John says. "You boys stopped needing me a long time ago."

Dean shrugs. "We still need your journal," he jokes, smirking.

John laughs before turning serious again. "I messed up. But, I'm proud that you raised yourself and Sam, and you both turned out okay. Just keep watching out for each other…" John pauses, tilting his head back and forth. "…And Castiel. He's pretty much one of us now."

Dean nods with a smile. "You know we will."

"I'm proud of you both. Even though you made this mess, you stuck in it until you had made things right. That's what I'm proud of."

Dean nods again, and John puts his hand on Dean's shoulder.

"Never forget that," John says.

"I won't," Dean replies.

"And, thank Castiel for me."

Dean snorts lightly. "I will."

John squeezes Dean's shoulder before walking away.


Dean opens his eyes, waking up in the darkness. He sits up on the bed before looking over.

Sam is sprawled on the other bed, sleeping peacefully for what Dean guesses is the first time in a long time. Dean himself feels more rested than he has in years, mostly because the worst is over.

After surviving and ending the Apocalypse, what could be worse?

Dean stands silently, spreading the blanket back up over Sam as his younger brother has begun shivering in his sleep. Satisfied, Dean moves toward the bathroom.

As he walks out, he glances over at Castiel, who is sleeping on the couch. Dean makes a mental note to start going to motels where they can get cots, so that no one to be crunched up when they get stuck without the bed.

"Mmm…" Castiel moans softly, and Dean smirks. There's nothing more amusing than Castiel's mind when he's sleeping, except Castiel's mind when he's drunk.

"Who's the star tonight?" Dean asks softly, climbing back into his own bed.

"Cristian De La Fuente…"

Dean bursts out laughing, his voice echoing in the silence of the room. Sam wakes up, looking over at his older brother while Castiel continues sleeping.

"De'n?" Sam asks, still half asleep.

"Sorry," Dean says genuinely.

"What's so funny?"

"That's awkward," Castiel mutters sleepily.

"Cas is dreamin' about Cristian De La Fuente," Dean says. "You know, that kind of a dream."

Sam furrows his brow. "Who's that?" he asks.

"He's an actor. Done a few movies and shows."

Sam is still confused, more at how Dean knows that than at anything else. "Does he even know who that is?"

Dean chuckles, turning his attention back to Castiel. "I doubt it."

"Lime green Oxfords," Castiel mutters.

"You ever think maybe we should gag him when he sleeps?" Sam asks.

"Nah," Dean replies. "He's way more entertaining this way."

Sam chuckles, looking over at Castiel. After a few moments, Sam says, "you know what I keep thinking?"

"What's that?" Dean asks, looking over.

"What do you think Dad would say about all of this?"

Dean sighs. "He'd be proud of us for fixing our mistakes."

"You think so?"

Dean smirks slightly, nodding. "Yeah, I do."

Sam nods. "You ever wonder if we have lost parts of ourselves with all the times we've been dead and brought back to life?"

Dean shrugs. "I don't know. If we did, I think we also learn something else, so it kind of works out."

Sam shrugs. "Yeah, I guess." The two brothers fall silent, starting to settle back into their beds.

"No," Castiel says, breaking his silence. "Touch me here."

Sam and Dean share a laugh.


Bobby walks in the next morning, followed by Rufus, Ellen, and Jo. Dean is sitting in his bed, flipping through channels on the muted TV. Sam and Castiel are still asleep.

"You boys okay?" Ellen asks softly, trying not to wake the sleeping men.

"We're good," Dean replies, smiling.

Jo walks over, sitting down next to Dean on the bed. The other three sit down at the small table.

"So, we figure you boys owe us breakfast," Rufus says.

"What?" Dean asks. "Dude, we just saved the world. Shouldn't you be buyin' us breakfast?"

Rufus scoffs. "No way."

Sam wakes up, looking over at Dean and Jo. "Morning," he says softly.

"Morning," Jo replies sweetly.

"Rufus seems to think we owe them breakfast," Dean starts.

"Hell no," Sam says. "We just saved the world, man. I think that warrants a free breakfast."

"How about this?" Rufus starts. "We buy for you two, but angel-boy fends for himself."

"Castiel doesn't have much money yet," Dean replies. "We haven't taught him the finer points of poker."

"You need to get on that," Jo teases.

Dean frowns playfully. "We hadn't gotten there yet. We were a little busy, you know, trying to save the world."

Jo rolls her eyes and pushes Dean's arm gently as he smirks.

Sam gets up, heading for the bathroom while Castiel rolls over.

"Ten bucks says he starts talking soon," Dean says to Jo.

Jo smiles. "He talks in his sleep?" she asks.

As if on cue, Castiel sings, "I'm too sexy for my shirt." The hunters all look at one another as Castiel pulls his shirt off in his sleep.

Dean laughs heartily, and the others quickly follow suit, including Sam, who has made his way out of the bathroom.

Castiel wakes up, confused by all the laughing until he realizes he's not wearing a shirt. "Who thought this was a good prank?" he asks darkly, looking at Dean.

"Hey, that was all you," Dean says, holding up his hands.

"You were singin', too," Bobby adds.

"I do not sing," Castiel says with a glare before snatching his shirt and pulling it on.

"You do when you sleep," Dean tells him.

Castiel furrows his brow.

"You know way more in your sleep than you do when you're awake," Sam says.

"What do you mean?" Castiel asks.

"Do you know who Cristian De La Fuente is?"

Dean snickers.

"No," Castiel says.

"He's an actor," Jo explains. "Very hot."

"And you were dreaming about him," Dean chuckles.

"I don't believe you," Castiel says, glaring.

"You were, and you do talk in your sleep," Sam says.

"I've seen it too," Bobby adds.

"We all just saw it," Ellen throws in.

"Either way," Rufus says. "Now that you're awake, let's grab some breakfast."

"Can I shower first?" Castiel asks, getting up.

"Make it quick."

"Or Rufus'll turn you into target practice," Bobby adds.

"Ooo, I'm shaking," Castiel retorts sarcastically, moving to the bathroom.

"He's been hangin' out with you boys for far too long," Ellen says.

"That's because we're fun," Dean says, smirking. "If we weren't, he wouldn't have chosen to stay with us."

Ellen shakes her head. "You boys have corrupted him."

Dean shrugs. "Eh, he wasn't as innocent as you would think."

Sam chuckles.

"Did we resolve who's buying?" Dean asks.

"How about everyone pays for themselves?" Jo suggests.

"Sounds good to me," Sam says.

Castiel comes out of the bathroom after a few moments, and the group departs from the hotel room for breakfast.

"Have I always talked in my sleep?" Castiel asks.

"Yep," Bobby replies.

"Why didn't any of you say anything before?"

"It was just way too funny," Dean replies, grinning.

"You're a dick," Castiel says.

"Maybe. But, remember, you chose to stay here and deal with me."

"I think it's secretly because he's so in love with you," Jo teases.

"Oh, you know it," Castiel jokes back, throwing an arm around Dean's shoulders.

The group laughs as Castiel lets go of Dean's shoulders.

"You definitely are corrupted," Ellen says.

"I think the argument could be made that I was not always so innocent," Castiel says.

Dean snickers. "Yeah, but then again, you wouldn't have thought licking a stripper was a good idea until more recently," he says.

Castiel glares at Dean. "I will get you back for that."

Dean laughs. "Oh, bring it on, Angel-boy."

Sam rolls his eyes. "God, now there's two of them," he groans.

"Shut up, Sam," Castiel and Dean say simultaneously.

Where will you be
When it's over
And all the pride you hold inside
Is gone
Tell me, where will you hide?
When it's over,
And everything you know
Is said and done
When it's over,
Where will you run?

The End.