Power Rangers Meet The MedalBirds

Chapter 1:

The Start of The Power Rangers

Two Astronauts arrived on the moon. They found a canister and decided to open it. Rita, Goldar, Finster, and Baboo came out of the canister. The astronaughts got scared and ran away.

"Aww, after ten thousand years, I'm free. It's time to conquer Earth." Rita said. Somewhere on Earth, sensors started buzzing and a droid came to life inside of a chamber. His name is Alpha 5. He tapped a button on a console in front of an empty tube. A head showed up. He was Zordon.

"Alpha, Rita escaped, recruit a team of teenagers, with attitude." Zordon said.

At a juice bar in Angel Grove, Jason was working on his karate skills with Zack. They were teaching karate class, which Billy was a student in. Trini was working on a weight system. Kimberly was on a balance beam. An Earthquake brought them all together in the middle of room when they were beamed from the area to the Power Chamber. Once they got there, they found Alpha 5 and Zordon.

"Welcome Humans." Zordon said.

"Who or what are you?" Kimberly asked.

"I am Zordon, an interdimensional being caught in a time warp." Zordon asked.

"And I am Alpha 5." Alpha said.

They showed them the viewing globe, and told them about Rita, and her minions. Then he gave them power coins, that fit in morphers. He explains how it works to them. They do not believe them, and decide to leave. Rita sends putty patrols to face the teenagers. Together the team fights the puttys. The teens decide to use the power morphers.

"Mastodon" Zack said.

"Pterodactyl" Kimberly said.

"Triceratops" Billy said.

"Saber Tooth Tiger" Trini said.

"Tyrannosaurus" Jason said.

They were transported by Alpha 5 to downtown Angel Grove to fight Goldar. They called for their zords and created the Megazord. After fighting for a short time, Goldar left the battle annoyed.

Zordon gave them three basic rules.

"You must follow these rules or else the powers will no longer protect you. First, never use your power for personal gain. Second, never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you, and lastly, keep your identity secret, no one may know you are a Power Ranger." Zordon said to them.