Hi everyone. So, do I win the award for the longest time between updates? I honestly don't even have the computer that I wrote the first one on anymore! I have no idea what the next chapter was supposed to be. But, after watching the finale, I came back to FF to see what people had made of the um.. *events* that took place. I decided to search out my old story, and after reading it thought it might be kind of fun to do this. Let me know what you think :)

Set 2 months post finale:

"Myka, Claud and I are going to get ice cream", Pete hollered in a sing-song tone as he walked into the living room. Myka was curled up on the couch, entirely absorbed in some book she would not stop talking about.

"Mykes", Pete repeated.

"What?" Myka startled; she clearly hadn't heard a thing Pete had said.

"Ice cream?" She smiled at him. They went through this dance at least once a week.

"Pete, I don't eat sugar". He nodded knowingly in response.

"Butter pecan, caramel sauce, chocolate sprinkles."

"Two scoops," she responded, before he could ask.

"You got it." He walked over to where she was sitting, planting a quick peck on her lips before yelling to Claudia that he would meet her in the car.

Pete still could not get over getting to kiss Ms. Agent Myka Berring whenever he wanted. Well, almost whenever he wanted. Not at work. Never at work. Except sometimes, when he couldn't help himself. She scolded him, but let's be honest, that did nothing to discourage Pete. He loved it when Myka scolded him - almost as much as when she punched him.


Myka's attention was yanked away from her book by the sound of Pete's voice.

"What?" she asked, trying to reorient herself.

"Ice cream?" She honestly didn't know why he bothered to ask her. She always responded, "I don't eat sugar", and he always brought her her favorite - butter pecan with caramel sauce and sprinkles. It was a well choreographed dance, having been rehearsed at least once a week for the past five years. She smiled before giving her practiced answer:

"Pete, I don't eat sugar."

He nodded, and responded in kind: "Butter pecan, caramel sauce, chocolate sprinkles."

Next, he would ask her how many scoops she wanted. She always said two. Today, she decided she would beat him to the punch. "Two scoops".

He smiled at her. No, he glowed at her. She could tell he enjoyed the practiced monotony of this exchange as much as she did. It all at once reminded them how much and how little had changed. They were still in the middle of nowhere, going to the exact same ice cream parlor, ordering the exact same thing. They were doing the same job. But they weren't the same people. Now when Pete brought Myka ice cream, she thanked him with a kiss. He would dab a little ice cream on her nose, before wiping it off with a kiss. She would feed him a bite off her spoon. He would wrap his arm around her back, holding her close.

He walked towards her, and she angled her head toward him, readying herself for a peck on the lips. He pressed his lips lightly to hers, before walking away, yelling something at Claudia about meeting her in the car.

Myka still couldn't believe how lucky she was - how happy she was. When Pete kissed her, she knew everything was as it should be. Even when he kissed her at work - which he knew he wasn't supposed to do - she couldn't fight the paradoxical peace and excitement that would wash over her. The scolding was more for show. Besides, she knew he kind of liked it.


The End