So. I Just thought of this. It's a story dedicated to my friend Saru-chan! She's one of the closest people to me. So it's not Yaoi or yuri or anything but just plain normal Tenten and Neji. J I hope you guys like it. Its a little short but I still think it's kawaii! Gomen 4 spelling his name wrong! I went through it and fixed it all!!!!

The new store…NOT for men




"Yes!" Tenten growled, trying to pull the white eyed ninja to the new store that had opened in Konoha.

"No no no!!!" Neji cried. Yes the almighty Hyuga was crying. He didn't want to go into the horrid shop! It was hell! Any normal ninja would be crazy to go shopping in there. He gripped the telephone pole, refusing to be pulled any farther.

"I'm not Kakashi! I don't shop in those types of places!" He whimpered.

"You will go in. Or I will have to get Lee and have him go with me." She hissed. Neji's eyes grew narrow and he looked at her. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her close.

"You will not take that green beast in there. Gai-sensei would not only kill you for putting Lee's brain in the gutter, he would make the rest of us suffer for the loss of his poor, innocent pupil. If you take him in there I wont take you to the other shop that opened yesterday." He growled. Tenten's eyes filled with tears at the thought of not going to the new weapons shop that opened up. She passed by it yesterday and had instantly spotted this wicked Kunai she wanted. She looked at him, but with a new confidence.

"Then go with me."




"You will!" She growled trying to pull Neji off that damn pole. He was glued to it. He had to be. No matter how much she tugged she couldn't get him off. What was the deal? It was just a-

"Make me!" He yelled, making people look at them as they passed the two on the street. Neji didn't understand. He would normally agree that they needed to do this. It was the next thing he had to do to get her to understand that he was committed to this relationship. But Tenten's idea of proof of commitment meant he had to go into there. Man's worst nightmare. He refused. Anything else.

Tenten looked at him. She frowned. Fine. If he wanted to be this way she would play dirty.

She said the two most feared words that he could have heard. The deadly ones that meant he was sleeping on the couch.

"No. Sex." She said calmly. Neji almost cried again. It was bad enough he was about to be forced into the blasted shop now, she was playing dirty. That was not like her. What the hell. Was this stupid store that important to her? Neji sighed and gave into the fate that would humiliate him. Tenten smiled and grabbed Neji's hand. She pulled him along. As they went down the road, they saw Hinata and Naruto, Ino and Shikamaru, and Sasuke and Sakura in the same state as they were in earlier. Neji held his head high and gulped. His face was visibly pale. All the men that clung to their poles gaped in amazement as he headed willingly to that blasted store. They gave words of encouragement.

"Be brave!'

"Good luck!"

"Save yourself now! RUN!" A shrieking Naruto yelled.

Neji grimaced as Tenten stood in front of the Women's Store….


Tenten sighed. What was with men and asking for directions?