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The prompts, by the way, came from an online generator. Because I never actually expected to get far enough to post this. Anyways, I'll try to update this once a day, since, as I already said, I have seventy of them done. I may or may not post extras on holidays (fandom, IRL, or otherwise), depending on my mood.

Tonight, you'll be getting three. Happy birthday, Orihime!

Words tumbled from her mouth, flying away like countless butterflies. Not black ones, like those so often used by the Shinigami, oh no, hers were brightly wrought: red, blue, pink, orange.

Sometimes she talked about the weather. Often, she told him fantastic stories about giant robots. There were times when she would suddenly dash off, shouting something about a red dragonfly.

He never forgot the way that her eyes filled with laughter as she turned around, grabbing his arm to pull him onward. He hung on her every word, even if he didn't always understand what she was talking about.

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