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Commander James Bond stepped out of M's office with a growl and deliberately slammed the door behind him. With a last withering glare at the offending object he stalked past Ms. Moneypenny's desk. With a start at his actions the secretary attempted to determine the cause, the commander had been in a perfectly agreeable mood when he had arrived close to an hour ago.

"Oh, James!" She called.

The tall man stopped in his tracks, "Now is really not the time Ms. Moneypenny." He snapped through gritted teeth.

The lady was quiet taken aback, "Oh, well, in that case. I just thought I should tell you, a gentleman was asking for you earlier."

That piqued that commander's interest. It wasn't often that people came searching for him, at least not for a good reason anyway. But, determined not to be drawn from his dark mood he simply shrugged and stomped on his way.

Ms. Moneypenny jumped in her seat as the door to the outer room met the same fate as M's. A picture frame that had been hanging on the left of the door bounced off its hook and clattered to the floor, cracking the glass.

Soon after Bond's departure M appeared from his office. His eyes were drawn instantly to the broken picture frame; he shook his head in amusement.

The secretary rushed around the side of her desk up to him, "What happened in there? James was furious!"

"Oh", responded M nonchantly, "I told him to take the day off."