A/N: Finally, it took me some years but it's ready. The sequel to my previous story, Sweet Dreams. For those of you who haven't read it yet please do so you can understand it. This story feature thrills and chills, twists and turns, and a whodunit story that will leave you asking questions! And of course, non-stop high speed, machine bashing action! Enjoy!

WARNING: The following story contains scenes of mild violence, mild language, and mild suggestive themes. Reader discretion is advised.

Ch 1: Origins

"Get a load of this!" Dr. Eggman shouted as he fired multiple lasers from the Egg Viper on Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower as they swiftly eluded them. Sonic retaliated with a quick Homing Spin at the head.

"Too slow!" Sonic smirked as he landed, "WAY too slow."

"Sonic, don't forget!" Tails reminded him, "We need to deactivate the doomsday machine or else everybody's done for!"

"Don't sweat it, little bro! I got that covered!"

Sonic raced up to the giant computer, ready to smash it to bits. But Eggman quickly fired more lasers at the speedy blue hedgehog. One of the shrapnel from the lasers struck the chain of the sapphire medallion he was wearing, causing it to fall. He soon noticed it was missing but didn't have the time to look for it as he dodged a spinning disk.

"It's no use, give up!" the mad doctor laughed, "There is only t-minus ten seconds left until this stupid planet is blown to smithereens! Even you two pests aren't fast enough to stop it!"

"Wanna bet?" Sonic growled, "Tails, you ready?" His sidekick nodded and the two began to bounce off the walls of the unstable, flashing battlefield. Eggman tried to lock in on them, but their speed was too great. The blue and yellow wacky pinballs finally crashed into the Egg Viper, sending it into the doomsday machine, creating a huge explosion, but it wasn't over yet as the area began to collapse. Sonic looked at the pile where the Egg Viper laid rather inconsolably, as if he almost regretted doing that.

"Sonic? Sonic!" Tails shouted as he shook his arm, "I know your upset but we gotta get out of here! The fortress is unstable!"

"What? Oh, sorry bout that," Sonic responded as he shock his head, "Right. Let's go!" The two ran for the exit, but before they could leave, some rubble closed in on them, "Damn!" Sonic swore, "We're stuck!"

Tails soon saw some more rubble falling down, only this time it was falling on them, "Oh no!"

"Brace yourself!" Sonic yelled as he shielded Tails and himself with his Instashield. Before the rubble made impact though, their world went blank with a bright light…

All of that happened one year ago. You see, Sonic, Tails and Eggman were from a distant planet called Mobius. And there is some thing very interesting about Sonic that most people would be shocked to find out. The only ones who know his secret are Tails, Eggman… and Princess Elise…