A/N: Heya peoples. Crazy, but I actually had an idea to do an Ulquihime poem collection...

I REALLY gotta learn to not make new shit until I've updated my other stuff.... -_-

oh well! I'll learn that lesson some other time! Anyway, the first poem is called "If the Sun and Moon Could Dance". I'm rating this collection "T" for now, but I may change it to "M" somewhere down the line.

Now for some need-to-know stuff: Ok. I'm gonna give you a bit of info about the poem to avoid confusion with PoV (Point of View): The first, third, fifth, and seventh stanzas are in Ulquiorra's PoV; the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth stanzas are in Orihime's PoV. The rest of the poem is in the third-person PoV. This poem is supposed to show Ulquiorra and Orihime being together as forbidden, impossible in a sense, yet they never stop feeling the way they do for each other.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my first of hopefully many Ulquihime poems to come!

If the Sun and Moon Could Dance

If the sun could come to my doorstep,
I would embrace her with open arms
And never let her go.

If the moon could sit on my porch,
I would let him embrace me as I basked in his luminescence
And marvel in his beauty.

If I could make the sun laugh,
Then perhaps I could learn to do so as well.

If I could make the moon smile,
It would be all I ever needed.

If the sun could tell me she loved me,
I would do the same
And I would kiss her.

If the moon could kiss me,
I would kiss back with equal fervor
And caress his pale white countenance
To show him that I care.

If the sun could come into my bed,
I would show her what Heaven is really like.

If the moon could spend a night with me,
Even if it were just one,
I would make love to him,
Shielded from all eyes within the darkness of his domain.

If the sun and the moon could dance,
They would dance for all time;
They would dance in the brightness of day and the darkness of night.

But the sun and moon are of different worlds,
Forever separate from one another;
They dream of the day they can finally dance to love's ardent melody.

And thus, the sun and moon can never dance.

But the beauty of the song that forever lies in wait remains,
As though waiting for the day that will never come.

The sun and moon can hear the melody,
But never can they dance to it
And be together.