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Okay. The second poem is called "Breathe". This collection is still T-rated, but just barely. I would rate this poem a high T because of sexual themes, but not quite an M because I feel that it's still appropriate for the T rating. Just be cautious that (like I said) this poem has SOME sexuality, but it's not explicit. So yeah. That's about it. Kinda...

One last thing.

Quick Note: This poem is in Orihime's PoV (Point of View. I always like to define acronyms because you never know who may be reading your story and not know what an acronym/term means).

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When I'm around him,
I can't breathe.

He glances towards me,
His lips caress mine,
And it takes my breath away;
The air escapes my lungs.

His fingers massage my hips
As he deepens the kiss,
And I forget how to breathe;
I have to rely on him to keep me alive.

Feelings of ardor arise within me
As I feel a hand move higher to my breast;
And I never again want to breathe
If breathing would mean that the sensations would end.

We lay on the cold floor,
Stark white as everything else within the room.
We didn't bother to care that this was forbidden;
We were driven purely by love and instinct at this point.

We shed our clothing,
We touch exposed skin,
And he teaches me once again how to breathe.