Sometimes, he just wishes he could go back. But not very often.

Byakuya Kuchiki is a noble man. Impassionate; he remains what he was in the previous life. Though he does not have a majestic fur on his shoulder, or an annoying mongrel brother to slap down now and then, little about his life has changed.

He still has an assistant that turns out to be useless at times, though this assistant is actually capable of fighting near his own level, though if he really cut loose, he'd blow Renji away. But restraint is a noble virtue to have, and it's something he's always lived with. He still has a child, though in this time the child's hair is pink and she has red eyes, that takes pleasure in clinging to him when she isn't near a giant monster, though this monster walks on two legs instead of four and wears bells in its hair. He still has to deal with people that he would very much rather kill and be done with, though he has much more restraint nowadays than he did in that past life.

He still has a petulant young man that he wants to slay. Nothing really changes.

Byakuya Kuchiki sits at his desk, for once in his long afterlife ignoring his paperwork, and he stares out the window at the blue sky outside. He remembers his past, though it is becoming hazy nowadays, and he wonders if he would have ever believed that he could have loved if he could tell himself this in that past life. He would have scoffed, Byakuya knows he would have, and dismissed it as insanity.

It did happen, however. Somehow.

Hisana happened. His dear, sweet Hisana. He misses her so dearly. All he can do to cope is to greedily keep her sister, her lookalike, all to himself, and guard her from that orange-headed thug that he still wants to kill.

He offhandedly touches Senbonzakura's hilt, and wonder if she is ever jealous of the coveting he still has for his younger brother's sword. He cannot quell the fact that he still wants the Tetsusaiga; it may no longer exist but in the young brat's soul, but it is still there and he wants it. He is happy enough with his Tenseiga reborn, however, and she knows this. Byakuya glances out his window again, as he watches Kurosaki, damn that Kurosaki, talk with Rukia in front of his division, as he catches her on the way inside. His eyes narrow, very slightly, at Ichigo, and he wonders if the mutt remembers him. He wonders if the mutt hates him still. They may not be brothers by blood any longer, but he didn't need to be raised with Ichigo Kurosaki to immediately recognize who it was, reborn. He could still practically smell the stench of mongrel blood from the moment he met him on the sidewalks of Karakura, and he wonders if Kurosaki was angry when the elder Kuchiki once again proved himself superior, just as he was when they were two youkai brothers trying to slay one another.

He wonders about the pride Kurosaki felt when he fought Byakuya himself to defeat. He wonders if Ichigo was angry that it took him three lifetimes to do it.

Sesshoumaru contemplates this, as he watches Inuyasha chat with his adoptive sister.