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Summary: John Sheppard had had many abrupt awakenings in his lifetime. But he certainly wouldn't mind a few more gentle awakenings like this one. . . JohnElizabeth

Rating: K

Warnings: None

Spoilers: None

Pairing: John/Elizabeth

Part 1/1

Title: Gentle Awakening

Author: Mama Jo

Author's Note: After all the angst (and the four parts!) of my last fic, I decided it's time for something short, sweet, and pure fluff. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

Gentle Awakening


Mama Jo

Bump, bump. Flutter. Bump.

John Sheppard drifted on the receding currents of slumber: close to, but not quite on, the surface of consciousness.

Flutter. Bump, flutter.

He stirred slightly, the unfamiliar sensations against the small of his back nudging him closer to wakefulness, and burrowed his head a little deeper into his pillow in unthinking protest.

Bump. Bump. Bump.

Slowly, he became aware that he was lying on his left side with Elizabeth snuggled up to him, her right arm tucked under his, her hand splayed loosely over his heart. A tiny bubble of curiosity formed in the dark still mostly clouding his mind: Was she trying to jostle him awake for some reason? Had he been snoring? But no: The light, rhythmic pressure of her breasts between his shoulder blades told him she still slept.

Bump, KICK!

Startled by the force of that last impact, John's eyes popped open on dim, pre-dawn grayness, his body automatically tensing. Elizabeth moved in response, restlessly shifting against him. Sighing, she unconsciously nestled her belly, obviously beginning to swell now with her pregnancy, firmly into the small of his back again. And the realization hit of what he'd been feeling, what he'd never felt before:

Their baby, his and Elizabeth's, moving joyously inside her.

Holding very, very still, he felt his eyes grow wet as emotions surged up overwhelmingly within him; an indescribable tangle that eventually resolved itself into a deep, awestruck tenderness. As the light of the new day slowly suffused their quarters, John Sheppard continued to lie quietly, cherishing with every cell of his being the precious feel of his wife and child tucked close against him. . .

. . .And thought he'd never had such a wondrously gentle awakening in his life.

The End