More Than Friendship

Chapter Seven

by BitterEloquence and Wyntir Rose

Disclaimer: Transformers belong to Hasbro and Takara, and are licensed to IDW and Dreamworks. Our original characters are our own and any similarity between them and any existing characters from canon or fandom is purely coincidental. We claim no ownership by writing this work.

Authors' Note: Thanks go out to Okami_Myrhibis for betaing this fic for us.

Silverbolt and Trailbreaker didn't get a chance to have that 'talk' of theirs. The next day, there was a major battle with the Decepticons in the oil-rich wilderness of Alaska. After the battle, Silverbolt spent the next day in the med-bay waiting for Slingshot and Fireflight to be repaired and had recharged almost a day straight after that. By the time the Concorde and SUV shared monitoring duty almost a week had passed and there was a decided tenseness in the air. Neither mech looked at the other as they stared down at the monitors with unneeded intensity.

An uncomfortable silence filled the air between them. Trailbreaker cocked his head slightly as he listened to a human radio broadcast coming out of Portland describing a recent trend among humans. Apparently they were amusing themselves by having Cybertronian writing and symbols inked onto their skin. It was hardly something that required attention, just one of many broadcasts Teletraan picked up and were flagged because certain key words were used. As the story ended, the SUV snuck a look at Silverbolt out of the corner of his optic. Finally, unable to take the tense silence, he made a noise akin to clearing his throat.

"Silverbolt? ... I know I screwed up majorly, and I probably don't deserve a second chance, but do you think that maybe we can try to make things right again? ...I miss you, 'Bolt..."

Silverbolt tensed when Trailbreaker finally broke the silence and shot a nervous look his way. "It was my fault, I shouldn't have done that. I....I don't want to lose our friendship but this....I don't like it."

"I don't either. And I don't like that you think this is in any way your fault. It really wasn't ... I said that we should do what we want and you did." The SUV moved forward in his chair and reached out to touch Silverbolt's shoulder. "It wasn't the fact that you kissed me that was the problem. The fact that you wanted to, well, I liked that. I liked that a lot. The problem was with me. Based on that kiss and what I know about you, I made an assumption. And I know that you're not the type to have a drunken one night stand, but at that moment, I wasn't sure that I might not try to take advantage ... and I didn't want you thinking that you're some kind of Hound-surrogate." He shrugged in eloquent silence, and sat back. "You deserve better than that and I totally failed in that moment. But if we can get past all this, maybe we can go back to being friends. If that's what you want, that is."

The tips of Silverbolt's fingers flexed against his controls, betraying his nervousness and uncertainty. "...what are we supposed to do now?" he asked quietly, optics still trained on his screen.

Trailbreaker looked at Silverbolt, taking in the nervous body language, and made a decision. He disconnected from the terminal and moved up to the Concorde, crouching down beside the seated mech. The jet looked at Trailbreaker in surprise when he disconnected himself.

Then, with gentle fingers, he turned that beautifully sculpted white face, looked Silverbolt in the optics, and kissed him gently.

He put up no resistance when the other mech guided his face and forced him to meet that ruby optic band. Silverbolt should have expected the kiss but he didn't and it's soft tenderness shocked him into silence momentarily. He just looked at Trailbreaker with a surprised and vulnerable expression on his face.

"I care about you and I want to see if we can make this work ... So maybe when we're done our shift here, and if you don't have anything else to do, maybe we could go get some energon and maybe go on a picnic?" Trailbreaker whispered hesitantly.

The Concorde felt his internal temperature rise in an embarrassed flush of energon through his sytems and he nodded numbly. "....alright, let's do that." He sounded a little bemused by the whole situation.

Trailbreaker nodded and brushed Silverbolt's cheek gently. He was about to say something when Red Alert's irritated voice came over their comms.

"If you two are quite done planning your date, do you think you might actually get back to monitoring duty?"

Trailbreaker ducked his head and his optic band flared momentarily in an embarrassed flush. "Sure thing, Red. Sorry."

Silverbolt ducked his head as well in chagrin. But they did break away and turned their attention back to their duties.

After a small eternity, their shift was over and the Concorde turned to the SUV curiously. "So where did you want to go?"

"We could go out into the Park. I'm pretty sure that Red doesn't have any cameras out there." Trailbreaker glared at one of the recorders mounted in the hall as they mad their way to the commissary to collect some fuel. "There're a couple of quiet spots that we can go to."

The Concorde smiled shyly and nodded. "Alright. Lead the way?" The two mechs made their way from the Ark and eventually found their way to the park where they crouched down beneath one of the towering sequoia trees that made even them appear small and dainty.

Trailbreaker handed a cube to Silverbolt before looking up at the tree, a small smile pulling at his lips. "You'd never guess that something organic could rival what we had back home," he mused thoughtfully before turning back to Silverbolt.

"They are quite spectacular," Siverbolt agreed quietly, accepting the cube with a gracious smile.

They glanced at one another before looking away, a nervous sort of tension filling the air before Trailbreaker cleared his vocalize uncomfortably

The SUV sat down and leaned his back against the tree. "How are your brothers doing? I know that Slings and 'Flight were in medbay after, and I'm sorry that I didn't come by. Prowl had me an' Smokey running our tailpipes off."

Silverbolt eagerly seized upon such a familiar topic of conversation. "They're both going to be fine. 'Flight got released day before yesterday and Slings was released yesterday. They're both on light duty for a while and hopefully that will keep Slings out of trouble."

"Good. That's good to hear," Trailbreaker said with a nod. "You know, I think they're starting to listen to you a bit more. Even Slings seemed a little less reckless."

"No, he's just on his best behavior because I chewed him out last week." Silverbolt admitted with a chagrined look.

"I think you're still being too hard on yourself, 'Bolt. I mean, sure, maybe he's just on his best behavior, but from the ground it looked like more than that," Trailbreaker said with a smile. "I know you seem to find it hard to believe but you have the potential to be a truly great leader, my friend. It wouldn't surprise me if one day you'll be leading a lot more than just your gestalt."

Silverbolt shrugged a tad uncomfortably and looked away. "Maybe, I suppose we'll have to wait and see." he murmured quietly before taking a sip from his cube. It gave him something to do and gave him an excuse to not continue this uncomfortable vein of conversation. Silverbolt's lack of confidence in himself when it came to being a commander was ingrained into his personality unfortunately.

"Okay, I'll drop it," Trailbreaker said quietly before taking a sip of his own energon. He dug one finger into the dirt next to him as an uncomfortable silence fell between them again. "... this shouldn't be this hard ... We used to be able to talk about anything, and now I'm worried that everything I say will be wrong ..."

"I know, Primus…how did this all get so complicated?" Silverbolt asked, a trifle uncertain and vulnerable. The jet drew his legs up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them so he could rest his chin on top of his knees. It was an unconscious gesture that betrayed his need to reassure himself. "I don't want to loose your friendship and this seems to have gotten off on a rough start."

The SUV put his cube down, shifted close to Silverbolt, and wrapped one arm around the Concorde. "I think we're both on uncertain ground at the moment is all. I want you to feel comfortable with what we have," he said softly as he tried to reassure his friend. "You mean so much to me, 'Bolt. I want to do this right."

Silverbolt leaned into Trailbreaker, enjoying the quiet, easy affection and taking a measure of comfort from it. "So where do we go from here?"

Trailbreaker took Silverbolt's hand in his own, lacing onyx fingers with charcoal. "I think we do what we've always done. I mean, if we were to start seeing each other we'd meet in the lounge to refuel, and we'd watch movies, and maybe even go on the occasional picnic." He squeezed Silverbolt gently. "We just keep doing what we've always done. And then, maybe, when we're both ready and if we want to, we explore other options."

Silverbolt looked a little puzzled now. "So wait, we've been pseudo-dating already then?" Silverbolt asked with a quizzical light in his optics.

Trailbreaker dimmed his optics in a surprised blink. "I guess? ... I suppose that would explain why everyone already thought we were interfacing," he said with a somewhat perplexed chuckle. "Maybe I'm a romantic, but I've always thought that friendship should come first. You should have a connection first. ... And since I'm probably a little hopeless, I'm not sure that I'm the right person to say how things are supposed to work. I just know how I want them to work."

"Maybe," Silverbolt agreed, shrugging one shoulder. "Well, I'll be honest, I'm not exactly the most experienced of mechs. I mean, that's not to say I'm not some completely innocent Sparkling or anything…" He grimaced when he realized how defensive he soundeded.

Trailbreaker kissed the side of Silverbolt's helm gently and squeezed him again gently. "It's not like I've got a whole lot more experience than you, but from what I've seen, you're doing just fine. ... but if you want me to court you and take the lead, then I will. Happily."

"Fine, court away." Silverbolt grinned and leaned into Trailbreaker. "So long as you start now." A challenging look tempered with a hint of mischief.

Trailbreaker chuckled softly. "My, you're not impatient at all, are you?"

"Not at all. I have no idea what you're talking about," the Concorde deadpanned.

With a look filled with amusement and not a small amount of matching mischief, Trailbreaker leaned in and kissed Silverbolt with a gentle and passionate tenderness.

Silverbolt smiled when Trailbreaker leaned in to kiss him and those curved up lips met the SUV's carefully. Trailbreaker teased Silverbolt's bottom lip slightly, nibbling on it playfully before trailing kisses up his jaw to his audio node. A quiet sound of surprise escaped the jet when Trailbreaker nibbled at his lip. Pleasure tingled through him as he copied the SUV and laid one hand against the older mech's cheek briefly before it slipped away to rest on his shoulder. Trailbreaker smiled at Silverbolt's reaction, before teasing the Concrde's audio slightly.

"Tell me if you get uncomfortable. I don't want to push," he whispered softly, then moved down to Silverbolt's neck, gently teasing and nibbling on the tension cable and wires.

"I don't see how this could get uncomfortable, but okay," came that vaguely bemused murmur. Unconsciously, Silverbolt's head fell back, granting full access to his neck and the surprisingly sensitive wires there. He'd had no idea the tension cables and wiring were so sensitive. Then Trailbreaker's hands began to explore and he started to have trouble concentrating on just one thing. "R-Right... I see what you mean now…Primus… " he whispered, a tad hoarsely. A mech could go mad if subjected to a constant barrage of such intense sensations. Not one to be outdone, his hands began to explore the truck's chassis.

It was a bit clumsy going at first, Trailbreaker's frame was unlike anything he'd experienced before and it took a little while for him to get used to the idea of not having to worry about accidentally pinching sensitive wings or other extremities. In response, Trailbreaker purred his engine encouragingly before pulling Silverbolt close against him. With deft fingers he began to play with the Concorde's hip joint, gently stroking the seals before working his way in to tease the wires.

Emboldened, Silverbolt let his free hand trace and explore Trailbreaker's back freely. He seemed to find the truck's lack of wings and the structure of his chassis particularly interesting as he traced the seams. He fumbled a little bit in surprise when the strategist dipped inside the seam of his hip joint to test out the wires hidden below. Silverbolt cycled air raggedly through his vents and felt his internal temperature hike up a few more degrees.

The SUV shivered as Silverbolt finally started to explore, and as the Concorde reached a transformation seam, Trailbreaker couldn't hold back a soft and throaty moan. His engine responded, growling lustily as it jumped up a gear. Abandoning Silverbolt's neck, Trailbreaker moved back to the jet's lips, kissing him gently at first, then with more passion. And as he did, he reached around to play with those wide wings, stroking their edges and surface with a light touch.

Silverbolt's optics darkened with pleasure and a shy sort of embarrassment when he heard Trailbreaker's quiet moan. Wanting to hear that surprisingly erotic noise again, the young mech flexed his fingers along Trailbreaker's transformation seam. Then, he followed the other mech's lead and carefully fit his fingers between the plating so he could stroke and pet the circuitry beneath.

Trailbreaker's optic band darkened to a deep garnet and he let out another soft moan as Silverbolt found his circuitry. He arched into the Concorde, pulling him close, and as he did, he gently ran his hands down Silverbolt's wings in a teasingly light touch before taking the jet by the hips.

"Here," he whispered hoarsely. "Come here ..."

Careful not to pinch Silverbolt's fingers in his transformation seam, Trailbreaker shifted and guided the Concorde to straddle his lap.

In a daze, Silverbolt moved as guided and his large chassis shifted to straddle Trailbreaker's. Dimly, the Concorde realized with 'Breaker, he didn't have to worry about accidentally crushing him with his large frame. That sent a private little trill through him but then Silverbolt's thought processes shut down one by one as the dark mech continued to pet his wings.

Moaning hoarsely, Silverbolt pulled his fingers free of Trailbreaker's transformation seam and began to ghost them across the mech's back. This time, it was the Concorde who sought out the strategist's lips in a clumsy and passionate kiss.

Trailbreaker arched into Silverbolt slightly. To actually be able to feel a lover against him, to feel weight against his lap - for Trailbreaker, it was a heady and deeply erotic experience. And then as Silverbolt kissed him, as clumsy as it was, it still sent his engine revving, and he pulled the Concorde close against him, sending heavy vibrations through them both.

The jet was drowning in sensation and the most amazing feelings he'd ever experienced. To a more worldly mech, this probably wouldn't have seemed so spectacular but to Silverbolt's innocent sensibilities, this was amazing. His vents and cooling fans were working furiously to keep up but his systems were overheating rapidly.

With the unexpected vibrations of Trailbreaker's engine running through his chassis, it proved to be too much for the young mech and Silverbolt's already strained systems gave out. He cried out in a mixture of surprised fear and pleasure as warnings abruptly popped up moments before his systems initiated a hard reboot to protect itself from damage. The Concorde collapsed like a marionette who's strings had been cut.

Trailbreaker held Silverbolt close as the young jet overloaded and offlined. Cradling him against him gently he petted the back of that white helm softly as he encouraged his own systems to calm down.

"Shhh, Bolt," he whispered soothingly, sure that Silverbolt might come online in a panic at being knocked into reboot.

He continued to make soft little soothing noises, both for his own energized systems, and for the young mech in his arms.

After a brief cycle, Silverbolt's systems booted back up and he jerked reflexively as he came back online. For a moment, he was disoriented and confused but then his memory banks booted up and he relived the last couple of breems in an instant. Mortification shot through him when he realized how pathetically he'd held out against the pleasure overrunning his systems.

Primus, he even sucked at this!

"....s-sorry...." came that miserable, soft whisper.

Trailbreaker smiled and kissed Silverbolt's lips gently.

"You've got nothing to apologize for, 'Bolt. Nothing at all," he whispered softly as he continued to stroke the back of Silverbolt's helm. "I think this was wonderful."

"....I think I'm a terrible lay." the jet muttered unhappily. Despite his self-deprecating words, he leaned forward and rested his forehead against Trailbreaker's shoulder as his arms wrapped around the older mech.

The SUV looked at him in surprise and then held Silverbolt tight.

"Believe me, darling, you are not a terrible lay." He kissed the Concorde's audio softly. "You look beyond incredible when you overload. And the fact that I can be the one to do it ... you have no idea what that does for my ego, darling." Trailbreaker tensed slightly as a thought passed through his processor. "Did, uhm, did you at least enjoy yourself? I mean, we probably should have waited. You deserve more than a quick overload in the middle of a park" He trailed off, suddenly sounding incredibly embarrassed.

Silverbolt felt his internal temperature rise in embarrassment. He buried his overheated face into the crook of Trailbreaker's neck. He'd never been particularly comfortable accepting compliments and this was even more embarrassing on so many levels.

The jet was planning on hiding against Trailbreaker's neck for the next vorn or so but then the SUV hesitantly asked him how he'd felt. He pulled back in surprise and looked up at Trailbreaker incredulously for a moment. "Did I enjoy it? Primus yes I enjoyed it. I mean, I've never done anything like that with a groundpounder before…er…I mean a truck" Mortified again, he burrowed his way back into the crook of Trailbreaker's neck.

Trailbreaker chuckled, half in amusement half in pride, then sighed happily as Silverbolt went back to hiding in his neck.

"A groundpounder, eh?" he teased gently, stroking the back of the Concorde's helm softly.

Silverbolt just groaned and pulled away enough to grimace at Trailbreaker. "I didn't mean it like that."

"I know, 'Bolt." Smiling tenderly, Trailbreaker leaned in to kiss the jet softly. "And if it makes you feel any better, I've never been with a jet before."

The younger mech smiled a trifle shyly and leaned into the kiss. "I really did enjoy this though, thank you."

"That makes me incredibly happy. ... And next time we can take it slower. I want you completely happy."

"Next time...right. Oh frag...." Silverbolt suddenly groaned, tightening his arms around Trailbreaker.

"What?" Trailbreaker asked, shifting to try and look his lover in the face. "What's the matter?"

Silverbolt pulled away and looked up at Trailbreaker with something akin to chagrined trepidation on his face. ".....what the frag are we going to tell Slings?".