*blows dust away from the fic* Okay, so after all this time, here's the new update to the story "Sensitive" where a Paladin and a Jumper cross paths and shenanigans ensue...

I don't own "Jumper" or any characters associated with it...although Juliet and her sister and any new Paladins mentioned are mine.

Hope you guys enjoy it :)

"I've gotta admit," Griffin said, "I've seen a lot of Paladins, and I've seen 'em do plenty of unspeakable things…but I've never seen one do that before." His eyes were on Juliet, who was passed out on the couch and experiencing muscle spasms.

Grace sighed, "That's because Jet is only a Paladin by a technicality. Yes, she is a Sensitive, but she ran out on her quote, 'Paladin-training' years ago…"

"Uh-huh," Griffin muttered. "Run the frying pan thing by me again?"

"Ah Jet went looking for some Jumper that was in the area," Grace shrugged. "Said she thought his name was Griffin…anyway, we got to talking and when a Jumper is in range it has different effects on her, usually like static charge where all her hair stands on end…I remember one time she got a shock so bad I think her hair stood at least 6 inches in the air…" She was chuckling and motioning with her hands how tall Juliet's hair had been, but seeing the Jumper's humorless face she let her hands drop. "Anyway, she told me the next time that happened she wanted me to hit her with the frying pan." She cocked her head at Juliet, whose limbs jerked into the air, "But I can honestly say that after all the reactions I've seen her have, that one is definitely a new one."

Griffin frowned, "Jumper named Griffin?"

Grace nodded, "Yeah, well her first assignment involved killing a Jumper, surprise, surprise. She never talks about it, just that the kid's name was Griffin and something about his girlfriend."

Griffin raised his eyebrows, "Let me guess, his girlfriend was supposed to kill him, or Juliet here was supposed to finish the job."

"Not Jet…some other Paladin…hell Jet and her friends were just there as decoys," Grace shrugged. "But she really never said how much she saw…"

"I would assume she saw him get away," Griffin muttered.

Grace thought for a moment, "No I don't think she did…she did say something about escaping during the confusion though."


"She literally ran out on her training," Grace said. "Look, Jet doesn't like the idea of killing Jumpers. Never found it appealing and never saw the point. To her, Jumpers are just regular people who can teleport…they didn't ask to do it, hell some of 'em hide the power…why kill them because of it?"

"She really said that," Griffin asked in disbelief.

"Not in so many words…basically she thinks the Paladins can think what they want, but she doesn't agree and she's not gonna do their dirty work."


"Yeah…" Grace sighed as she watched Juliet continue to tremble. "We think that when she ran, not only did she miss out on more training, but probably lessons on how to properly deal with sensing the Jumpers."

"You think?" Griffin rolled his eyes.

Juliet couldn't breathe…not easily at least. She couldn't move, other than what her muscles were doing by themselves. When she was able to, she gripped the cushions of the couch she was laying on…anything to ease the tension, to keep her grounded.

She felt a powerful jerk, then felt airborne, and then fell flat on the front portion of her body. "Son…of…a…bitch..." She managed to ground out. She rose to her hands and knees on trembling limbs, and managed to sit up.

"Sorry," she heard the British Jumper growl, clearly wishing he didn't need to say it.

"B-b-b…" Juliet's head shook, but she had no way of telling if that was voluntary or involuntary. She took a deep breath, and worked on trying to speak, "Where…is…?"

"Your sister wanted a shower," The Jumper said. "And she talks forever."

"I kn-kn-know," Juliet said carefully.

"You were out for a few hours…those um…those tremors doing any better?"

"Easing," Juliet said. Slowly but surely she could feel her muscles beginning to unwind.

"Does that happen every time a Jumper is around you?" the Jumper asked.

"N-not always…depends…on where…it is." She looked at him, "You're…Griffin, aren't you?" When he didn't respond, she waited until she had better control of her words, then said, "Would you rather I used Guillermo?"

The Jumper's eyes burned, "Don't call me that."

"It's Griffin or Guillermo, which one is it?" Juliet smirked.

With a growl of annoyance, the Jumper grumbled something under his breath.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch that."

"Since I won't be getting rid of you anytime soon," The Jumper scowled, "I guess you can call me Griffin." At the triumphant smirk on the Sensitive's face, Griffin said, "And I guess that makes you…Jet?"

Juliet frowned, "That's not my name."

"Funny…it's what your sister calls you."

"That's because she knows it gets on my nerves…"

"So your real name is…?"

"Call me Juliet…and only Juliet."

Griffin raised his eyebrows, "Juliet…huh, if it were me I'd go with Jet…"

"Not when your last name is…" Juliet shook her head, "You know what, never mind…go ahead, call me Jet."

"And the catch would be…?"

"Not a damn thing…Guillermo."

"Don't fuckin' call me that!"

Juliet hunched her shoulders, and whispered, "Sorry."

Griffin frowned as the Paladin stood on shaky legs. Her legs wobbled as she grasped the arm rest of the leather couch to stay upright, then backed up and sat back onto it.

She took a deep breath to steady herself, and then said, "Okay, look. I don't know you, you don't know me. If you don't mind, I would like to start over."

"So what? You think we'll be friends…maybe I'll invite you for a spot of tea, and we'll catch a movie together."

Juliet folded her arms, "Are you done?"

With a shrug Griffin said, "I guess."

"I never said we'd be friends…in fact, I doubt we ever could be. You're a fuckin' asshole that seems to like the sound of his own voice rather than actually listen to anything anyone else has to say…since I've already got a sister like that I think that's enough. Now…I think I can help you and I think maybe you can help me."

"And how could you help me?"

"I can recognize Paladins…I grew up with them for sixteen years, not to mention went through training to become one. You, from what I've observed, can only identify them when they've caught onto you, or let their guard down. Now, I can tell you're good at avoiding them, I mean you've lasted this long."

Griffin watched her expectantly, "And how do you factor into this?"

"I can tell you what to watch out for, maybe it'll help, maybe it won't…but it might keep you around a little bit longer to piss off others for the hell of it."

"What can you tell me that I don't already know?"

"I don't know…maybe nothing, maybe something important," Juliet shrugged, "I don't know, maybe I'm just fooling myself, thinking that I can help you…" She sighed, "The truth is…it's your help that I need."

"Really…couldn't have guessed that one."

Juliet's cheeks turned pink, "Yeah, I know, it wasn't a shocker. Truth is…I can't control the sensitivity. Earlier when I ran into you…you had my hair standing on end. And you just saw what happened when you jumped right next to me…I have to find a way to control this…I can't live like this." She sighed, "I don't even know if you can help me…but you're all I've got at this point."

"How do I know this isn't all just an act?"

"You don't…look, I get it. You don't trust me…but I don't have anyone else I can trust with this. You in, or are you just gonna jump and not look back?"