AN: I will explain two things about this story to start with. One, this story started from a dream. I fell asleep on Red Eye (like always) and woke up from a dream thinking that it would make a pretty awesome story. Not the entire dream made it in, and I've also added some stuff. So here you have it. Two: this story is also spawned from listening to every single Breaking Benjamin CD that I own for like a week straight. A lot of the songs fit these characters (at least in this story) perfectly.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy!

I Will Not Bow

And I'll survive, paranoid
I have lost the will to change
And I'm not proud, cold-blooded fate
I will shut the world away


"The patient is, as far as we can tell, suffering from hallucinations," the white coated doctor stated somberly. "She has also shown signs of paranoia, panic attacks and PTSD."


"Yes. Post traumatic stress disorder. We believe that she has the Hyperarousal version," the doctor replied. "She is easily startled. I have noticed the outbursts of anger that she has had as well. Her difficulty sleeping could also come from this. From what you have told me, this could be caused by the two attacks she's suffered in the past several years," he paused. "You said you found her this way yesterday morning?"

"Yes. We were supposed to meet for lunch. When she didn't show, I went to her apartment. I couldn't even get her to respond," the man hesitated. "Will she be okay?"

The doctor looked through the open green door to the woman laying on the bed, curled up in a fetal position. "With some help, yes. I think she will need to stay here for observation. I and the nurses will be with her at all times. I promise you will get all of the help she needs."

"Can't she just get help from an outside doctor?" the second person, a woman, asked.

The doctor smiled soothingly. "She could, yes. But I believe it would be better if she stays here. If she has an episode here there will be someone immediately on hand to help."

"I think it's for the best," the man replied, placing his arm comfortingly around the woman's shoulders.

She nodded, unable to speak.

"All right," the doctor replied. "If you'll come this way, we'll get the paperwork all sorted out."

The doctor grabbed the door handle as he started to lead them away. A single nameplate with a typed note hung on the door.

"Reisert, Lisa"

I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall
I will not face
I will take your breath away

AN2: Let me know what you think! Should I continue? Oh, yes, and the lyrics are from 'I Will Not Bow' by Breaking Benjamin.