I have two Jumper stories belive it or not. This was something that I haven't seen before...unless it's hidden somewhere and I haven't noticed it yet, and I figured once again, interesting idea. Now, for those of you who know "Jumper" backwards and forwards, including the books, then you'll see I've made one error...I think there might be two but I can't remember what the second was...if you can, think of it as creative license...it works for the story.


Riley frowned, that's not right…she checked her math, and erased a few answers.

Ready, set, glow!

"That's more like it," Riley grinned. Ah, second grade…simple math at its finest. Her mother had been showing her higher level math problems…just to see how much she could really do. This was cake compared to those problems…

"You got the answer?" Her friend Grace asked. "I can't ever seem to get this."

"You will," Riley said. "Look, it's easy, it's just simple borrowing."

"Oh…" Grace's cheeks turned pink. "How is it that it seems simple for you, but not for me?"

"I dunno, I like math…love drawing more, but math is easy. It either works or it doesn't," Riley shrugged.

"Riley," The teacher suddenly called her name.

"Yes Ms. Note?" Riley asked.

"The principal wants to see you."

Riley frowned, thinking. She hadn't done anything…today at least. "Whatever it is, I didn't do it."

"If this is about that frog, it really was those fifth graders—" Grace chimed in, instantly coming to the defense of her friend.

"He mentioned something about your immunization records," Ms. Note said. "You don't have all your shots or something," The teacher added.

I know what immunization means, my mother told me, Riley thought, she also told me to listen for weird questions. "I've had all of my shots…"

"Must be some misunderstanding then," Ms. Note shrugged.

So now Riley was following the teacher, heading for the principal's office, backpack slung over her shoulder. Ms. Note had told her she probably wouldn't need it, but Riley had the feeling she'd need an easy escape…and she needed her backpack for it.

"Sit down, Riley," Principal Shane said, smiling innocently.

Riley frowned, but sat down in the chair across from his desk. A first name basis with me? Okay, I might have been here once or twice, but never enough for a first name basis…that was when she noticed the man and woman standing behind him. Both wore suits, and smiled at her…smiles that were completely fake.

"Riley, these two nice people would like you to come with them," The Principal said calmly.

"Why?" Riley asked.

"We just need to talk to you, Riley," The woman said. She handed Riley a water bottle, "Would you like a drink?"

Riley took the bottle, but didn't open it, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna trust you with this."

"Riley, please, just listen to the nice woman," Ms. Note said.

Riley frowned, "I'm seven, not stupid."

"I understand that, Riley," Ms. Note said tiredly, "But you really need to go with them."

"In your dreams!" Riley snapped. "Not unless you tell me what's going on."

"We don't have time for this," The man said. He pulled something out of his pocket, but Riley jumped as she heard the sound of rushing air.

Central Park appeared in front of her eyes, and she was gasping for breath. They knew what she was…what she could do.

Her mother had told her about that…and where she should go if someone came for her…

Riley closed her eyes, and imagined the place…her mother had sketched it, made her memorize it. When nothing happened, Riley feared maybe that wasn't enough…

Then she landed in a cave, and her knees gave out.

"What…?" her limbs felt like lead, but she forced her hand to her arm. Something stuck out, and Riley pulled on it. The dart fell from her limp fingers, before she fell forward and hit the stone floor.

Sooooo...should I continue? Or should this be filed away and never see the light of day again?