And now, the continuing story of Griffin and Riley...I'm not sure if Riley sounds her age or not (remember she's 7). Since I haven't worked on this fic for a while, I might need to fine tune the characters, on both counts.

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"How do you know my mom?"

Griffin jumped, almost forgetting Riley was in the train car with him. In fact, he'd been so absorbed in the drawing he'd almost forgotten where he was. "I'm sorry?"

"How did you know my mom?" Riley asked.

"What makes you think I know her…maybe I just know of her," Griffin said.

"You called her E.V.," Riley said.

"That's her name."

"Her name's 'Elaine-Vera'…E.V. is her nickname."

Point, kid, Griffin thought. "I…we were friends at one point."


"Yeah…good friends," Griffin added.

Riley looked as if she were waiting for more of the story, "And…?"

"And…something happened."

"What happened?"

Griffin sighed, "The Paladins."

"Oh…" Riley said, and went back to her drawing. "So…you know they hurt my mom's family?"

Griffin swallowed, "I thought you didn't know anything about the Paladins."

Riley scrunched down in her seat, "My mom…um…told me that's why they were the bad guys…"

Makes sense, Griffin had to admit. "I know about that, yeah…" More like I was the one that caused it…"Your mom and I haven't really spoken since then…"

An awkward silence filled the car. Griffin sighed again, and then looked at Riley's drawing. "Okay…so that one's…Twister."

"Huh?" Riley asked, looking up at him.

"Your drawing…that one's Twister?" Griffin asked.

Riley shook her head, "No, that's Otto, this one's Twister," she pointed to another sketch she'd placed off to the side.

"The Squid guy?"

"No…I mean, they did call him that in the beginning, but technically 'Squid' is Sam, since he's the new guy."

"And they live in Ocean Shores," Griffin said.

"Hey, you got one!" Riley grinned.

"And I love it!"

"And his dad loves it too!"

"Ok…so that's Cat?" Griffin asked, watching the cartoon cat with the microphone. The thing had black hair, and looked like it was 2 cats stitched together.

When the train had reached its destination, Griffin had checked them into a hotel for the night…partially to get away from the train, and partially because he knew he'd snap if Riley asked him one more time, 'Are we there yet'?

Once inside the room, Riley practically dove for the remote control and plopped onto the twin bed closest to the television as she started channel surfing. She'd been ecstatic when she found the room got Nickelodeon, and smiled as the cartoons began…

Griffin took the bed closest to the door, and having nothing better to do at the moment decided to sit down and watch the cartoons as well…purely to figure out what those drawings were about of course, and to show Riley that he wasn't a complete idiot when it came to cartoons…

Although, judging by Riley's dramatic sigh, he'd been wrong again. "No, that's Randolph. Cat looks a lot like him though…and Cat almost bought his butt once."

Griffin frowned, and thought that one over for a minute. "I'm sorry…but did you actually say that he almost bought that cat's a…backside?"

Riley nodded, "Yeah, see Cat was tired of being a CatDog, and when he saw a commercial for a store called 'Better Bottoms', he went to go and get a new butt. He saw Randolph's butt and wanted to buy it. And Randolph decides to try and be a CatDog with Dog."

Griffin raised his eyebrows, "I see."

Riley went back to watching the cartoon.

Griffin shifted back slightly into his pillow, and waited. After a few minutes he asked, "Well?"

Riley turned to him with a frown, "Well what?"

"What happened? I mean, Cat and Dog are still a CatDog, so—"

"Cat decided at the last minute he wanted to stay a CatDog. Randolph took Rancid Rabbit up on his two for one special, and ended up with two butts instead of one."

Griffin blinked, "Just as I had suspected." He shook his head, Crazy children's cartoons…"Hey Riley…did your mother ever explain the ground rules for jumping?"

"Now there's rules?" Riley whined, flopping onto her back with a groan.

Griffin chuckled, "Not exactly. See, when I was a kid, my parents set up a few rules for me to follow…and to be honest it's a way to keep safe from those that are trying to hurt you."

"Like Mom's don't talk to strangers rule?"

With a nod, Griffin said, "Yeah, kinda like that. They're very important rules to follow."

Riley sat up, "Okay."

"The first rule of jumping is, never jump where anyone can see you." Griffin ticked them off on his fingers, having a small flashback to the time he'd previously listed the rules years before. "The second is never jump near home. Never jump to or from the same place twice. And never, never, ever jump unless you absolutely have to," Unless Dad or Mum told me to, he thought.

Riley was silent for a minute, before asking, "What happens if you break those rules?"

Griffin sighed, "Bad things happen kid…things you don't want to know about." He looked at the clock and said, "It's time for bed, kid…turn off the TV." He rolled over and turned out the lamp.

"Um…can we leave it on…without the sound?" Riley asked nervously.

"Why?" Griffin yawned.

"Don't like the dark."

With a sigh, Griffin rolled onto his back, "Fine, Riley, just go to sleep."

Riley nodded, hit the mute button on the remote, and then crawled under the covers of her own bed. "Goodnight Griffin," she yawned.

Eyes on the TV, Griffin reluctantly said, "Goodnight Riley."