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Chad's POV




"Good" I replied as sonny stormed off to the cafeteria. I always enjoyed making fun of Sonny, although she seems to find ways to make me feel guilty later on. I sighed and walked into the cafeteria to get my lunch. When I got to the line I ignored it and walked to the front. I heard a lot of scolding behind me, but thought nothing of it. The lunch lady looked up to see what it was all about but then stared at me as I shot her a smile. "Here you go Chad," she said sweetly as she pulled out a platter with stake and potatoes on it. "Yeah whatever," I replied as I grabbed my plate and went to sit next to my cast at our table. "Hey Chad, sit here," Portlyn said as she pat the seat next to her. I sighed and sat down. I was picking at my plate of food when I heard Sonny and her cast members break out in hysterical laughter. I couldn't help but smile a bit myself, I didn't get the joke, but whatever. Chad Dylan Cooper can do whatever he wants when he pleases to. "So Chad… What are you up to tonight?" Portlyn asked. "Filming," I replied with a mouthful of food and a bored expression on my face. Portlyn rolled her eyes at me, "I meant after that idiot!" What did she just… call me idiot? "No one calls Chad Dylan Cooper an idiot!" I growled. I saw her wince, and I smiled smugly. She finished her soup and left the table. I also finished up my food and went to my dressing room..

I entered the giant room and sat on the couch, picking up a tween weekly magazine that was on my coffee table. The headline read Zac Efron's Dream Girl I scoffed as I looked at his name. I hated him, so I banned him from the falls. I like to say that… "I banned him," I thought aloud. "Yeah, and you tried to have banned me too, except I work here," I heard a sly voice from the doorway. "Get out Conroy," I snapped. He threw his hands up in the air as if he were surrendering to someone. "Whatever, but they're about to have someone else play you if you don't get over there," he shrugged. I stood up and walked over to the set. I heard alarms go off and looked around. "You'll never catch me alive!" I heard James say, then saw him tuck and roll out of the studio. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my script, walking onto the set. We were filming the part where Portlyn has to move away because of her parents or whatever. I stood there until Portlyn came and then the director said action. "Portlyn, why, why are you doing this?" I said, with tears slowly leaving my eyes. "Mackenzie… I-I'm sorry, it's not you, its my parents… they found another place, and t-they believe it will be b-better," she stuttered hopelessly. I took both of her hands in mine and we stared into each other's eyes. There was a long silence that filled the room. And then Portlyn started to speak again. "Mackenzie I-" I put my finger over her lip and said. "Shh. The time for talking is over," and I leaned into kiss her. "That's a wrap!" the director said as he packed up his things for the night. I pulled away and walked off of the set.

Sonny's POV

"So what should I wear on my date tonight?" Tawni asked me. "A dress," I answered. She rolled her eyes at me. "I meant which one," Tawni said as if I were stupid. "The pink one," I said, "That has all the ruffles." She brightened up when I mentioned it. "I'll go and change!" she sang happily. I sighed and heard my phone go off. Moo! Moo! It rang until I finally found it and looked at the text.

Darren: Hey Sonny, what are you up to?

I smiled as I answered back.

Sonny: Nothing, just waiting for Tawni, she wanted me to help her pick an outfit for her date.

Darren: haha, of course, but aren't you ready for our date?

Sonny: Um… we had a date tonight?

Darren: Nope, I'm just messing with you, but would you like to go to the movie theater and watch something?

Sonny: how about we just watch TV

Darren: my place? We can stop and get some chips at the store when I pick you up =]

Sonny: Sounds good! :P

Darren: see you in a bit!

Sonny: okey-dokey-smokey!

I giggled and put my phone away. Tawni walked out in her dress and put on her 'irreplaceable' lip-gloss. "How do I look!" she asked cheerily. "Perfect!" I answered with a wide-grin. She eyed me suspiciously. "What?" I asked, confused. "It's a guy isn't it," she said. I nodded happily. "Oooh! Tell me, you have to give me details!" she screeched. "Well, my boyfriend, Darren, is really sweet, and we're going to watch TV and eat snacks together tonight," I gushed. "WOAH THERE! Boyfriend?"she yelled. I nodded and sat down on my couch. "How long has this been going on!" she asked, she seemed frustrated, or angry with me. "Well… a couple months," before she could say anything I changed the subject, "What time does your date get there?" I asked innocently. "Well he said he would be there at 8:00, so I guess I should be going now," she replied, getting up and leaving the room. I walked out with my purse and locked the door. Walking down the hallway I heard other footsteps too, and rain outside. "Hello Sonshine," I heard a voice from behind me. I sighed, "Chad." "Need a ride?" he asked, and I thought I saw him wink at me. Why would Chad–of all people–wink at me? "No," I said as I kept walking.

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