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Gibbs found Abby sitting cross-legged on an ugly spotted couch in the waiting room.

"Abs, how are you?"
"My best friend almost died and didn't think she deserved a friend. I am doing fucking awesome."

"I know you are angry."

"I am not angry, Gibbs. Oh wait. I am angry. You made her tell that woman about her sister. You knew about Tali. You didn't draw the connections! YOU ALWAYS DRAW THE CONNECTIONS GIBBS! You see what no one else sees! Why didn't you see this? Why?" Abby had angry tears streaming down her face as she hugged her knees to her chest. Gibbs put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into his body.

"I don't know, Abs. I don't know why I didn't see it. I should have and I don't know why I didn't. Ziva doesn't want to talk to me. What did you two talk about? Did she explain what happened?"

"She still feels guilty about Tali and Ari. She was overwhelmed and in pain. She said she didn't deserve help or my friendship. She's ashamed of herself and feels out of control. Gibbs, Ziva didn't know anyone was going to go by her apartment. She would have died. Oh my god." She said in horror as the realization hit her. "This wasn't just cutting. She wanted to die." Abby clung to Gibbs' shirt and sobbed into his shoulder.

He rubbed soothing circles on her back and held her as her body wracked with sobs. "Everything will be okay. We are going to help her. Breathe, Abs. Deep breaths. It will all be okay." He whispered comforting words in Abby's ear on a running loop until she was exhausted and could cry no more.

"She agreed to stay at my apartment for awhile. I'm sure the doctor told you a week off work plus mandatory shrink sessions and antibiotics. I just hope she lets someone in, Gibbs. God I hope she lets her wall down long enough for someone to help her, even if it's not me or you at this point."

"Abby, you love her, don't you?"
"Of course, she's my best friend."
"I don't mean like that and you know it." Abby blushed, gave a slight nod, and returned to Ziva's room, where the Israeli lay curled in the hospital bed fingering her bandages.

Gibbs smirked after her and knew at that moment that everything would be okay.