The rain came down like fire from the sky

taking everything and everyone in its path.

Including me.

Me, who was crying her eyes out by the mere sight she had just witnessed.

Me, who was standing at the end of a cliff looking down.

Me, who wanted more than anything to die.

The water below me raged and screamed like an echo of the horrible pain I felt inside of my heart and soul.

I had seen his eyes, seen the look of love and devotion as he went down on one knee in front of her.

I had seen her surprise, but her overpowering happiness.

I had seen everyone's amused but proud looks as that man gave his heart and soul into a mini speech.

But I had felt the horrible and wrenching agony, and the sheer hatred toward the happy couple.

No one came after me, I didn't think they would. They were too happy to notice me.

Or they just didn't care. I knew they didn't care.

Everyone hates me now you know? Ever since I became the horrible ex-girlfriend I've been loathed and I don't blame them. I brought it upon myself.

So today, this crazy day of happiness for them and pain for me, will be the last day I live.

I, Leah Clearwater, have decided to end my life.

And with that last thought I jumped into the raging waters below me, hoping that I would see my father again.