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Chapter Uno ~ Lowboys, Stroking, and Type 'O' Neg


Fuzzy hazes of intermittent glimpses tattered and flitted through my head as I decided when the best time to call Bella would be. We had been planning to go down to Brooklyn, WA. to go camping. There were plenty of places to hunt and get in some motocross riding before we headed out to Sonoma, CA. Jasper and I had picked out three different toy haulers, all our riding gear, and each person had their own dirt bike, quad or UTV.

Jasper was more than happy to pick each custom item out. He actually had to make me sit with him while he went to every website for Suzuki, Yamaha, and KTM to get exactly what he needed. I had never heard him say, "duuuuude", so many times at once in our long time together. I was proud. Then we went shopping for everyone's gear. That's where my expertise kicked in.

Emmett got the 2010 Answer brand limited edition "Bubba" Stewart riding gear in black, white and rich, dull gold. The pattern looked like scratched tic-tac-toe and had blocks of black chevron running through the jersey and pants. Where to even start with his helmet? It had the same coloring as the outfit in a mad, skull and gears landscape. It was fitting. He always reminded me of a 'Bubba'.

Rose got coordinating women's Fox Switch/Ride/Dirt Paw gear. Hers of course had deep rouge-red piping and accents that matched her Topkick paint. Whorly swirling patterns adorned half of the long sleeve jersey that matched the similar patterned dark charcoal pants. Her pants were the only ones out of everybody's that covered the boots rather than tucking inside. The helmet was ostentatious in its patterns of tribal scrolls and multi-sized hibiscus flowers in gray's and euchre reds.

I picked matching gear for Edward and Bella in 2010 Fox 360 "Type 'O' Negative" pants, jersey and gloves. Criss cross, crazy geometric patterns of white, black, maroons, and yellows covered the entire jersey with lightning bolts that formed a large 'O-' with the FOX logo and checkered flags ran haphazardly across the polyester fabric. Normally, polyester is a complete no-no, but for these purposes, some fashion faux paus were a yes-yes. Their helmets were Troy Lee Designs, depicting "Love and Hate" banners with chaotic checkers, flames multi colored and vivid. They looked like speed at a standstill.

Feeling rather pleased with myself for my cleverness, I laughed out loud and showed Jasper the names on the tags to each of the riding outfit. He smiled and went back to chatting up a sales guy that had feral dollar signs lighting up his eyes.

Our outfits were the 2010 Thor "Paranormal" combo for me and the 2010 Fox "Platinum Anti-Scene" combo for Jazzy. The black and white stripes of my gear reminded me of the zebras we loved to hunt when we went on long safari trips. Purple accents ringed the Thor logo on both shirt and pants. The parallel lines also made me think of Rod Serling's TV show, The Twilight Zone, opener. My helmet was simplistic with mono-grey toned stars shooting across the back fin and up to the front bill.

Jasper's gear was mostly tri-black with a helmet that sported ghastly depictions of grinning spectres and ghostly flames. All the boys got Alpinestar tech 10 boots with alternating chrome and black quick-latch buckles and all the girls got matching Alpinestar "Stella" riding boots in silver and arctic white. We would look gooo-ood ripping across the flora and fauna.

In my mind's eye, I could already see Jasper tearing through air and space on his dirge-dark dirt bike, churning up earth and mud in a rooster tail that was going to hit Emmett straight in the chest and face. Emmett was going to shout something related to a, "bucket of whup". Who knew what really went on in that thick head of his? All I knew was Jazz's riding pants were going to hug his hips and ass in the most illegal way. Note to self: catalog that image away for later.

Next in line were the rides. We had driven Jasper's jacked up Dodge one ton dually with a gooseneck lowboy trailer long enough to carry what we were about to buy. I always giggled when I jumped up into the cab. He had a giant sticker on the back windshield that read, " I rather be cummin' than strokin' " And, yes, it does have a 'Hemi' semi.

Emmett and Rose got 09 Yamaha Raptor 700E racing quads in metallic black, grey and Topkick red, of course.

Edward got a '09 KTM four stroke, 450sxi dirt bike in its trademark orange, black and white. Bella got a '09 Yamaha Rhino 700fi sport UTV, two seater in sparkly, bass boat, "Pimp Juice" madrone color.

Mmmm...Nelly always made me break into song. "Pimp juice - oooooooooh-ooooooooh-hoooooooo. I think I need to let it loose. Let her loose, let her loooooose... She only wants me for my pimp juice...

Sales clerks aside, the only person who smirked was Jasper. They weren't about to be rude to the two people spending obscene amounts of money in their motorsports shop.

For himself, he bought a two stroke, Suzuki RM-Z250 dirt bike with flat black plastics. He said he had to have that bike since it was the motocross bike that, 'Rockstar' sponsored, Chad Reed won the AMA championship race last March. For me, he picked a Suzuki R450 Quadracer in a purple, black and white, that matched my riding gear. He mentioned something about a "power-plant" thingy that was eons beyond me. I didn't care, he said it was fast and that was all that mattered. Rose was so going to dust me anyway with the monster engine in her quad.

After we were done with our "power" purchasing, we fled towards our favorite rocky outcrop up the peninsula to hunt. I adored these free times with my husband. He was the alpha-helix of my universe. Just mere moments of being away from his person were, at times, physically painful for me. Since the beginning, when I had found him, we bore an irreversible bond. One that didn't dissipate nor become complacent. With each set of the sun and rise of the moon, we were razored and welded together. I had no life before our meet and no life with out him.

Jasper sensing my jangles of emotion, as only he can, came to corral me in his arms and rest his cheek on my head. His waves of love and understanding rolled over me, soaking and sinking into my marmor pores. With a squeeze of his rangy muscled arms he stepped back to take a look at me through the roots of his lashes.

I swelled and floated in our fertile warmth as he gave me a look so searingly intense in it's own right, that it became physically evident as it grew and took spark form. Glowing and lovely, I tipped my head back to receive his ever wanting kiss.

Our tongues meshed and slashed as our lips suctioned to one another. I angled my head to carve out any more space. Jasper grated out an approval as his hands came up and buried themselves in my short hair. My hands were already exploring the familiar, yet, shatteringly beautiful planes of his back, shoulders and ass. Shamelessly.

He gently lowered us to a bed of wild spongy moss, blanketing me under the rote of stars and ink of night. A trillion novas twinkled and winked their approval of two natural lovers beginning their ascent into passion. We made short work of our clothing in our wont to have nothing between us, carefully as we would still need them.

Scars and bites were a map of his prior life and I knew each and every one intimately. I had kissed and licked every sensitive gossamer welt of skin. Guilt should have flooded me because a few of them were mine and in turn I had some on my skin too. We liked to be rough, we like to be tender, and every crescent was a declaration of imbibed ownership.

As his hands grazed and glazed over my sides, breasts and hips, he leaned to one side before ducking to my right nipple, sucking it into his mouth, marking me with his venom and tongue. Suckling gently then desperately, Jasper bit down. Hard. That sent me in to a crush of need, arching my back and locking an arm around his neck and grabbing a fistful of cornsilk hair as I cried out my carnations of clamor.

We continued to move together, rubbing and pushing against our fleshy hills and valleys before Jasper rose slightly, and looked deep as he slid his cock home. I rose to meet every thrust and gave back my own. We fluxed and shook as he plunged in and out, hard and plying, straight towards our salvation and ending.

Awash and a'sea in sensations, our bodies continued on in our primal reel. Jasper quickened his pace as he reached in between our bodies to rub and rough at my clit, stirring to life my first climax. I rolled heavily with the seizures of my orgasm, bursting and igniting arcs of off-color heat.

Jasper began his descent into ecstasy as he lost a bit of his cadence and became more jerked and roughshod. This was my favorite time. This was when my own seismic overtures came again. There was no helping it as his emotions veered and careened into me, wave after crashing lush wave, heightening me into insurmountable jubilation. He stiffened and pushed his slim unyielding hips impossibly farther and harder into my chasm as he came in a roar of echoes. I welcomed his heavy body back onto mine while we gathered our wits and whiles.

Deep hums escaped from a sated Jasper as he rolled to his side and kissed me silly. We kissed, dressed, kissed some more, and nearly began again before we scented a small herd of animal not far off.

Time to hunt and replenish. Time to love and be thankful for our gifts and each other. Time to finally be happy that our family was about to be complete via a brunette with a penchant for speed and a certain darkly carrot-topped vampire.

Which, reminded me. I had a phone call to make.

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