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So, short recap...Bella confessed to Edward during a rather, erm...rather hot outdoor lemon(if I do say so myself), she had been intimate with Leah. He liked it. Really like it.

Here's what happened...

Tres ~ Red, Red Wine & a First Time

The boys were all over at Charlie's to watch the NBA play-off game between the Sacramento Kings and the Philadelphia Sixers. I could not stand another evening of whooping and hollering after being with the pack all day, which left Leah and me to ourselves at her house. Sue, of course, was with Charlie and feeding the horde of starving pups. I think she felt best taking care of them all. It made her glow. After Harry's death, it brought her back to the land of the living.

Leah and I decided to have some "girl time." Funny thing for the two of us, as neither one was a card-carrying members of any girly club. I think we both liked the idea of more quiet company than anything. So, with a couple bottles of rich red wine, courtesy of Leah looking older than she really was, some movies, and a butt-load of Symphony dark chocolate, we settled in. Well, the chocolate was for me. Her lupine digestive system couldn't tolerate the decadent indulgence.

At first we bitched about the boys, their immature ways, as well as the amount of food they could consume. We glossed my failed kissing attempts with Jake, as well as the horrible ending to her relationship with Sam. It was understood, so we danced around those things with humor at the absent boys' expenses. The general consensus was, boys are smelly and you should throw rocks at them.

We laughed and talked more as the wine flowed faster and faster. Leah confided to me she really was okay with her and Sam ending their relationship. She never had really felt comfortable in her own skin and was actually more than a little relieved when it was over. Of course, it had stung he'd left her for another. What true bitch wouldn't be pissed at being dumped. She wanted to be the one to do the dumping.

I have no idea what movie we were watching when Leah let out a huge sigh and asked "Do you sometimes wonder if it wasn't worth it?"

"What?" I pondered, not sure where she was going with this as the red wine was singing loudly in my veins at this point.

"The whole relationship, guy, thing. Sometimes I feel like I could be more attracted to women; it just seems easier." she slurred slightly.

"I don't know," I started, "I guess I've thought about it. Who doesn't after dealing with some jerk?"

She leaned forward a bit, putting her glass on the coffee table in front of our feet. Levelling her bright, but slightly unfocused gaze at me, "Have you ever kissed a girl or anything?" she asked quietly.

My brain was a swirling, red pool of wine and surprisingly enough, curiosity arose at the prospect of what she was bringing up. "Um, no. Have you?"

Leah giggled a little nervously "I've thought about it, you know, to try it out."

"You have?" My eyes widened at her admission, and somewhere inside of me, a little spark yawned and glowed.

"Well," she started suddenly seeming very shy and un-Leah-like. "Do you think you would want to know...with me?"

I gasped a little at her statement. Would I? The wine was pushing buttons in my brain. Try it...what have you got to lose? Nothing has to happen if you don't want it to.

My skin felt very hot, flushed with the alcohol and the conversation's direction. I'm human, of course I had thought about it. I looked at Leah with new appraising eyes. She was drop trow gorgeous. Strong, lithe limbs and warm cacao brown skin. Lips to make angels cry. Raven hair as dark as her glittering eyes. At the moment, with the evening's turn spinning in them, they looked ravenous. I swallowed. My heart was pounding, and my fingers suddenly were itching to...what exactly? I wasn't sure. I felt myself shift toward her like a magnet to metal.

Leah must have sensed my movement, because she leaned over to me and kissed me full on the mouth. No preamble, no awkward pause to make sure we wouldn't bump noses. Her lips on mine. Suddenly the buzzing in my head dove to vibrate between my legs. It wasn't exactly fireworks or passion that made my toes curl, but it was really nice!

When I didn't run shrieking from the room or collapse into giggles, Leah kissed me again. This time, I felt her tongue slip between her lips to tease mine. She took my face in her hands and traced my mouth slowly. I opened my lips, and her tongue pushed it's way in. Our tongues met, swirled, looped, explored, prodded and pushed. She pulled back from me for a moment and looked at me, as if trying to make sure I wasn't about to flee, or smack her or scream at the top of my lungs. I am not sure what she saw in my face at that moment, I'm not sure what I was feeling even, but it was obviously an accepting reaction because she leaned forward and our mouths started the dance again.

I was panting I'm sure. She tasted like wine, earth and almost as peppery as her personality. I felt my insides go gooey and hot. My hands delved into her dark hair, and I wove it through my fingers, searching for something more. It was the only thought that made itself clear.

Leah's breathing was ragged like mine, and I felt her tugging at the bottom of my t-shirt. Briefly I felt a bubble in my chest, doubt perhaps, confusion maybe, but the wine pushed me onward even whispering in my head, YES! It feels good! My shirt floated over my head and broke our lips apart briefly before it fell to the floor. A neglected piece of cotton, lost in a new exploration for the both of us.

I wasn't wearing a bra. Since we were going to be staying in with just us girls, I wanted to be comfortable. I was decked out in boy shorts and slippers and well, until a second ago, my threadbare NASCAR tshirt. I felt the temperature change on my skin, and my nipples tugged into tight peaks, begging for the torrid temperature of Leah's hands. She quickly obliged and pressed her palms over my chest. Gasping at the tightness of my skin. "Gawd, you feel amazing Bella," she groaned against my mouth. Hearing her voice shocked me into the moment again, and my clouded brain swamped itself with questions. Instead of letting it pull me under, I ran my hands down Leah's back and under the soft cotton of her flannel shirt. Her skin was hot and soft and I groaned at my own boldness as I moved my hands to the front of her and cupped her breasts as well.

Sighing, sighing, sighing, hands breathing over skin in whispers as we rubbed and brushed. I undid the buttons of Leah's shirt and pushed it back from her shoulders. Taking in her smooth caramel skin in the darkened living room, she was gorgeous. Something about her had the same almost feral look as the boys in the pack, but she was softer, sweeter, silkier. Leah pulled her arms free from the sleeves and tossed the shirt on top of mine on the floor in front of us. I pulled her close so our chests were touching, her warm skin a stark contrast to my pale complexion. We looked like yin and yang. She dark and wild, and me...well not.

Leah continued to kiss me and run her hands over my skin. Goose bumps followed the tracks of her fingers across my flesh. I shuddered a little and explored her skin as well. Dark nipples begged for touch, so again amazed at my own bravery, I lowered my mouth to her dusky breasts. I drew tight circles with my tongue, smaller and smaller until I teased her nipples into points. Leah trembled under my lips and tongue, and her hands wandered down my stomach to the waistband of my shorts. Once again I gasped. Leah paused. I decided to ride the wave of arousal and wine, and I nodded against her mouth as my fingers pinched and pulled at her nipples, spurring her on.

She pushed at my shorts, and I lifted my hips off the couch so she could pull them down my legs. I was wet and excited and nervous and wanting. I let my instincts lead me, touching and kissing as I wanted to be touched. I didn't want to question any more. All there was was Leah and this moment and what the hell?

Leah moved down off the couch to a crouching position in front of me. I groaned at the loss of her warmth so close to me. I didn't want to lose the buzz that was warming my brain and my body. Leah hooked her fingers on the top of my panties and pulled them along with my shorts, over my legs, over my feet and placed them on top of the two shirts that co-mingled on the floor. She stood up in front of me and pushed down her own pants, stepping out of the fabric and scooted them aside with her feet. She lowered herself back to me and our mouths crashed back into our kiss.

"I want" Leah started, the first words either of us had formed in a while. "I think...I think I want to taste you Bella." She asked, almost pleaded. What did I want? I had never been in this position before, with anyone, let alone a woman. My brain flipped and spun as I tried to gain some clarity and yet, not bring myself back to any kind of sober thinking. Not now.

"I've never done anything like this Leah," I spoke, my voice sounding completely foreign to my own ears. Huskier with desire, slightly thick with our drinking and a little grated, as I weighed what my body wanted now and what my brain would want later.

"I know" she said gently. "We'll go slow and see what happens, just to try, OK?" her eyes were heavy, maybe with tears? I wasn't sure but looking at her, my brain decided in a breath's time that I would go with my body. Just this once.

The couch was small and crowded so I scooted onto the floor in a sitting position and pulled Leah with me. We lay back together on the soft rug in front of the sofa and I pushed at her, lowering her head toward my pulsing center trying to communicate I wanted to taste her as well. Leah's eyes grew wide for a moment, and she shifted so we were laying next to each other, mouth to heat, to taste, to touch, to try. I placed kisses on her stomach, taken in by the softness of her skin. I could smell her arousal, I knew she was wet, just as I was. Losing myself to the pleasant tingling and wildfire coursing through me. I continued to place open mouthed kissed along her stomach and her hips. She was stroking my legs and kissing my skin and my body shivered with anticipation. I was really going to do this!

I moved lower, moving my hands gently over her mound, teasing and feeling the moisture that had escaped her lips and dampened her thighs slightly. My fingers dipped between her outer lips, and the scent of her filled my nostrils. I was floating out of my body, and I watched myself do things I would never had imagined. I nudged the dark flesh apart and saw her clit glistening, nestled in the nubile skin enshrouding it. I was a more than a little out of my depth but again, decide to go with my instincts on what I thought would feel good. I moved forward and covered her nub with my mouth, sucking lightly and teasing with the tip of my tongue. Leah jerked her hips forward, pushing into my face. I smiled. Must be doing something right. So I continued. I made tight circles with my tongue over and over her clit, feeling the slickness of her and tasting subtle salt and want on my lips.

Leah put her mouth on me, and I felt a burst of heat at my center. GOD! I had never wanted...something, more... anything so much. She licked and tugged and swirled and lapped at the wetness I knew was prodigious at this point being as turned on as I was. I grazed her clit with my teeth lightly, and she bucked against my face again. Still I pushed forward and flattened my tongue against her, adding more pressure directly to her clit. Her shaking increased, and I felt my own hips moving against her mouth. Yes...yes...moremoremoremore. My brain was now a primal, wanton thing.

"Leah" I gasped against her "I'm so close." She never removed her mouth from me, just nodded and continued to pull and lick and, and, and...

"Oh my god!" I screamed suddenly as my climax crashed over me like a wave threatening to sweep my feet out from under me. I shook and quivered and then fought to bring myself back to her; back to Leah and give her what she had given me. I refocused my attention on her clit, flicking her now with abandon and increasing speed and pressure as my body experienced aftershocks that rocked me. Leah's head was raised slightly, her mouth open and she was gasping. "Yes...Yes! Bella now!" she called out and her thighs pressed against the sides of my face as she shuddered through her own release.

We lay there for a moment, overcome, overwrought and undone. Finally, shaking, we rose to sit facing each other and kissed. Our mouths mixing our moisture with lips and tongue. Each of us would quake as muscles clenched in after-shock and delayed reaction. Leah pulled back, a sleepy smile on her face. She gave me one last small kiss, and we finally did giggle at what had happened. Not wanting to over-think or talk about it really -- not wanting to break the spell of the night and the wine, we dressed.

The enormity of what we done played out in my head. Sometimes I had wondered about Leah's orientation based on her moods towards the guys or guys in general for that matter. Either that or she was just permanently riding sidesaddle at the cotton pony show.

Damn! I had forgotten about the lycan mind-meld! "You know," I said shyly. "We are going to catch a ration of shit from the boys next time you phase," knowing they would be privy to the whole damn thing.

Leah chuckled "Yeah, but only cause they'll be jealous. Plus, we can give them just as much hell for replaying it for themselves, over and over."

We both laughed. There was nothing to be ashamed of. It's not like the guys didn't watch this kind of thing happening every time a Girls Gone Wild infomercial came on the tube. Our moment had come to an end, and we began to straighten the living room. Leah appeared supremely blissful until a look of pure unadulterated horror marred her lovely face. With a grimace, she closed her eyes and groaned.


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