Marie sat in the car, looking at the gates of the school in front of her, her straight black hair parted and resting on either side of her shoulders. She wore black skinny jeans and a red and black checked jacket with the hood up, she looked down at her purple converse, then at her father who was next to her, driving, looked at her and smiled "You'll be okay honey." He assured her, Marie didn't look convinced, she fiddled with her lip ring as the gates opened getting more and more nervous as they got closer, she looked up at the sign saying 'Chestnut Hill.' She started to chew her lip and she got out of the car outside the school, she looked around the campus. She caught sight of the stable and outdoor arena, there was a class going on, she watched for a while as she waited for her father to bring her things. Marie helped her dad by taking her guitar off him. Together the walked up into the school.

Marie looked around as she walked in, she then averted her light blue eyes towards a woman walking out to them opening her hand towards her father, "You must be Mr. Gavin, it's a pleasure to meet you, I am Mrs Herson the housemother of where Ms. Gavin will be staying." the lady looked at Marie, "It's a pleasure to meet you Marie." She said shaking Marie's hand, "You are here for the riding and music yes?" The housemother asked. "Yes…" Marie replied, "Well I'll leave you to say your goodbyes and then I shall show you your dorm?" Marie nodded and looked at her dad, he pulled her into a tight hug. "You'll be okay, I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too dad."

"But this is a great opportunity and I can't have you miss it." He smiled, "Besides I have your brother to control." Marie smiled and hugged him again, "I'll see you at Christmas." With this her father walked out of the school, got in his car and drove away, Marie waved him off.

Marie turned to her new housemother, "If you'll follow me please?" she said turning around and starting to walk. Marie picked up her things and walked behind Mrs Herson, following her. Mrs Herson opened a door for her and Marie walked inside. There were four beds set out, three of them seemed to be taken with other people's things. She walked in and looked around, Mrs Herson pointed to the empty bed, "There's your bed, the other residents of this dorm are Honey Harper, Dylan Walsh and Lynsey Harrison, Marie looked at the housemother and nodded not saying anything before walking over to the empty bed and setting her cases down. "I'll leave you to un-pack." Mrs Herson said to her before leaving the room.

Marie looked at her cases and started to open them, she took out her jodhpurs and her boots and half-chaps. She put them carefully away into a drawer. It took her about an hour to unpack all her things, just as she pushed the last drawer closed the door opened and two girls walked in one had blonde hair and blue eyes, the other red hair and green eyes, they were chatting and laughing together, they were both wearing jodhpurs and holding hard riding hats. The must have been in the lesson I saw. Marie thought. She smiled slightly at the two, "Ah so this is the newcomer." Said the red haired one, they both walked over to Marie, "Hi I'm Dylan and this is Honey." Dylan introduced herself as the blonde haired Honey smiled. "Marie." She replied smiling slightly. Dylan walked right up to her and poked her lip ring, "Is this real??" she asked, "Yeah." Marie replied taking it out, "Wow! Cool!" Dylan exclaimed and Marie smiled more.

"So what are you here for as in like what hockey? Riding?" Honey asked. "Riding and Music" She replied, "Oh you ride?" Honey asked. Marie nodded, Dylan looked at Honey, "How about we go for a trail ride? Just us three, what do you say Marie?" Dylan asked, Marie's eyes lit up, "I'd like that. Just let me get changed."

"Sure." Honey smiled.

As soon as Marie was changed the three friends walked down to the stables, "I call Morello!" Dylan said, walking to one stable, "I'm on Minnie." Honey replied. Marie looked around and caught sight of a bay gelding, she walked slowly up to his stable, holding her hand out for him to sniff. "Hello gorgeous."

"That's Kingfisher." Honey told her from the other side of the aisle. "Can I ride him?" Marie asked, "Yeah sure." Honey replied. Marie walked into the tack room and found the tack with Kingfisher's name on it. She walked back to the stable and put the saddle on the door before carefully walking into the stable. In 5 minutes Kingfisher was tacked and ready to go. Marie led him outside, putting on her helmet. She mounted him and sorted out her stirrups and tightened her girth. She saw Dylan and Honey waiting for her, Dylan on a paint gelding and Honey on a beautiful grey mare. "Let's go!" Dylan half shouted, nudging Morello into a walk, leading the way, Honey and Minnie behind her and Marie on Kingfisher at the back. They walked carefully down the lane and onto a forest path, Dylan got Morello into a tot, meaning the other two did as well. They together started to canter, Marie started to grin, She looked to where they were heading, a field.

The three reached the field and lined up "Okay, here we go!" Kingfisher fidgeted, wanting to go. Marie looked at Honey and Dylan and smiled, giving Kingfisher a firm nudge he got what he wanted, her half reared before shooting off into a strong gallop. Marie's hair was flying behind her, she had a smile on her face, This is a great first day! She thought to herself. Kingfisher started to slow as the reach a make-shift jumping arena. "Oh cool! Can we jump these?" she asked as honey pulled up, "Sure" she replied.

They jumped the course a few times before heading home. She rubbed Kingfisher down before going back to the dorm and getting changed, she walked out into the common room and was introduced to Malory and Lani. She sat with the four girls and watched the OC then turning on a film and drank hot chocolate with cream on top for the evening.