John Winchester sat down in the little bar in Texas, waiting. He'd gotten a strange call from a woman he'd spent a weekend with not quite a year ago, and was waiting for her to come in. Megan Russo walked in, looking just as good as she ever did--- but with a baby carseat swinging from one hand. John stiffened as she approached him.

"John, hi." she said, putting the seat onto the table. "She's yours, take her."

"Um... what?" John frowned.

"Timing is about right, isn't it?" she said, arms folded.

"Well... yes..."

"Well, I don't want her." the woman said bluntly, and suddenly John wanted her as far away from that carseat as possible. "Just... take her, she's yours." Megan said again.

John took the baby and walked out of the bar as quickly as possible, not seeing the smile on Megan's face as he walked away...

A few hours later, John walked into an Econo- Lodge in New Jersey, where he knew Sam and Dean would be waiting for him. And, there they were, sitting on the couch in their boxers and t-shirts, watching Scooby Doo. John smiled.

"Hey-a, boys!" he called out. "I got a present for ya."

Dean raised a skeptical eyebrow, but Sam hopped up, looking excited. They both, however, were completely shocked when they saw the tiny infant girl laid down between them.

"Where'd you get a baby?!" Sam wanted to know, instantly taken with her, scooping her up into his arms.

"Careful with the head, Sammy." he said automatically. "And, uh... She's ours." John said.

"Ours?" Dean echoed. "As in you knocked up some skeevy waitress or somethin'?"

"Bartender." John said uncomfortably.

Dean shook his head, but still couldn't help smiling at the little one. "What's your name, sugar?" he asked her, as though she might really answer.

"Well, thought I'd let you boys take care of that one." John said, sitting down on the table in front of his now three kids.

"Alexis." Sam pronounced. "She looks like an Alexis."

"No way! No sister of mine's having a stripper name!" Dean argued.

"Alexis isn't a stripper name!" Sam argued back.

Dean moved out his hand dramatically, putting on an announcer's voice, "Now presenting, Alexis, who can shoot ping pong balls out of her tw---"

"Dean!" John admonished, but he was chuckling himself a little. "All right, all right you two... we'll make a deal. Her full name can be Alexis, but we can call her Alex for short, okay? And, Dean gets to pick the middle name."

"Mary." Dean said, watching Sammy hold the baby.

And, John nodded approvingly. "All right. We stay here tonight, and then in the morning we head out and move on."