They stood over the burning pyre that had once been Adam, no one sure what to say, what to feel... he had been family, but, they never even knew him. Never had the chance... It was like Alex with the Russos at first, though, she'd had two years to get to know them, despite limited contact. Even still, she knew where her home was. Just like Sam knew, just like Dean. That beautiful, black Impala. That was home. The most constant "place" the three of them had ever known. Even though it was Dean's car, it was their home.

"Maybe... maybe we shouldn't be doing this--- we should try to bring him back?" Sam fumbled.

"No, Sammy." Dean said gruffly. "You get brought back--- you come back wrong. Besides, he got to live his life in blissful ignorance, why bring him back to two dead parents and the fact that horror movies aren't all bullcrap? He died like a hunter. He should be sent off like one. No more deals for us... no more."

Castiel looked at the three of them approvingly.

"We should leave this place..." he warned.

Dean nodded, took a sip from his flask, then handed it to Sam. Sam took a chug, looked at Alex, then the flask, then allowed her to take her first sip as well. She made a face as the bitter liquid burned her tongue and the inside of her cheeks, and finally her throat.


Sam and Dean smirked, and Dean took it back.

"We should get going... we have stuff to get on with." Dean said. "Where to next, Cas?"

"There is a demon." Castiel said slowly.

"Ain't there always?" Dean grinned.

"This one... is worse than others you have faced. She is part siren... you must kill her fast, no matter how she makes you think she is helping you."

"A demon? Helping? Yeah, right..." Sam muttered.

"Just find her and kill her fast." Castiel warned. "And, your path shall stay well."

"All right, you heard the man--- er, angel." Dean said, smacking his hands together. "We got us a hunt to get on..."

The End...

Author's Note: I want to personally thank each and everyone of my reviewers for sticking with this story--- you've made me feel very good about my writing and that puts a smile in my heart, as well as making this fic forty-nine times more enjoyable than it might have been without you. Thank you for making this one of my best (and most reviewed) fics yet!