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"Get back here you brat!" Snarls one of his pursuers, a blond child known as Naruto just laughs but continues to stay at the head of the pack. "You runt! You got some nerve trying to steal from me!" Another one of his pursuers howls as the child leaps over a fence and then ducks into a trash can.

Naruto remains in the metal can for a while, clutching the thick magazine that he stole from a man's paper recycle pile. I wonder if the coast is clear? The kid wonders and then slowly moves the lid so that he can see what's happening outside of the bin.

After watching people walk pass, Naruto finally decides that it's safe for him to head home to his apartment. Ignoring the smell that's likely clinging to him, he manages to make it stealthily to his apartment building with the magazine clenched to his skinny chest.

The blond smiles slightly as he closes his apartment door and leans on the door with a sigh. "Now then, let's see what other, fun stuff it has." The young blond says out loud as he walks to the table and sets the thick magazine on the table top.

"Lady Moriko's Mail Order Magical Business, now offering Aging Mushrooms and Jusenkyo Spring Water, huh, I thought magic doesn't exist." Nine year old Naruto Uzumaki wonders after reading the cover. It didn't take long before the blond to open the magazine and begins to read about the various magic that is listed under which section.

Look at these prices! I guess that I better be careful about using it since I won't be able to afford this stuff all of the time. The nine year old decides after reading through one section of the magazine.

Genin Examine

"Damn it! All my hard work goes down the drain! Stupid old goat! Stupid old cat lady!" The blond curses as he walks home from the Ninja academe after failing the Genin Examine, kicking pebbles and things out of his way.

As the blond makes his home, he walks right into the kitchen to make himself some ramen. It's then that the blond child remembers the package he got from Lady Moriko's catalog. A slow, mischievous smile grows on his face as he remembers what he ordered from said catalog.

"Let's see, I ordered some water from the goat spring and the man spring... What would happen if I really make him an old goat?" The blond muses softly as he moves to get a chair so he can reach the box on the highest shelf.

Once the box is down, the child looks through the contains before taking out the two vials he needed. Before he puts the box back up, he frowns as he takes time to look at the other vials that he bought. I still got water from the raven spring, tiger spring water, and elk water. I also have that ring of magical immunity that I won on buying that lotto ticket, I really should wear that when handling the Jusenkyo water so that I don't get cursed.

After all, he did have some weasel and fox water three months ago before he used it to curse the two lower grades to transform into said beasts. The class group below his current... err, previous class group were cursed to transform into weasels while the group that's a year younger then that group were cursed to transform into weasels.

True there hadn't been enough water from those two springs to curse all of those students, that was until Naruto added some normal water into the mix and waited three days so that the magic could enchant the newly added water like the instructions suggest to him on how to make more for him to use.

Surprisingly enough, the blond hadn't been cursed when he handled the Jusenkyo water that time since he hadn't worn the ring he won from the lotto that he entered when he placed that order. But since he plans to not just mix normal water into the mix, he wants to mix two of the waters, the goat one and the man one. And so, before putting the box containing the water back, the blond slides the ring onto his right hand.

By the time he puts the box up, Naruto's surprised to see that the ring now seems to fit his finger better then when he slipped it on. After studying the reformatted ring, he then gets off the chair before moving it to get his large wooden bowl out. It didn't take long before he's done needing the chair.

Once the chair is back at the table, Naruto picks up the two vials and studies the paper labels for a few seconds before twisting off the caps and pouring the contains into the large wooden bowl. Unsurprisingly, the two vials vanish from his hand once the task is done. With a sigh, he then uses a glass to add regular tap water to the bowl.

Once that's done, the blond then takes out his kettle and begins to fill it so that he can have some ramen. As he waits, he decides to wait a full week before filling up the water balloons. And then I'll get my revenge on the teachers at the academe! Naruto thinks until the kettle whistles, signally that the water is done boiling.

Week Later

Ok, time for the check lists. Naruto thinks to himself and glances at the water balloons, then to his ring on his right hand, and then glances into the mirror to make sure that his Henge is completely concealing his appearance. The blond even made sure not to wear a hint of orange and is wearing a head covering and face mask to that even if the Henge is dispelled, they still won't connect him to this incident.

Alright! It's time to finish this! The child mentally declares as he punches the air with his right fist. With that, the blond child posing as a sixteen year old with tri-colored hair, the main part being brown, white, and with a hint of black in the bangs.

It hadn't taken long for him to learn when the teacher of the academe were going to gather to review last year's scores and begin planning for next year. It helps that Naruto sent out a bunch of notices about the snacks being served, even if he had to order and pay for them out of his own pocket change. Maybe I should try shopping early in the morning, when nobody is fully awake or aware of who I am...

It wasn't hard to the demon container to get into a crawl space in the ceiling over the meeting. And so, Naruto waits for all of the teacher to arrive. As he's beginning to snooze, the sound of laughter wakes him fully up.

Moving to the slightly open panel, the blond looks down into the room and after a quick count, he finds that every teacher is sitting below. With a smirk, the kid pulls the sack of curse water filled balloons over to him as he pushes the tile over a bit more, giving him a better look at the room.

With a soft chuckle, Naruto slings the strap of the sack over his shoulder and, once he redoes his Henge, he pushes the tile away fully and drops down. Already he's got a water balloon in each hand and tosses them about the room. By the time he's landed on the floor, he's managed to throw at least three balloons.

As the teachers begin to react, he manages to hit a least two of the chuunin teacher squarely in the chest. Within seconds, chaos begins to reign as the teacher notice what happened to those who were hit by said balloons. By the time he sprints out of the room, he manages to hit each chuunin, even the women, although they likely did undergo a gender shift since there didn't seem to be such a thing as spring of drown human at Jusenkyo, only various one like spring of drowned young man, young woman, twins, and etc.

As he manages to dash through the halls, he notices a few elders from when he was younger and had hung around the Hokage for days on end. Before they could react, the water filled balloons hit them and new cries of alarm, surprise, and then horror follow after as he races pass them.

As he finally exits out of the building and begins to head for a local training ground, Naruto briefly glances into the sack to find at least three water balloons left, so when he spots a pair of old ladies who were commonly glaring at him, he uses the last of the balloons on them vanishing into an alley way.

Once he's out of the village, he cancels his Henge and looks for a spot to hide out until night fall.

Four Days Later

"Well, that went well." Naruto muses softly under his breath as he watches as various ANBU scout around the roof tops. It made him wonder if he went a little too far... until he recalled how unhelpful most of the teachers were.

Well, I do wonder what it'll be like sharing classes with students who can transform into weasels? Naruto wonders as he watches as a small group of foxes play tag about the street. The very color of their coats mean that they weren't real foxes since he spotted a blond and pink one among the lot.

Or perhaps the problem is, will I fit in with them? The blond wonders as he notices a weasel riding on somebody's shoulder, one that's nattering angrily about something while the person carries the cloths belonging to the cursed academe student. It wouldn't surprise him that if the carrier were to be hit by some cold water that they, too, would turn into a weasel.

So then, how do I go about this? All things considered, I really don't want to have a water base curse and I only have elk, raven, and tiger water left. Nor can I dose myself with it right now, not when so many people are patrolling the town. The kid thinks with a slight frown.

Maybe I should order some spring water of young man and young woman and then forward it to the old man with instructions on how to increase the amount? Naruto wonders before just sighing and shaking his head. It didn't take the kid to arrive at his favorite restaurant and order lunch before he heads to one of the training ground to work off his frustration.

Year Later

"How can I fail again?!" Naruto snarls at the two examiners with his arms up in the air before he slams them on the table. Unsurprisingly, the pitcher of water falls over and triggers their curse, within seconds he's facing humans with the heads of goats. The two's legs altered to look more like that of a goat's hind legs then human's legs, complete with hooves.

He's not sure just how much of their bodies remain human looking either since they're wearing cloths, thus obscuring his view of the rest of their bodies. The pair seem to emanate a choking feeling, one that takes him a few seconds to throw off, causing him to narrow his eyes at the pair.

"I preformed the Substitution jutsu flawlessly!" He growls as he leans on the table while his hands remain on the table. The silver furred goat-man, Mizuki, just snorts and once the man finishes writing something on a piece of paper. Once Mizuki finishes and holds it up, Naruto reads it.

It wasn't long before he growls, "So what if I failed the written portion?! I know for a fact that my other scores should more then make up for it! Have you forgotten that you punished me by forcing me to read articles out of the academe rule book?! You have no right to fail me!"

If they don't give me a better reason then that one then I'm going to do something they won't like. I'm sure I can get the goats for it and I know for a fact that I have that lust powder just waiting to be used. He thinks darkly as he watches as the other teacher, Souta, begins to write something on another, fresh piece of paper.

Naruto snatches the sheet from the brown furred goat-man and reads it, it didn't take long before he frown as a slight flare of disappointment and hopelessness enters into his being for a few seconds before outrage and disgust eclipses those feelings.

"Since when can the empathize move from the jutsu potion of the test?" He asks in a very frosty tone once he gives the pair his best threatening look that he can muster. He flips the sheet over and puts it between the two.

Ok, scratch that, I'm not just going to do something to these two but to the whole village. I don't give a damn if the old man is like a grandfather to me! I am pissed and I'm sure this has politics all over it, meaning that this rot goes deeper, closer to the core of the village as a whole. He thinks, he already had a good idea of what kind of items he'll need to not just create a barrier around Hidden Leaf, but put the right kind of restrains on the populous so they can't harm him in any way.

Well, they could harm him emotionally but they're always doing that so it wouldn't be much of a different beyond the fact they can't physically assault him using their bare hands, weapons, or jutsus. He also planned to look into getting warding items so they can't do indirect harm to him as well.

And I'll finally know why they hate me, heck, I might just look into taking magical classes through the mail if I'm not satisfied with their explanations and reason. Naruto decides as he waits patiently for either of the two chuunin to explain in greater detail about this new policy concerning the written portion.

As Mizuki finishes writing something, the goat-man holds up the paper for him to read. "You FUCKING BASTARDS!" The ten year old shouts and then tries to jump the pair to strangle them.

He gets intercepted by a pair of ANBU and as he struggles to get at them, cursing them and their lame ass reason for failing him. It didn't take long before the only thing he remembers was something hard hitting him in the back of his head.

A few hours later, he woke to find himself in his apartment. As he tries to open the window next to his bed, he found it won't open. It doesn't take him long before he learns that the door is the same. As he begins to pace angrily around his apartment, he notices a note on the table.

His temper only flares up more once he finishes reading it. "I'm not going to calm down! I am not going to let them get away with this!" Naruto declares as he cripples up the paper and throws it out.

And so Naruto begins to take out his magical catalog, a pen, and an order forum to begin the process of ordering the right items he needs in order to pull off the barrier, the magical restraints, and the indirect harm wards. True, the amount at the end is beyond the cash he has on hand but he's already got an idea of how to get the rest of the cash he needs.

Once that's done, he puts the completed order forum, catalog, and pen away before he moves to make himself something to eat. He's got a whole day to spend within his apartment, meaning that he'll have to wait until tomorrow evening to get the money he needed. As he moves to close the blinds of his window, he pauses to look down at the building around his apartment building.

They won't get away with this, just wait, they'll wish they had treated me better. I'm done being this village's scapegoat. He vows.

Although it's true his personality had changed since he stole the catalog, he only got more bitter and angry after buying a set of illusion glasses that were to allow him to 'live' a life where he was normal. While he had treasured the life it showed him, it also help to hit home just how much shit gets dumped onto his feet.

It might be too late for me to live a normal life, but I can make it so that their lives are never normal either. He mentally adds as he finally closes the blinds and lies on the bed. Half formed ideas and thoughts play out within his mind as he slowly drifts off into slumber as emotional exhaustion claims him.

The End...?