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Loop 1a

TK scratches his head as he tries to come to terms with the sight before him. Although, this does give me an idea.He muses as his look turns into a smirk, which looks rather wrong on his eight year old face before he walks over and picks one of the mushrooms.

"Patamon, you just gave me an idea." The Digidestine of Hope says to his partner as the rookie comes over to rest on his back pack, leaving DemiDevimon to his panicking over not knowing who he is after eating his fill of the Mushrooms of Forgetfulness.

"So does this mean that next loop I can delete DemiDevimon?" Patamon asks in a hopeful tone. It's always been a sore point between them given DemiDevimon's actions during their first time through these events.

"We'll see, it depends if we need him to do this if it fails this time." The green clad eight year old Looper. "For now, just help gather these mushrooms up into my pack." He goes so far as to take the pack off his back, he checks to be sure he has room or he'd have to make room.

"So, what's the plan, after all, these mushrooms do mess with your mind." Angemon asks upon Digivolving. It's not that surprising, Patamon rarely spent much time in either his Champion form or Ultimate like the others. TK hadn't been much into fighting at this age the first time he had been through this so Angemon and MagnaAngemon were a rare sight before.

"That's the whole point. After all, do you think Myotismon will be able to cure his memory loss?" He asks, gesturing over to where DemiDevimon is busy getting into a fight with some Gazimon who just shown up to avenge Etemon's defeat.

"No... oh! Yea, that would be an interesting sight. You think we can reform them?" Angemon asks and he shrugs.

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Loop 2

"Ok, let's see if that hack paid off." TK growls as he holds out his Digivice and imagines himself at age fifteen and a stream of light comes out of the screen, a egg of light engulfs the nine year old and when it leaves, revealing him at the age that the loop end/restarts. "Well, it's a start." He murmurs as he takes in his appearance.

Nail polish?He thinks, his eyes narrowing at the black nail polish and upon the black, long sleeve shirt and jeans. A glance towards a mirror and he finds bright blue hair, bright spring green eyes along with some purple tattoos on his forehead and under his eyes.

His right eye twitches before turning to glare at his Digivice. "Ok, let's see if it reverts at least." He states darkly and within seconds of the light vanishing, he walks over to a mirror and sighs in relief at the fact that he is back to his usual nine year old self.

"Sure, it works when I will myself into my fifteen year old self but I do it in the real world? Maybe it's a matter of practice..." TK says out loud as he regards the Digivice once more. Once I get to fifteen, I'll try for age twenty-something.

Taking in a deep calming breath, he again wills his appearance to assume his fifteen year old self only to find his cloths being neutral brown and black. His hair going all the way down to the ground while being bright yellow in color and his ears seem a bit more pointed then usual. "Ok, maybe I should try hacking it again... I mean, sure, I manage to create that storage space but I can't get it to allow me to assume a more mature appearance?"

He dispels his current appearance and walks back to his computer, he did wonder if maybe he shouldn't get Izzy to help in hacking it to allow them to alter their appearance while in the real world.

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Loop 1b

They stood upon a sky scraper, watching the Dark Masters and Myotismon lead an army of Digimon in conquering Tokyo. The non-looping Digidestine were still in the Digital World, showing their families around the Digital World. Even now, neither of the Loopers knew how it came to this.

"Maybe it's the nature of the beast?" Angemon muses and TK just sighs, nodding a bit in agreement.

"You think its because we failed to answer those questions they asked concerning what humans are doing to correct the environmental problems they create?" Angemon asks and TK just closes his eyes.

"Maybe, Angemon, maybe." The eight year old muses.

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Loop 3

TK looks between the two scrips and with a press of the button, one of them gets deleted and the remaining one gets copied. "Next, changing the director and voice actors." He murmurs as he continues to hack this studio's system.

Thanks to lessons he received from Izzy and reading a number of hacking help guides, he's rather decent hacker and program writer. After all, if he wanted to spend any time with Patamon before the fight against the Digimon Emperor, he had to create a gate program to allow him access. He had to modify it to allow Patamon to cross into the real world as well.

Then he grew bored of watching the same movies and shows come out time after time. Then, some review commenting on how such and such a director could have been a better choice while another suggested a different lead actor. It took him Loops to figure out the various computer systems and how it all connects to making a movie. The produce of said tampering is kept in his Digivice's storage space.

It's always interesting to compare the same movie done by different directors using different actors, even different movie effects company. While he couldn't be bothered to use the various graphic programs to make a movie himself but he's been able to sell them to various parties to ensure the best CGI is used.

Next up, TV shows.He thinks with a smirk, after all, he's getting tired of seeing the same line up of 'new' shows. He's got a number of ideas of what kind of new shows he would like to be made and future scripts of shows that get produced by the time he reaches the age of fifteen. Once more such things are kept in the storage space, waiting to come out to be used.

He makes sure everything is set up for the change he made to the movie before erasing his presence within that system. Once that's done, he logs off and turns off his computer. Getting up, he looks over to where Patamon is watching one of those movies he stores in his Digivice.

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Loop 4a

As Angemon gets encased in an egg of light, so too did TK. When they are visible, TK couldn't help but noticed that everything seems to be, odd. "Well, it worked! So, what do you think... TK?"

TK blinks and looks towards the orange haired twenty-something wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. "What? Dear god what happened to my voice!" The blond colored mini pegasus looking rookie says, rearing up, trying to grab his throat but doesn't. He looks down and finds silver leg braces before the black hooves. He flaps his wings trying to keep from falling forward.

"You're a Digimon, TK." The Digimon turned human says and TK didn't know what to say as he finally falls forward, standing upon his four hooves. "And, I'm human. So this is what it feels like to be a human." Angemon muses as TK turns to regard the rest of his changed form.

"That's great, but just what kind of Digimon did Itransform into?" TK wonders as he rears back up and gets a better look at his chest. Stand up like that, he stands about as tall as a thirteen year old, which could mean he is a champion or just a really large rookie. "I can't be a rookie, could I? Although, I've never met a rookie that's larger then Gabumon or Agumon."

"Hm, let's see if your Digivice has a listing of you." Angemon muses, picking his Digivice up from its position on his pack. It wasn't long before the lap top is up and his Digivice is connected.

"I can't believe I look like a My Little Pony!" He mutters as his current form's picture comes into view. Angemon snorts softly and he finally looked at the name.

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Loop 5

"Ok, that's the last time we force feed Apocalymon Mushrooms of Forgetfulness." TK says to Patamon, who is resting on his head. The surroundings are different then what he's use to.

"It might have something to do with getting the others to focus on helping him break out of the time loop as well." Patamon pips. "After all, we've never had them try and help him before."

"Ah, excuse me, but, did you guys really brainwash Apocalymon?" A new voice inquires and he turns to find himself staring at someone who sports a resemblance to Kari, if only in the eye department but sports goggles like Tai and later Davis. "Ah, TK and Patamon right?"

"Yea and you two are?" TK asks, noticing a rather large crimson dino like Digimon sporting black markings and ears like Patamon.

"Ah, sorry, I'm Takato and this is my partner Guilmon." Takato says while Guilmon chirps in a hello. "We're also stuck in a Time Loop as I believe you two are."

"I'm kind of curious, how did you know our names?" Patamon asks and Guilmon chirps in an answer, "It's cause your adventures are featured in a TV show!"

That's... kind of sad actually.He thinks to himself. "I guess it's a little too late to ask for Royalties." TK says in a dry tone causing Takato to snort in amusement at that.

Suddenly they hear a yelp and they look over to find some teenager running away from blond teenager riding upon a blue canine Digimon. "Get back here Marcus! I won our bet and I want that KISS!" The blond teenager yells while what appears to be an Agumon sporting red leathers about his claws runs after the others.

"Hey! Wait for me Boss!" The Agumon cries while entering into a fast walk.

"..." None of the four didn't know what to say at the sight, especially Guilmon. As the Agumon vanishes from sight and they were about to break the silence when a raging tornado erupts, sending a car to land behind them.

"We aren't the only Loopers here." Takato observes and TK couldn't help but nod in agreement. "I don't think this is going to end well." Patamon adds thoughtfully as they watch as a group of Digimon get raised into the air, swirling about the center figure of a Digimon that sports butterfly wings.

"I guess that leaves us as the sane ones." TK comments as some of those Digimon in the tornado suddenly Digivolve into larger forms and try to take out the central Digimon, who also assumes a more mature form.

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Loop 6

TK finishes the test with time to spare, not surprising as he knew the material well enough to do it in his sleep, which he's done for a loop once. He's even advanced enough to get into university and he's taken the whole range of university classes from every University in Japan. He has been thinking of applying for out of Japan, if only for a different scenery, after all, he's pretty sure he can get into any university, although he really should brush up on his foreign languages, his English is good, after all, he has long since mastered his ability to alter himself in the real world.

Maybe I should give 'accidentally' being left behind a try? Might be interesting to see if I can stop Ken in his tracks before he gets fully established as the Digimon Emperor...TK muses as he stares off at some random point while resting his head on the palm of his hand.

Although, hopefully, the next loop starts when I'm eight instead of when I'm elven like this one did. He thinks with a frown. I wonder if Takato and Guilmon are having this problem too concerning when the loop resets? Sure, sometimes we'd wake after a few days of being in the Digital World to showing up just before we face the Dark Masters but I was eight years old when we'd wake.

I wonder what Patamon is doing? Hm, that reminds me, even if I don't do that left behind in the Digital World, maybe we pull a switch? He goes to school while I do whatever Digimon do while in the real world?TK wonders, although it's a strange arrangement that for Patamon to assume human form, either a preteen or an adult(It depends on his evolutionary stage) he had to be the Digimon partner.

Not that he has ever Digivolved into a champion or de-Digivolve into an in-training Digimon. "Just have to discuss it with him." He murmurs under his breath out loud. He's pretty sure they both want to experience new things and they still haven't really taken advantage of their ability to turn into adults much during these loops either.

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Loop 4b

"Folamon?! The flying foal Digimon, said to be related to Pegasusmon. What kind of name is that?" Folamon, AKA TK, cries out while the adult, AKA Angemon, reads out the list of attacks that he can preform.

"Hyper Senses, Cloud Vapor, and Silver Rain." While Folamon snorts, the orange haired adult reads the descriptions of the attacks. "Hyper Senses speeds up time which allows the illusion of super speed and agility. Cloud Vapor is used to cover enemy foes in a vapor that can cause sleep. Silver Rain is a spray of needles coming from the mane or tail."

"Is this because I stored the Digi-Egg of Hope in that storage space isn't it?" He wonders out loud but nobody answers him. "We will hack the Digivice to fix it so we can both be human at the same time." He states and Angemon just shrugs.

"So, you want to get something to eat?" Angemon asks after a few minutes, derailing TK's mental review of what kind of code to use to do so.

Blinking, his stomach growls and he realizes that he is really hungry. "Yea, I am. My wallet is in my pack." He says as he glances around the living room of the apartment.

"Yes! I get to pick what we eat!" Angemon cheers and he snorts softly, it's not as if he never consults with Angemon about what he wants to eat, they just had a system where they take turns picking what they order in. Although, given that Angemon will be the one to actually place the order...

I hope he orders extra due to my size. I feel like I can eat a horse...Folamon thinks to himself.

_ o - 0 - o _

Loop 7

As Takato comes to sit down at the table, Zoe is leading JP into the fast food joint while wearing a white leather jacket and biker pants while JP is wearing a studded collar and pulled along with a leash. "Stay here, JP. I'll be back with our food."

"Yes Mistress." The Warrior of Lightning says in agreement while sporting a silly smile while taking hold of the leash.

She's going to sit and eat with us?TK thinks in alarm, paling rapidly, true this is only the second time that he's met with Takato and the other Chosen Loopers, but in his experience from the last time they were in this fusion loop is that the other two Loopers were perverts.

He recalls how Thomas proposed a three way between Takato, Thomas, and himself, which proved to be the more disturbing then when Zoe proposed a three or multi way between Kari(or any female Chosen), herself, and him. TK is pretty sure she proposed the same thing with Takato but didn't want to know if Guilmon's partner actually went through with it, after all, most of the others tend to spend be around the age of twenty when their loops reset so they've been through puberty while he was usually just discovering his hormones.

Even when he passes himself off as a twenty-something year old, he didn't feel much incline to talk women into having one night stands with him or looking at porn. He's pretty sure that Patamon doesn't do so either the few times he's assumed human form. But then, the others tend to become of age to do such activities after a few years while I never do unless I cheat using my Digivice to alter my appearance.

Takato raises an eyebrow but continues eating and he follows suit. Soon enough, Zoe appears with a tray of food and he scoots over to make room as does Takato. Both of their partners had decided to find their own place to order their lunch from, he just made sure they had enough money in order to do so. He's pretty sure the other Digidestine were off getting to know the other non-awake Chosen.

"It's so good to see you two again, Takato. TK." Zoe says in a silky tone which causes Takato to blush. "How have things been for the both of you since we last met?"

"Well, the starting point for my Loop seems to be off now a days, so far, I haven't restarted when I'm over the age of twelve." He tells the leather wearing Warrior of Wind.

"I have noticed that myself. It sucks to wake up to find the D-Reaper in the real world." Takato tells them. "There's so little time to make the corrections to ensure that the code doesn't send the Digimon back to the Digital World."

"Agreed. I found myself rather displeased when such happens after I have lost my human Spirit." Zoe says, JP never says anything, just eats his burgers throughout this discussion.

"Thomas much feel the same way. I can't see how it can effect the three of us without effecting him as well." Takato remarks thoughtfully.

"Hmm, Thomas..." Zoe gets this smile on her face that sends shivers down his back. Did he really want to know what went on between the two? Nope, not at all, he didn't even want to think that they may have traded trips and bedroom tricks.

"Where are your partners?" Zoe asks after a few minutes of silence.

"Out at a different restaurant getting lunch." He answers as Takato seems to be chewing on what's in his mouth. She doesn't know about Patamon's ability to become human, does she?He wonders as he looks down at his fries, picking one up, dipping it in the gravy before popping it into his mouth.

I don't think I told Takato about it last time and I didn't spend much time around her for her to get it out of me.He wonders as he glances over to Takato and then over to Zoe.

"I still can't believe you guys have partners. Also, have you ever got Patamon to become a Mega yet?" Zoe says and looks over at him.

"As far as I'm aware, there hasn't been any enemies around to cause him to need to." He answers with a shrug, after all, Angemon hasn't need to Digivolve into MagnaAngemon to deal with Piedmon after how many loops? Nor does Angemon revert to an egg upon defeating Devimon. "He's gotten to be fairly powerful, I can't recall the last time he's reverted to his egg stage upon defeating Devimon."

"Huh, Patamon too? I guess that means that Gaomon is the same. I recall Growlmon easily handling the Tiger Deva without needing to become an Ultimate these days. Then there's those few times where... So, you been feeling more powerful then, Zoe?" Takato asks.

"Very much so." Zoe says with a smile, likely recalling her current rate of easy victories.

"Anyway, I came over to ask you, TK, to hack my Digivice to set up that storage space for me. I heard you did it for Takato just as we defeated that... Quartzmon? I think that's his name, and had been hoping you can do the same for mine." Zoe tells him and he nods.

"Sure, I'll just need to borrow Izzy's pineapple lap top as it's more then capable of handling anything connected to the Digital World and Digivices." He tells her and she smiles brightly at him, causing him to blush a bit.

"Thank you, TK! How can I ever repay you?" Zoe asks and he replies, "By allowing my brother to leave your bed under his own power for this loop."


To Be Continued . . .