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Loop 1

TK yawns mightily as he gets up, walking out of the tent. An gray Eevee he named Shade follows him out, the Everstone collar's tags clicking as Shade stops to scratch around the head. Finding a nice spot, he relieves himself as he looks up at the half moon and seconds later, at the stars. As he finishes, he turns around and smiles at Shade, taking a few steps, he bends down and scratches behind Shade's left ear. "Sorry for waking you, Shade. Let's get back to the tent."

Shade yawns and stands up, the Eevee turns around and leads the way back to the campsite. He pauses to counts the other tents, it's an odd to be with the others in a Pokemon Loop, particularly interesting to see their partners as humans with their own names. Zeromaru's official name Aoki 'Zero' Yagami, older brother of Taichi and Hikari, although Hikari isn't a Looper although she does recall being a close childhood friend of Shoya and himself. Likely due to his being a Champion at the beginning of their adventures. He muses privately as he looks towards the shared tent of Takato and Jiro Matsuki.

The tent after the Matsuki brother is Shoya's tent, Zoe's tent, Thomas' tent, and Thomas' younger brother officially named Cale Norstein. He notes that Thomas' and Cale's canine Pokemon, Thomas' is a Houndoom named Grace and Cale's Growlithe name Stripes looking in their direction. With a whiff of his scent and Shade's, the pair of canine Pokemon's heads drop down upon their forepaws, already to go back to sleep.

He enters his tent and crawls over into his sleeping bag. As he zips it up, Shade comes to rest near his feet. Giving the Shiny Eevee a smile, he rests his head down upon the pillow. As he lies on his back, he reflects upon the three years they've spent traveling, earning Gym Badges, entering tournaments, and generally enjoying not having to save two worlds. It's not unlike a vacation, I mean, how many worlds let ten year olds go out and explore the world without a parent? He muses sleepily as he shift slightly and begins to drift off once more.

- - T - -

:TK-sama! Time to get up!: Shade chimes as he nuzzles his trainer's cheek. He woke upon hearing Aoki getting up to begin cooking breakfast, he stuck his head out of the tent and found Aoki releasing Flicker the Litwick, having her re-start the fire. Grace and Stripes barked their greetings to Flicker before turning around to wake their trainers.

TK grumbles and turns his face away. He cocks his head to the side and then tugs on his ear, that wakes TK-sama up. :Morning!: He growls softly, his tail wagging behind him.

"Good morning to you, too, Shade." TK greets him after yawning and sitting up. TK pats him on the head and with that, he darts out of the tent, spying Hikari's Ninetails named Lorna sitting before Hikari's tent as a guard.

:Morning Lorna.: He says shyly to the much more evolved Pokemon. Lorna nods, replying to his greeting, :And to you, Shade:

: Big Brother!: A brown blur comes out of Shoya's tent and tackles him. Young Voss, hatched just last month, believes him to be a sibling and he never really corrected the hatchling and to be fair, he kind of liked the title.

:Hello Voss, had a good sleep?: Shade asks the normal colored Eevee. :Yip!: Chimes Voss, then adds, :Shoya-kun let me sleep on his chest!:

He licks Voss' nose and the young Eevee gets up, he moves to lick Voss' face and Voss pulls away as he moves to do his ears. :Not bath time, Shade-nii-chan!:

Shade gets up, chuckling as Voss darts over to welcome TK as his trainer gets out of the tent. "Voss! It's good to see you too." TK says to the hyperactive Eevee.

Soon enough, the humans are all up and out of their respective tents. After the humans ate, they release those Pokemon still in their PokeBalls and soon enough, they get their breakfast as Jiro and Takato wash the dirty dishes while Shoya and TK fed their monsters. As everyone finishes, the larger monsters are once more in their respective PokeBalls, which means besides him, Victoria the Lucario and Angus the Croagunk.

Before they split up, the humans pick some point on a map to meet up in a few days' time. Takato and Jiro are the first to head off from the group, fairly quickly they all did, even Zero departs from his siblings, Taichi and Hikari, which also means that Hikari does the same. He says good-bye to Voss and to Lorna as Shoya leaves.

:And there goes your, little brother.: Victoria teases him and Shade sends the Lucario a slight glare. :And your... girlfriend!: He blushes at that, stuttering, :Lorna isn't my girlfriend.:

:Not for a lack of wishing.: Victoria states, walking pass as he had slowed his pace. With a shake of his head, he picks up his pace and does his best to keep pace with TK while the two taller monsters stride about a foot ahead of them.

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Loop 2

"Oh that can't be good..." TK murmurs as he Awaken to him staring up at the full moon, it's misty, and as he glances about, he finds standing stones. His cloths appear to be old fashion sort. Not in Japan am I? He wonders to himself.

Suddenly, he turns and something huge plus grey lands on him, biting him near his neck. Panicking, he causes his Digivice to light up and within seconds, the monster is tossed towards a stone. As he touches the bite wound, he gets a good idea of what attacked him. Light from his Digivice keeps the man-beast at the stone, he slowly gets up as the locals come into view, their guns pointing at him first before gasping and pointing them at the man-beast.

"By God, he's got wings!" A horse man exclaims upon looking at him, he glances over his shoulder to find rays of light forming a pair of wings behind him. Just my luck... He thinks with a slight frown as he feels the spot where his hand is knit up.

Pulling his hand away, he finds some blood on his hand as gun shots echo as said gunmen fire at the man-beast, who only growls and snarls as the bullets enter into him. The light remains, holding the cursed beast to the stone, while the glow around him fades. "Are you alright, Mr Talbot?"

"I believe so, gentlemen. I guess we wait until dawn to learn the identity of the cursed one?" He inquires, nodding towards the man-beast.

The others glance at each other and then back at the cursed man, the werewolf. "If the blessing of the Good Lord holds, then that does seem sensible." Many of the men were already in the process of reloading their rifles.

"I guess it wasn't the bear." One of the grizzled men remarks as people come along with strong drink. A number of children soberly studies the wolfman before their mother/fathers/uncles/aunts escort them back to the village or camp. An old woman comes to check on him, asking softly, "Were you bitten?"

"Yea, but I doubt I'll end up like him." He says softly. She gives him a look but he smiles slightly, he doubts his Digivice would allow him to wind up as a mindless killing beast.

To be fair, this is the first time I've dealt with this sort of thing, well, outside of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer world. I wonder if Taichi's experienced something like this? He wonders as the old woman, Maleva, used some cloth to wipe the blood away from his now healed bite wound.

He doesn't react much to the pressure of Maleva's fingers to said area. "There isn't any bruising." She finally states and he nods, not surprised.

A mug of something warm is handed to him and he drinks it, it's rather bitter but then, he's fairly sure that it's beer or something similar. After all, it's odd to be an adult and expected to drink said kind of drinks. And other activities. He muses to himself as he glances towards the werewolf.

As time marched on, some of the men fell asleep while other come and go, likely just wanting to get away from the monster. Dawn finally arrives and those awake, poked and prodded those that fell asleep. Before their eyes, they witnessed the fur falling out, the claws shrink to become nails, sharp fangs turn into normal teeth, and the muscles relax. Gasps ring out as the light fades and they realize who is the monster in their mist.

"Sir Talbot!" He gets some pitying looks as they make some connection between the elderly man and the events that let to him being in the area. As his 'father' wakes someone fires their rifle, within seconds more of them go off, killing the man who just minutes ago had been a man crossed with a beast. Soon the gun smoke clears and they can all see the result of the gun shots.

Then, one of the men turn to look at him. They shift their weight as a few begin to clean their rifles. "He was bitten, right?"

"Ye weren't around! The Good Lord protected him! Even healed that bite wound!"

"Wings of Light were coming out of his back. The Lord is merciful."

Around and around the conversation goes, a number of the men wished to end his life while those who were around to witness the Lord's Blessing defended him. End the end, they decided that come the next full moon, he'll be placed in a cell and if he transforms, well, they'd know whether or not the Lord Blessed him. And so, his horse is returned to him and his so call father's body is placed on a wagon. He is lead back to the manor with a number of men dispersing as they go through the local village.

An elderly man, clearly Sir Talbot's friend and servant look grimly at the wagon. The woman, who wasn't anyone he recognized looks a bit happy to see him well, although she seems disturbed by the wagon. As he stops the horse, he says to the pair, "My father is dead. Many men lost their lives last night and when it was revealed what he was..."

The man nods in understanding, he gets down off the horse and the woman, a lady of a noble house more then likely, gives him a hug. "I know you weren't very close to your father, but I will miss him." She whispers to him before pulling away.

"Did anyone... get bitten?" The breaded elderly man inquires and some of the men glance at him, uneasily. "I see."

"Come next moon, I'll be entering into a heavy secure cell. If I transform, I will likely share my father's fate." He states simply and the man seems sadden by this while the lady seems puzzled.

"Surely you are joking..." She says and he looks her in the eyes, stating simply, "We managed to capture a wild thing and come dawn, we watched its fur fall out, vanishing as it did so, talon like claws become simple finger nails, and the face relax into that of a man's. The Good Lord sent his Blessing, allowing us to keep the beast pinned to a stone until dawn. It may be hard to believe but we saw what we saw, my Lady."

- - T - -

They really tried to make it as secure as possible, didn't they? He muses as he approaches the cell. "The bars are of silver, the priest blessed them." One of his escorts explains, he nods in understanding but doubted that them being of silver would really stop a werewolf.

What reading he did, which turned out to be very little information upon the subject, and the conversation with Maleva before the gypsies left seems to imply that the silver needed to be in his heart to be effective. Not that he thought he'd transform, he had already done so a week after the incident and found it rather easy to control the instincts of the new body. Dark golden fur covering him from head to paws, a huge canine head, strongly built body, a preference for being on all fours, and a slightly bushy tail. Transformed into said state seemingly added an extra four feet but that could be explained viva lengthening of limbs and the up right ears.

The hinges need to be oiled as they squeak as the door opens and then thumps closes. They lock the door and soon enough, they pull back from the cell. He stands around in the center of the cell, waiting for the moon to rise. The sky darkens and after a while, the full moon slowly reaches its post.

After a while, he grows tired and sits down upon the ground. In time, he lies onto the ground and dozes off. He wakes to the sound of the door opens. "I guess the Good Lord has indeed blessed you, Mr Talbot. Yer free to go." One of the townsfolk says as he sits up, stiffing a yawn. He nods as he gets to his feet, walking out of the building, he finds his horse waiting for him along with his dead father's servant.

As they ride home, he inquires to the elderly Muslim, "So, have you decided whether you wish to remain here or return to your homeland?"

"I believe I shall, you do plan to sell the estate and the lands I believe." To which he nods, as he plans to leave Britain behind, heading to America, buy a huge trace of land and just enjoy a minor vacation. He'll be sure to record his condition, taking samples to sent to Thomas, who's been studying various sciences.

Soon he heads to his room, and falls asleep once he gets out of his dirty cloths.

_ o - 0 - o _

Loop 3

The gun is finally empty, not that it seemed to cause pause from the shambling corpses. A few thuds ring out, it seems that some of the animated bodies trip over their own fallen. Then, suddenly, meaty slashes echo and he looks up to find Shirou moving silently among the herd of zombies, beheading them quickly and effectively.

"You alright, TK?" Shirou Emiya, one of the fellow anchors of this Loop, asks him.

"Yea, I'm just a bit stunned that at how many rounds I managed to get off." He tells the Looping Magus. "I still would give my right arm for that plasma gun in my storage space." He adds as he dusts off his leather pants, made out of cow leather.

"You aren't the only one aching for modern convinces, or should we call them future convinces?" Shirou muses as he moves among the bodies, marking each fleshy limb with a rune.

"Whatever works." He says as he comes out from the building he had taken shelter in. He would have headed to the second level if the stairs hadn't been sporting magical traps, it's bad enough that just holding a hand over the first step passively activated part of the trap's function. Reason why he was even exploring the town has to do with looking for anything useful for the group's mission of killing Raven.

"Weird West indeed." The nineteen year old, blond anchor curses as he watches as Shirou finishes up cleaning the area of dead bodies and parts. The fire is mystical in nature, leaving no smoke at all.

"Indeed." Shirou agrees, coming over to where he's standing.

"I mostly just found them stored away in the buildings. They didn't start coming out until I tripped the mystical trap that's on the stairs." He reports to the Magus Killer. "Just having my hand over the first step stirred these guys into action."

Shirou's eyes hardened and marches through the doorway. He falls into step behind Shirou, it wasn't long before they stand at the bottom of the stairs. It didn't take long for Shirou to cause the trap to glow and he watches as Shirou goes to work in dismantling the array. Shirou heads up the stairs and he stays down on the main level, doubting he'd want to see what's up there.

After a few minutes, Shirou comes down, saying in a tense tone, "The cellar."

He gives a sharp nod and they head into the back, it takes them a few minutes to find the entrance and he summons a ball of light. With Shirou in the lead, they walk down the stone steps. He notices a smell that grows stronger. He didn't know what they found as it didn't look as gothic as he expects it to be, but then, to him, it just looks like a table with a pyramid of scrolls upon it.

Beyond the table and the scrolls, there were barrels and looking up, he shivers slightly at the sight of animal skulls strung up about the ceiling. There seems to be runes upon the skulls, not that he can see them clearly, only that they glow. Suddenly, a bunch of arrows fly up and destroy the skulls. It takes a few rounds but Shirou gets them all and he glances towards his fellow anchor, watching the bow disappear.

Shirou walks over to the table and begins to quick read the top scroll. Soon Shirou reads each scroll and then, he destroys them. "Just a record of what the warlock did here." Shirou states.

"Let's go get the others, we're going to burn this whole town just to make sure we got everything." Shirou says, already marching pass him, heading up the stairs.

He merely nods, rather glad that Patamon wasn't around for this loop.

_ o - 0 - o _

Loop 4a

TK shares a look with his... 'cousin' who's name is Shawn, but then, his current name is Terry as he had checked his wallet. "So... you two are also Loopers?" Asks Gwen while Ben just studies them.

All the while InuYasha, currently named Ivan, seems to be freaking out over the lack of his demonic powers. Yes, InuYasha as in the half-demon from a rather famous Manga and Anime. "Yea... are either of you familiar with this universe?" He asks.

"Nope, but I likely involves aliens." Ben speaks for the first time. "It always involves aliens." Ben remarks with a sigh while Gwen gives Ben a look of disappointment.

"So... where are you guys normally from?" Gwen asks and he shrugs when Shawn shoots him a questioning look. "Well, I'm usually at a camp site in Japan and eight years old. Shawn is usually not human and in the Digital World. As for 'Ash', I'm fairly sure that he Wake to find himself pinned to a tree and a teenage school girl clinging to him."

"How do you know that?!" Ash demands, suddenly in his face.

"Well, for one, you have complained that it wasn't a new moon and your introduction as InuYasha. There's a popular Manga that got made into an Anime series by the name of the male main character, who's a half-dog demon." Shawn pipes in, even Ben's expression shows how interested he is in that fact.

"So I'm famous from your world, huh?" Ash states with a rather prideful look upon his face.

"Well yea." He agrees.

"So wait, you're some half-demon," Ben asks, pointing to Ash first, "and you are some kind of Digital Entity," Ben points to Shawn before turning to look at Terry, "and you are what to him?"

"Shawn is usually something call a Digimon, short for Digital Monster. Species name is Patamon, though I guess if you want a name, Shoya. I'm his human friend and partner, I help him as Patamon assume higher forms." He explains as he holds up his Digivice. "My name is usually Takeru, or TK and I'm typically the Digidestine of Hope."

"And that's your status symbol?" Ash asks and he sighs. Within seconds, a laptop is resting upon the floor. "A little modification to the code and I can use it to store things. It also allows me harness the power that is the reason why I was chosen in the first place."

"Did it take you a few to get it right like it did for Gwen to create her storage space?" Ben asks as he sends the laptop back into his storage space.

Before anyone could answer, a voice over the intercom of the mall tells them that the mall is closed and for them to vacate the entrances. With a lazy shrug and a fixed scowl upon a certain grumpy Anchor, they began to walk away from the mall. "Well, no, I worked with a friend of mine on making modifications, it worked out rather well." And then there's that code to alter my appearance, but I did that on my own. The rest of the powers didn't even need me to enter any kind of code. He thinks to himself.

"So, what about Ben and yourself? I mean, other then aliens, what's your universe like?" Shawn asks Gwen as they walk pass this construction site, only for some one to sigh, Ben it turned out, and says, "Oh look. What are those lights up there?"

It was said in such a flat tone that everyone stopped and looked at Ben for a few seconds before looking up at the sky. Sure enough, there's something coming down from the sky, heading for... the construction site they are just walking pass. "I guess we better go greet the pilot and hear what they have to say." Gwen sighs and they all follow her into the site.

_ o - 0 - o _

Loop 5

"I can't believe you... you... you sold me, again!" TK shouts at Zoe, they were walking out to the spot where the Spring Summoning is going to be held. "It took me three days, Zoe, THREE, to break that magic nulling collar and then two days for my reserves to be full enough for me to use magic to get off that ship!"

"I don't see why you are upset, you were going to be marrying a queen and she, according to that diplomat, has a fine taste in women. It's not like you'd have much to do, living in the lap of luxury with so many beautiful women, you could finally get the practice you need in the matters of the bedroom." Zoe informs him in an off handed matter, causing him to just give her his best glare, which did seem to cause a minor flinch but nothing more.

"I am so going to get you back for all of this. You won't know when or the how, but it will happen." He informs Zoe in a deadly serious voice. With that, he focuses on their surroundings. He didn't have a single doubt about who he'll be summoning, the question is, what form will Patamon show up in?

Soon enough, they each take their turn at summoning their familiar with him summoning Patamon in the form of a Pegasusmon. A quick kiss sealed the pact, with him whispering to Pegasusmon, "Not One Word."

"Wouldn't dream of it." Pegasusmon whispers back under the disguise of nudging him in the shoulder and he gives his partner a blank look. He snorts and turns to watch the last few summons.

Zoe's turn is the second last, just before a certain Void Mage who isn't an anchor, which he is very thankful for, and can't help but wonder just who she'll summon, her Human Spirit or her Beast Spirit. As Zoe takes her place and does the spell, he's focus upon the spot where the familiar will appear. Smoke begins to appear and then, with a pop, smoke explodes and as it clears, he drops his jaw as she managed to summon a Pixie from Monster Rancher. The sub-breed called Janne, which is a cross between a Pixie and a Durahan.

"Is that an Angel?" "Looks like one, doesn't she?" "Look at that armor..." "... kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss..." "... on the lips! That would be so sweet!" "... dreams to night!"

"So, I'm Zoe, student of this fine academy, and who might you be?" Zoe asks politely while Pegasusmon murmurs soft curses for about a moment before realizing that he isn't a rare Pixie type so the Janne won't be bugging him. His partners murmurs turn to prayer as the Janne answers Zoe, her summoner.

"I am Benita, member of the Sky Wardens." The now named Benita states in Japanese, not that any of their classmates know the language. "How did I come to be here? And for what purpose have I been... summoned?"

He didn't like the smile that is slowly creeping upon Zoe's face. He quickly climbs upon Pegasusmon's back and says, "Fly West! Go, go, go!"

Soon enough, Benita is flying after them, demanding a duel to the death over Zoe's stolen virtue. I don't care what it takes, Zoe will pay! He thinks as he clings to Pegasusmon's mane for dear life as his partner does some evasive maneuvers to avoid Benita's attacks.

_ o - 0 - o _

Loop 4b

He studies the crow outside of his window with a slight grin. The crow seems fine and as he opens the window, the black bird flares its wings and caws at him. The crow tries to flap its wings but it's stuck fast in the magical glue that keeps the bird firmly stuck in place along with the bait bowl that's been emptied. As he manages to get the beak, he is already concentrating upon the crow, it relaxes and he quickly plucks the crow from the glue and tosses it into the air.

Within a second, it has recovered and flying away. With the crow gone, 'Terry' begins to clean up the spot, the glue already vanishing now that the crow is gone. Now a crow added to the list. It's still a small list but it's growing. He thinks as he leaves his room, making sure the window is secured shut.

His first acquired animal had been a stray male dog, a husky-border collie mix during his tour of an animal shelters. His second was a cat, also during that visit of an animal shelter, a grey tabby who had been surrendered to the shelter and neutered, not that it affected the morph. Not long afterwards, they used the morphs they acquired to sneak into the local zoo, him using his cat morph while the others used the forms of dog, rat, or ferret to sneak in.

As he places the bowl into the sink, he runs the hot water for a few seconds until it was hot before filling the bowl with said hot water. "Three months already? My, my, how time flies..." He murmurs to himself as he finishes with filling up the bowl with water, he turns it off once he gives his hands a quick through the water, turning the cool water on a bit so it wasn't that hot.

Unsurprisingly, Ash went straight to the power house animals which are namely bears, wolverine, badger, lion, tiger, hyena, and, after much convincing, a dophin. Gwen's collection of animals involved a number of venomous beasties along with a bat, hyena, rhino, and a dolphin. Ben also did those that Ash did but he also did three venomous snakes, bat, monkey, gorilla, elephant, and a scorpion. Shawn's collection of animals were a tiger, black bear, leopard, great horned owl, elephant, monkey, otter, mountain ram, bat, badger, and dolphin.

Soon enough, the frying pan is warm enough that be takes the glass with the egg yokes within it and pours it into the pan. He places the now empty glass into the sink and begin scrambling the eggs as they begin to cook. The bowl waits near to be filled along with what he likes to add to his scrambled eggs. He glances up as his mom comes into the kitchen from the front, at a glance he could tell that she hadn't had a good meal in the last twenty-four hours given the way she is slowly making her way to the fridge, likely for one of her store bought shakes in a can.

Once she got one, she is already gulping it down. "Have a good day at school, sweetie." She tells him before she heads out of the kitchen, likely up to her bedroom. He sighs, it seems that she forgot that yesterday was a Friday and that today, Saturday.

He didn't like her like this, but at least she wasn't a Human-Controller, just a writer, of all the jobs she could have ended up with for a loop. Typically, she works the same job she usually has when they were in their home loop. This loop proved to be a rather interesting one in more way then just the appearance of those other anchors from other universes or the alien invasion that's going on, although it's an interesting weapon they have to fight said alien invasion to begin with.

Lion, wolverine, rhino, cheeta, and dolphin from the zoo, picked up that mustang from that neighboring ranch, animals I've trapped and then released beyond that crow have been a fox, coyote, and hare. Used that tranquilize gun to get a white tail deer stag, bobcat, wolf, and beaver. Then I found that wolf spider, managed not to squish it when I found it, freaky experience being one, not sure why Gwen acquired all those bugs. Fifteen in total for me, not sure what the others have picked up on their own time. Even Shawn's been pretty quiet about his list of animals. He reviews as he turns off the stove before picking up the pan, slowly and carefully pushing the eggs into the bowl.

Soon enough, his breakfast is ready for him to eat it. He is slowly getting use to not having to make enough for both Patamon and himself, although he'll likely return to the habit when they return home. Sitting at the table, he glances to an empty seat, he can't help but feel lonely at times, particularly in the morning and when Patamon possesses his own family outside of he himself. Majority of the time, they're twins, sharing the same parents and older brother.

Thankfully, either Matt or his father seem to exist here, leaving it mostly his mom and himself. Shawn's father is his mom's brother for this loop, not that they get together much as a family. As he muses, he finishes his breakfast, but doesn't feel like getting up right away.

Pushing his dishes and glass off to the side, he summons a laptop and the morph granting cube that's connected to the computer. He checks the reading and copying program going on, blinking in surprise, it seems that it finished about two months ago. With a thoughtful hum, he summons an external hard drive and copies the whole alien device information onto it. Once that's done, he unplugs it and getting up, he finds some tape and a marker, writing Morphing Cube on the tape, he puts it on the hard drive. No longer needing it, it returns to his space pocket.

He disconnects the Morphing Cube but leaves it out. He'll phone Gwen to come and take it, as per their agreement when they returned to search for the cube. Putting the side panel back on, he then begins typing away at the computer, bringing up a decryption program and sets it to work upon the alien information, hopefully, at some point in the future, he'd be able to fix the program to allow for longer period of time in a morph. With the program running and the battery still fine, he banishes the computer and cable back to his storage space.

Taking a few seconds to clear away his dishes, he gets onto the phone and dials Gwen's number. The reason why he has it? They're pretending to date and thus it wouldn't be unusual about the sudden phone calls between them.

The phone rings a few more times before Gwen picks up and he gives her the coded phrase that informed her that the Morphing Cube is ready for her to come and take it.

_ o - 0 - o _

Loop 6

Well, at least there doesn't seem to be any Pixies around here to bother Shoya... TK thinks as he slaps a bug that landed upon his cheek, walking through the swamp while his best friend and partner flies above. They woke up upon a beach with bits and pieces of wood from a ship. Neither of them recalls being on a ship... as of yet. It might come to them in dreams over the course of the next few months.

They didn't salvage much from the wreck, so he's more then thankful for the storage space he created within his Digivice. He's got plenty of sets of cloths within that space in his current size and he did wonder if he might yet need to get Izzy's and maybe Ken's help with creating a portable washer and drier for his cloths instead of relying upon waking in a place where laundromats are common. He slaps a spot on his left hand as he follows the solid land that winds through this portion of the swamp.

TK's pretty sure that Shoya is either humming or whistling a jolly tune, likely giddy about the fact that he's not getting mobbed by a large number of typically female monsters. Can't blame him after what Zoe arranged for me during our last encounter in Familiar of Zero Loop. He can't help but shutter a bit and make a warding gesture to banish those memories.

With a shake of his head and slaps his neck, killing the bug trying to drink from him. He does his best to ignore the smell as he gets worse. Something dark and shadowy slowly pops up on his horizon, as he heads there, he finds a spring at the foot of this mouth of a cave. Wrinkling his nose, he can't help but make a face as he studies the cave. After a few minutes, he believes he makes out some kind of statue, surviving many attacks viva the wind and the rain.

"Shoya! I've found a cave for us to explore." He calls out upon pressing a button on his ear piece.

"Roger, TK, coming down!" And within minutes, the trees rustle as Shoya comes down through the trees. He uses his left arm to cover his eyes, waiting for everything to settle down.

"Spooky looking, sure you want to explore it?" His partner asks as he summons a pair of flashlights. He hands one to the angel looking Pixie once his has been turned on.

"Might as well. Anything we find we can use later once we get back to civilization." He reasons as he begins to wade through the spring, heading into the cave. He is glad to find that within a few feet, the cave floor is dry and he notices seems within the walls, clearly making the cave a man-made structure. It's not the first time they come across some ancient abandoned building/city/underground building.

They found a few more decorations in the form of dull tiles arranged in patterns or in the form of beings or symbols, icons more likely. Then they ran into spots that clearly witnessed a fight or two. Thankfully, they haven't ran into a skeleton, just rubble or rusty weapons that were likely broke in use. They found cave-ins when the path diverges, even ruined stair cases, although they could likely get up to that level. They didn't see a reason to do so at this point of time, might as well explore where they can before venturing to areas the could be unstable.

They come to a large open space and all about the area are scraps of rusted metal along with Lost Disks. "A grave yard of monsters." Shoya murmurs, it's clear that the sight before them as they sweep the area with beams of light from their flashlights affected his partner, best friend, and fellow Anchor a heck of a lot more then it did him. That should be expected I guess... If it were littered with human bones... He does his best to dismiss that thought and the trail that it wishes to lead him down.

He slowly begins to walk through the gate way and a loud metal screech erupts. "Oh Hell no..." He swears as he looks down to the edge of the door way, it takes him a few minutes to find the laser trap line as things slowly begin to fall to the ground. It's clear that some kind of guardian, likely made out of something durable, is slowly waking.

"Too late to run for our lives, isn't it?" Shoya asks in a flat tone and he studies the hallway.

"No, I think we have a clear path out of here, see that up there? It's jamming the sliding door, keeping it from closing. The real question is, do we want it to destroy the whole ruin as it chases us?" He informs his friend.

"... Right." Shoya sighs and they prepare to face the guardian. Him summoning a plasma gun for himself and some vibrating sword for Shoya to use that Thomas made, all Thomas wanted in exchange for the sword had been two magical staffs that he created and a simply robe that's got a like three spells enchanted upon it, a repair spell, a cloaking spell, and an armor spell, all of which came that Familiar of Zero loop. The flashlights had been banished back to the storage space and with a bit of thought, an orb of light appear high in the air above them, giving them a very good view of the stone dragon lumbering towards them.

_ o - 0 - o _

Loop 4c

:Who are you people?: Demands the Andalite surrounded by robotic creations sporting some kind of lazer cannons and four legs. :I'd like an answer now.: All four eyes narrow at them.

"Great, another trigger happy alien." Murmurs Ben, he sighs while Ash snaps at the young appearing Andalite.

"We're here to answer that message you sent out. F'eh, if this is how you welcome us then we should have just ignored like I said we should have."

:That doesn't explain where Prince Jake and the other Animorphs are.:

He blinks and replies before the others could do so, "Wait, your a local anchor for this universe? If that's so... then, well, the other native Loopers have likely taken our places in our universes." Or took the place of those who did at any rate. He mentally adds to himself.

:You guys are also, as Marco says, in the Groundhog Day mode?: The Andalite inquires, his tail relaxing a tad, well, that's how he judges it, not like he's familiar with the species after all. They all nod, well, except for Ash.

"Yea, we are all Loopers as Terry said. Ben and I are usually dealing with a larger array of aliens then what this universe offers." Gwen states.

"F'eh." Ash grunts, crossing his arms, not bothering to explain anything about where he came from. While Shawn pipes in, "Ash is usually a Half-Demon in Japan that's typically five hundred years in the past. His actual name is InuYasha."

"Shawn and I also come from Japan, although in a more modern setting. My real name is Takeru 'TK' Takaishi, Digidestine of Hope and Shawn, usually called Shoya when human, is my Digimon partner and best friend commonly called Patamon." Terry informs the Andalite whom's eyes widen.

:I have watched the show called Digimon and read a few volume of InuYasha in its original language.: The alien states as a stick eye looks at Ash and at himself. oes that mean you two also have fake names?:

The young Andalite looks towards Ben and Gwen, Ben piping in, "Well, our last names are different, but Ben and Gwen are our names. We're also cousins and our grandmother is an alien, which makes us quarter Anodite."

The Andalite takes a moment and he can't help but wonder if the alien is sighing, although the tail seems to become more... relaxed. :I see, well, we could likely continue this later. We kind of have incoming Yeerks.: Andalite states. :You may call me... Ax.:

Terry swears that the stalk eyes grinned but concludes that they should find a more... ground level place to continue their conversation.

_ o - 0 - o _

Loop 7

"Joso!" TK cries out and lines made out of blue energy flare up, soon enough a cube is created upon the scroll. He groans at how the lines don't match up, his cube is just a cm larger then the design on the scroll's square.

"Well, that certainly looks better." His 'older' brother remarks. "At least you didn't cause the scroll to get launched at the ceiling like you did a few tries ago."

"Damn it, Shirou, can't we call it quits for today? I'm expected to leave at midnight to go patrol the school." Eight year old Takeru Sumimura asks. "I'd like to get some sleep before I leave."

It so didn't help that he didn't have his Digivice on him as he does this. He's sure that if he had it on him, he'd have done this perfectly each time he preformed this technique. Though he does have a point about it might be taken and put someplace I can't get at it...

"Well, given your accuracy is much better and you've got the shape down, I guess we can call it. But tomorrow afternoon, we'll resume." Shirou informs him in a firm tone and he nods.

After watching Shirou leave the dojo, he gets up and walks over to the scroll. He starts at the square before looking at the palm of his hand and back again. With a slight shake of his head, he rolls the scroll up and putting it away, he heads for the bathroom to have a quick shower before heading to his room. Soon he's done and he pauses as he turns to look at his current father, who's walking towards the kitchen, having returned from speaking with his publisher.

"Evening... dad." He says, it's rather hard not to say mom as he's use to living with his mom. "I think Shirou is in the kitchen."

"Thank you, Take-chan!" His current father says with a smile and ruffles his blond hair, heading for the kitchen. He smiles softly while a bit of sadness shines from his eyes, he's rather unused to the affection he's getting in the few hours that he's been Awake here in this universe.

He quickly arrives to his room and it's not long before he's yawning widely and deeply. He gets into his futon and within a few minutes of banishing his thoughts, falls asleep. His alarm will wake him at eleven for him to change into traditional Kekkashi attire and head for the school.

- - T - -

"I can't believe I'm a ghost dog!" Inuyasha growls as they head to the school. TK simply sighs, the usual half demon has been circling around that statement since they headed out. He's given up trying to get a word in edge wise although with their destination in sight, he won't be the only one to suffer from Inuyasha's ranting.

He gets onto school grounds, he slowly looks around, taking in the school and getting a feel for the area. Ignoring Inuyasha, he rams the butt of the staff into the ground and does some stretches. Man that staff got heavy! He thinks as he goes through the stretches.

As he finishes, he senses something join them in the school yard. He snatches the staff and glances expectantly at Inuyasha, who is growling while looking up at the roof. His gaze follows Inuyasha's own and he notices some kind of bird perched on the roof.

He brings up his right hand, his index and middle finger up while the rest of his fingers plus the thumb are curled inwards to the palm. "Joso!" He cries out with a quick upward motion of his right hand.

The tell tale glow of his blue kekkai forming appears and the bird Ayakaishi tries to fly out of the range of the kekkai but a green tinted kekkai snags the tail as his kekkai forms around the Ayakaishi, it crows and curses as he glances to his right and then to his left to find Rachel with her own ghost dog hovering near.

"Nice to meet you face to face, Rachel-chan!" TK says with a cheerful smile.

"And you, TK-chan." Rachel returns with a grin while Inuyasha is already in muzzle to muzzle with the other Ghost Dog.

"I can't believe You ended up here! Didn't I say I'd skin you, Laharl, when we meet again?" Inuyasha snarls while Laharl merely pulls back, head going up and begins to ooze with arrogance and sports a condescending tone, "I'd like to see you try! Ahahhahaha!"

He winces slightly at the laugh while Inuyasha snaps and bites down on Laharl's body. The pair fight as Rachel and himself watch, he frowns at Inuyasha's antics but then, he doesn't interfere as he doesn't under stand the history between the pair.

With a sigh he says, "Metse!"

Rachel activates her staff and the Ayakaishi's remains enter into the metal hop. "Well, this is going to be a fun loop, huh?" Rachel muses.

"Well, it'll certainly be lively." Is his reply as the pair of Ghost Dogs continue to cause a scene between biting each other to cursing each other.

To Be Continued . . .