A Baby Story:

Part 1Lindsays P.O.V.

By: ioanhoratio

AN: So I took Greater Good and figured we needed a whole lot more DL. This story is that episode told completely from Danny and Lindsays perspectives. It is about Lindsays labor, Lucys delivery, and will carry through to when they leave the hospital. Now this story is about child birth so I should warn you the details can get a bitgraphic. Birth is definitely a beautiful experience but it is also a horrific one. Thus the paradox of parenthood begins ;). So you have been warned! Also I have outlined this entire story so it might take me a while to write it but I at least know it is going to endunlike some of my stories LOL! I hope you like it.


Lindsay was miserable. Her back ached, her ankles were swollen, her hips were sore, her stomach was shoved up into her chest cavity and she had no idea where her lungs had wound up. She only knew that breathing was not as easy as it should be. She was tired from lack of sleep and cranky. She was hot and hormonal and she was in labor...at least she believed she was.

She was really hoping the liquid running down her leg was her water breaking. Although pregnancy had taught her a valuable lesson; her body was a traitor. It had no problem embarrassing her these past nine months so it was absolutely possible she had just peed on herself in the lab. Lindsay shifted slightly. 'No,' she thought, 'that was definitely my water.'

Lindsay took a moment to congratulate herself. At least she and Danny wouldn't be taking trip after trip to the hospital because of false labor. This baby was absolutely on her way. Her victories were small these days so she took it happily. Then slowly the realization that she was going to soon be giving birth sunk in. Lindsay's breath caught in her throat and her mind blanked.

'What should I do do?' she thought frantically as her heart began pounding. To the empty lab she said aloud, "The hospital. I need to go to the hospital. No, wait, I should find Danny. Wait, the doctor, I'll call the doctor. No need to worry Danny until I speak to the doctor. But what about this mess on the floor? Should I call some one? Oh good griefjust get a hold of yourself!"

Lindsay closed her eyes and took the first of what she was sure was going to be many deep breaths and let it out slowly. She closed her eyes and allowed the voice of their birthing instructor to fill her head, "Relax. Work with your body. Try not to tense up and stress. Let this be a beautiful experience and try not to worry too much."

Slightly calmer now Lindsay opened her eyes and pulled out her cell phone. She scrolled through her contacts then waited as she listened to the rings.

"Dr. Reeser's office," a young, cheery voice carried through the speaker.

"Yeah, hi, this is Lindsay Messer. I'm a patient of Dr. Reeser's and I believe my water just broke," Lindsay said steadily.

"Ok. That's M-E-S-S-E-R?" the voice spelled.

"Yes," Lindsay confirmed. The sound of keys typing could be heard tapping through the phone.

"Ok," the voice said again after a pause, "Messer, Lindsay. 38 weeks plus 2 days, correct?"

"That's me," Lindsay said.

"Alright," the voice stated happily, "Just give me a moment."

Before Lindsay could reply, a classical lullaby filled the line as she was placed on hold. Lindsay fought down feelings of irritation as she reminded herself that while this was her first baby and everything was terrifying to her, to them this happened all the time and was no rush.

After a few more deep breaths Lindsay heard the line pick up and the familiar high voice of her doctor, "Lindsay?"

"Yes. Dr. Reeser?" Lindsay asked stupidly. She grimaced slightly at her question wondering if she was going to be air headed all day.

Thankfully the doctor chose to just ignore the question and instead asked, "Are we having a baby today?"

Lindsay smiled, "I hope so. I'm fairly certain my water broke."

"Fairly certain?" Dr. Reeser teased good-naturedly.

Lindsay's smile grew, "Certain. I stood up and felt liquid run down my leg."

"Did it smell?" the doctor inquired.

"Not really. It definitely didn't smell like urine if that's what you're asking," Lindsay answered.

This time the doctor laughed out loud, "Just making sure. Could you tell if the fluid was clear or if it had color?"

"As far as I can tell it was clear," Lindsay answered.

"Great. Have you had any contractions?"

"Nothing serious, I've had a few light contractions since early this morning but that's all." She said it casually but Lindsay remembered Danny anxiously questioning whether she should come to work today. She had argued she would rather be around people who could help her rather than be home alone but right now she was wishing she could hide under her covers.

"OK," the doctor's voice broke through her thoughts, "Normally, we wouldn't have you come in until your labor had progressed further but because your water broke you're at a higher risk for infection so go ahead and head to the hospital. I'll have my office notify them that youre coming. You have some one who can take you? Your husband?"

"Yes, my husband," Lindsay assured her.

"Good," Dr. Reeser said brightly, "Now I would suggest wearing a pad to the hospital since you may leak amniotic fluid and you definitely don't want that on the car seats," she said knowingly.

Lindsay felt herself relax slightly now that she knew what she needed to be doing, "Thank you Dr. Reeser."

"Not a problem. Let's have a baby today shall we?"

The doctor's question sent butterflies through Lindsay's stomach but with confidence she said, "OK."

The phone call was ended and Lindsay couldn't wait another moment to go find Danny. She eyed the mess on the floor and shyly rolled her chair over it. She would just deal with that later. Thank goodness she had on black pants that made it difficult to make out the huge wet spot on them. Lindsay had told Danny that she was convinced the reason a woman was pregnant so long was so she could get used to being a walking embarrassment. She had spent the last nine months vomiting, peeing, crying, farting, swelling, belching, and alternating between constipation and diarrheausually at the most unfortunate moments. Nine months ago the idea of pushing a baby out of her vagina in a room full of strangers had seemed mortifying. Now Lindsay knew it was just par for the course when it came to motherhood. Danny had just laughed at her theory and told her how much he loved her. He must, because he had been witness to all her ailments and had stood by her through each one and had still made her feel beautiful.

'That bastard,' thought Lindsay, 'He should damn well make me fell beautiful. I wouldn't be dealing with any of this if it weren't for him. Now where the hell was he?'

Lindsay had been waddling all over the lab looking for him to no avail.

"Adam," She called out to the young lab tech, "Have you seen Danny?"

Looking up from the report he had been reading, Adam motioned with his pen and said, "He left about 20 minutes ago with Doc to a crime scene on the Upper West Side."

Lindsays brain had gone into overdrive the moment Adam told her Danny was gone. A quick shake of her head to regroup she asked, "What about, uh, Stella or Mac?"

Not realizing what he was committing himself to Adam said easily, "Stella's in court and the Boss took a day off."

Lindsay turned away in disbelief and frustration and just began walking. Not understanding the purpose of Lindsay's questions Adam continued, "Yeah, can you believe it? Mac never takes a day off. I don't think there's been one day since I've worked here that he hasn't shown up. He's like, 'Hey, I'm not coming in.' Ya know? Although he did go to London that one time but I don't...

"Adam!" Lindsay interrupted sharply. She had spent the time he was rambling to consider her options, "OK, enough!"

"What?" Adam asked with quiet concern.

"I just got back from Montana. I...I'm not ready to deal with you," Lindsay griped.

"Ok?" Adam asked slightly confused.

Wondering why nothing in her life could go smoothly, Lindsay knew she had to make a decision, "This is not how I imagined it," she said to no one in particular.

"What?" Adam breathed, clueless to what was happening.

Decision made, Lindsay knew there was no turning back. Grabbing the front of Adam's shirt she pulled him close to her and told him, "I need you to focus Adam."

"OK," he said back, making eye contact.

Speaking fast and frantically Lindsay commanded, "Go get a set of keys to a car, any car, and meet me in the garage in five minutes. My water just broke," Lindsay watched as Adam's mouth dropped open in shock but she couldn't pause, even for a moment, "I'm about to go into labor and you are taking me to the hospital."

He stared at her dumbly with his mouth still hanging open until Lindsay gave him a shove, "Go!"

His response was immediate, "Ok," and he set off to do as he was instructed.

"Adam," Lindsay called out to him impatiently.

"Yeah, wrong way, sorry," he changed directions and threw over his shoulder, "ju...just relax. Every things gonna be ok!"

Lindsay spotted the suitcase she and Danny had packed. She grabbed the handle and smiled. They had planned and prepared for this day. Her baby was coming.

Lindsay wheeled the suitcase to the locker-room and pulled out a clean pair of underwear, a pair of pants, and an extra large pad. She made her way into the handicap stall of the bathroom since it afforded her the extra space needed to maneuver her large belly.

She changed as quickly as she could and immediately began to feel more comfortable. She tossed the soiled underwear into the garbage and hung the pants in her locker. She'd worry about them later too.

She again grabbed her suitcase and headed to the garage. As she waited for the elevator she pulled out her phone and held down the number two. The speed dial immediately connected to Danny's cell.

The elevator arrived just as his phone went to voice mail.

"You've go to be kidding me," Lindsay groaned to the empty lift. To the phone she said calmly, "Hi Danny. It's me. You know your very pregnancy wife. Just calling to let you know my water broke, you're no where to be found and Adam is driving me to the hospital. So, you know, just whenever you get a chance call me." Her sarcastically sweet tone undercut her exasperation at not being able to speak to him. Truthfully she wanted to panic and beg for him to hurry but she knew Danny. She knew he was going to be frantic enough when he hears the message. She needed him to be as calm as possible so if he hears her joking and teasing he was more likely to respond in kind.

She stepped out into the garage and Adam pulled up in one of the lab's trucks. As he climbed out and made his way around the truck, Lindsay threw him a questioning look.

"Hey, you said any car," Adam said defensively, closing his cell phone. He had obviously just finished a phone call and stuffed the object into his pocket. He then grabbed her bag and threw it onto the back seat of the truck's cab.

Lindsay didn't quite know how Mac would feel about them using a company vehicle to take her to the hospital but chose to ignore that too. She was beginning to feel the panic rise again. She really wanted to talk to Danny.

Adam turned and helped her climb into the passengers seat. Once he knew she was in and secure he ran to the other side and jumped in behind the wheel.

"OK, we ready?" he asked her.

Lindsay nodded and told him which hospital and he carefully headed out into traffic.

"Did you get a hold of Danny?" he asked casually.

"No," she answered sadly, "It went to voice mail. Maybe I should try Hawkes."

"Oh...uh...I just did. He didn't pick up. They must be in a bad area or something," Adam admitted.

Noticing her dejected look Adam tried to engage her in conversation, "I see you changed."

"Yeah," Lindsay said simply.

"Is this a special hospital outfit?" he inquired innocently.

Lindsay looked down at the old grey sweat pants incredulously. There was definitely nothing special about them, "No. The other pants I had on were wet from my water breaking," she explained.

"Oh...right, of course...your water," Adam stammered, "Well, you ah...you still look very nice."

Lindsay bit her lip to keep from laughing but managed to just smile at him.

"You know," Adam began, "I peed my pants once. Well not just once...I mean, you know, I had accidents as a child like most kids so I've peed my pants lots. Well not lots lots, but I guess averagefor a little kid. But this time, the time I'm telling you about I was 8 and at the library...Lindsay?"

Adam stopped his story when he glanced at her face and saw her eyes closed and her lips pressed tightly together. After a moment she released the breath she was holding, "Sorry. I think that was my first official contraction."

The tightening of her muscles, pulling at her stomach and her back, had been intense. It was nothing like anything she had experienced yet. None of the light contractions she had felt before had hurt but this one was different. It was painful.

"Whoa," Adam said slightly awed, "How are ya feeling?"

Lindsay just shrugged at him and said, "I'm going to try Danny again."

She again listened to the rings, then his voicemail message. Sighing she said, "Danny. We're on our way to the hospital. I really wish you would answer. I think my contractions have started. Call me as soon as you can. I love you."

She lowered the phone but kept her attention focused on it, willing it to ring. "Why isn't he answering?" she whispered. She knew that if she could just talk to him then a bit of her anxiety would ease. She was trying not to be scared but it was getting harder to fight the fear the closer they go to the hospital. She just wished Danny was with her.

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn't notice the hand that moved towards hers. She looked up at Adam as he wrapped his fingers around hers.

"Don't worry Lindsay. You're not alone. Danny will stop at nothing to get here. The two things he hasn't shut up about in the past few months are his wife and his daughter. There is no way he's gonna miss this or let you do it alone," He assured her.

Lindsay tightened her own grip on his fingers before asking hesitantly, "Do you think you could stay with me until he gets here?"

Adam gave her hand a squeeze and said, "It'd be my pleasure."

Thank you Adam," Lindsay said softly, "I'm sorry I was so panicky before and snapped at you."

Adam just laughed, "Don't worry about it; happens all the time. Besides I don't even want to think about how I would act if I were going into labor."

Lindsay couldn't help the bark of laughter that escaped as she pictured a nine month pregnant Adam going into labor. Knowing instantly where her mind had gone, Adam joined in her merriment.

As they pulled into the hospital parking lot, Lindsay turned to Adam, "Thanks for getting me, well us," she patted her extended belly, "here safely and for distracting me so I didnt worry the whole time."

"You bet," Adam said easily, "but here comes the scary part; finding a parking spot. I'll drop you off at the door first though."

Soon Lindsay found herself standing at the entrance of the hospital as Adam pulled away to park the truck. Desperate for some contact with her husband, Lindsay again pulled out her cell phone, Again she hear his voice mail message and finally frustration and nervousness won out as she spoke into the phone, "Ok. I'm at the hospital. I am walking in right not to have a baby, your baby. Where are you? Why the hell aren't you answering your phone? You said you would keep it with you every second! I am going to have this baby without you!" Realizing her voice was rising in volume she forced herself to take a calming breath before continuing, "Please hurry. I don't want to do this without you."

She closed her phone, stuck it into a slot on her bag and headed into the hospital. She and Danny had pre-registered with the hospital and had familiarized themselves with the layout weeks ago. At the moment Lindsay was extremely grateful for their initiative. Knowing exactly where she needed to go was a great relief.

Lindsay made her way out onto the fourth floor, waded through the people and walked up to the front desk.

Excuse me, she said politely to a nurse behind the counter, Imuh Lindsay trailed off as she felt the muscles again begin to tighten around her like a belt that was too small.

Recognizing the uncomfortable expression on Lindsays face the nurse jumped up and came around the reception desk. She placed a hand on Lindsays shoulder and rubbed gently.

How ya doin hun? patience and understanding laced her words, Breath through it. Alright?

Once the contraction passed, Lindsay looked up at the woman and gave her a grateful smile. The woman looked to be around 40 with light brown eyes and short blonde hair pulled back by a headband.

You wouldnt happen to be Lindsay Messer would you? She asked kindly.

Thats me. Dr. Reeser said she was going to have her office call ahead, Lindsay answered.

And she did, the nurse confirmed, Im Rosie and Ill be your room nurse K?

Room nurse? Lindsay asked.

Yes maam, Rosie smiled at her, Im your assigned nurse. Im going to be with you to help you and make sure you are taken care of. Alright?

Lindsay knew she looked like a deer in head lights but everything was so new and uncertain she just didnt know how to respond.

OK, honey, Ive got your information since you pre-registered but lets go over some of it quickly. Rosie led Lindsay over to a chair and they quickly verified her birthday, social security number, address, and insurance information. Then Rosie reviewed Dannys information with her.

And is your husband on his way? Or do you need me to call him for you? Rosie asked helpfully.

Actually Lindsay began but was cut off.

Hey, Adam interrupted, Sorry it took so long. I had to find a place that wasnt reserved for doctors and then I did but I realized it was parking for an hour only and I wasnt sure how long I was going to be so I had to back out, which a truck the size of the one I was driving doesnt move well in a hospital parking garage and I think I pissed some people off that were behind me but I finally found the long term parking but then I got lost coming into the hospital. But here I am.

Rosie gave Adam an indulging look as she stood, Well, Mr. Messer, we are done with the paperwork so Im going to grab a wheelchair and then well get your wife situated. Are you ready to become a daddy today?

Adams eyes grew large and he stammered out loudly, What? NO, no, no, no, ohuhno, no.

Lindsay nearly laughed at Rosies perplexed look but quickly explained, Thats not Danny. I havent been able to get a hold of my husband yet. Adam drove me to the hospital. Hes a friend of ours. Is it ok if he stays with me until my husband arrives?

Lindsay watched as Rosies face relaxed into understanding, Oh, sure thats not a problem. Adam right?

Adam nodded.

OK Adam, While I get Lindsay changed can you take her bag to her room? And then you can come back here and help me move her there. Rosie instructed.

Adam grabbed Lindsays suitcase, eager to have something to do and headed to the room number Rosie had given him.

Rosie handed Lindsay a gown and a clear plastic cup and wheeled her to a bathroom, Alright hun, why dont you go ahead and change into the wonderfully stylish hospital gown and Im gonna need you to pee in the cup for me.

Lindsay groaned.

Rosie smiled in understanding, I know, not a lot of fun at nine months to try and aim for that little cup.

Grateful for a nurse who was funny and sympathetic at the same time Lindsay sighed, Well at least I have to pee 24 hours a day so I know that parts not going to be a problem.

The two women shared an easy laugh.

You can just leave the cup on the sink and there is an emergency pull in there if you need help, Rosie explained as she helped Lindsay out of the chair.

Adam returned just as Lindsay was coming out of the bathroom.

My flip flops are in my suit case, Lindsay said sheepishly as she indicated her bare feet, then realization hit her, Oh, and my cell phone! What if Danny has been calling?

Dont worry, honey, thats where were headed. We can talk about how your feeling, do an exam, get the fetal monitor going and talk about the birth plan you have in your file, Rosie assured her as she helped Lindsay sit down in the chair, Adam why dont you go ahead and wheel Lindsay down there while I grab her chart.

Lindsay was eager to get back to her phone. She just knew Danny had called. Adam guided her slowly through the hallway and around the people but just before he turned into her room she saw him.


He had come around the corner quickly, glancing in every room he passed. As he turned to face her she knew the look of relief on his face mirrored her own.

Hi, she mouthed to him happily.

He was here. He was finally here.


OK so I had to do a little bit of tweaking because I couldnt come up with a reason for Adam to be pushing Lindsay around in the wheelchair once she was in the hospital gown. With my experience I was put in a room and then I got changed, examined, tested etc. and there wasnt a need for the wheelchair at that point so that part is a little weird but I think I can be pretty realistic the rest of the way through plus I didnt want to have Lindsay and Rosie really get into discussing things before Danny got there. So like I said it should be more realistic from here on out. Also, sorry for any typos and grammatical errors!

Next up: Dannys P.O. did this all start for him?

Thanks for reading!!!