(Another in the Jacob series lol. This one was mainly because my fiance liked Jacob and Alice's interaction in Breaking Dawn and wanted to see what I could do with it. This was pretty fun to write and ironic, looking at it now, considering I made fun of Jasper in this one and did a story using him later. This is set to have happened at some point in Breaking Dawn. Let me know what you think.

This is rated M so, ya know...18 and up only. If you're offended by sexual situations, move on, etc.)

"Ugh!" Alice grunted as she couldn't take it anymore. Headaches would be bad enough when you're human. But when your mind works the way it does when you're a vampire, it was even more annoying. It wasn't like her thirst. There was a cure for that, there wasn't really a cure for the headache. Well… there was a cure but he wasn't in the house. It was driving her crazy. She didn't even have Jasper to distract her because he and Emmett were too busy trying to get information on that damn baby. Eventually, and against her better judgment, Alice went outside to find the nearest werewolf. Hopefully it'd be Jacob, Seth was an okay second, and if she absolutely needed to, even Leah was an option. She honestly didn't care as long as there was some relief.

Luckily, it turned out that Jacob was the first one she came across. He was sprawled out, leaning against a tree in his human form. She immediately breathed a sigh of relief as her blurry vision faded and she could think clearly again. Jacob was a lifesaver. But as she paid more attention to him, she noticed that he wasn't wearing much in the way of clothes. Well…less than usual anyway. Which was curious because his normal shorts were on one of his legs in the hole. A little giggle escaped her lips as she realized he must have phased into human form and went to put them on but fell asleep before he could finish. And paying a little more attention to detail, Alice could tell that Jacob seemed to be having quite the…er…pleasant dream.

Considering she had every intention of staying here until he woke up, Alice figured it'd probably be in her best interest to cover him up some or she'd probably get distracted. In a swift movement, she took Jacob's shorts and looped them around his other foot, and started shimmying them back up his legs. She tried to do it so quickly it wouldn't wake him but she hadn't accounted on the fact that as she got closer to him, her vampire smell would be closer as well. His snoring abruptly stopped as she got up to his thighs and Alice immediately looked at his face, just as his face was looking at her with an obviously confused expression. Alice then realized that if he'd literally just woken up, how this would have looked. "Uuuh…this…isn't what it looks like?"

Jacob's eyes narrowed at Alice's words. "It looks like you're pulling off my shorts."

Alice stayed frozen, just looking at Jacob's face. "Heh. See…that's the exact opposite of what I was doing. You hadn't put them on yet before you fell asleep. I…was just trying to help."

"Uh huh." Jacob said, skeptically. Though he was trying to keep his mind on the smell. Because if he let it stray to anything else he'd be thinking of the fact that Alice's hands were still on his thighs, and her face was fairly close to…another part of him that was rather awake at the moment. "I usually don't need help putting my pants on." Jacob said, the sarcasm lacing his words.

"You did this time. Unless you wanted me to be sitting here staring at your…equipment all night."

Alice's words reminded Jacob of another very important question. "What the Hell are you even doing here?"

Alice looked surprised for a fraction of a second. Even with Jacob's eyes he just barely caught it. "You know why I'm here…" Alice muttered, starting to look away.

"To have your way with me in my sleep?"

Alice quickly turned back to him. "I was putting them back on!" She protested.

Jacob's eyes narrowed again. "Maybe you already finished then. I was having an interesting dream before you woke me up."

Alice rolled her eyes at his accusation. "Trust me. If I had, you wouldn't have been able to sleep through it."

"Oh is that right?" Jacob shot back which made Alice smile more, with a slightly sinister edge to it.

"Yes that is right. I do have a couple decades more experience than you do, virgin boy." Jacob's face was immediately flushed as he went to protest but couldn't think of anything to say. "Uh huh." Alice mocked, copying Jacob's previous tone.

"Yeah, I guess that's true considering it's decades with Mr. Rigid back there. I bet he always just sits back and lets you do all the work." This time it caught Alice off guard as she let out an exasperated breath.

"That's not true…" It took a bit for Alice to realize that Jacob had suddenly tensed. Playing what just happened in her head, she realized what did it. When she breathed it was…on a still erect part of him. She teased him again with another breath.

"Hey!" He protested, scowling at Alice's cocky expression…no pun intended. Another giggle escaped Alice's lips.

"What?" Jake asked, genuinely curious.

"Nothing. It's just that this is the first time I've been in this kind of…situation without knowing exactly what was going to happen. For your information that's why I tend to be in charge. Though to be honest even if I know what's going to happen…it's still nice." Alice grinned thinking about it before she noticed a throaty moan escape Jacob's lips. She hadn't realized what happened until she looked down. She'd been unconsciously stroking him when she'd been thinking naughty things.

An evil smirk crossed her face as she looked at Jacob's expression. "Mind if I borrow it for a bit?" Jacob let out a laugh at her question.

"Long as it stays attached to me." With another grin Alice let out a moan as she kissed his cock, slowly letting it enter her mouth. Feeling the vibrations go through him, Jacob let out a louder moan. Despite the fact that most of her was cold, her mouth was somehow very warm.

This was wrong. Not only was she taken, but so was…okay…technically he wasn't taken. But it still felt wrong. He was still in love with…Becca…no…um…Be…Ball….er…he could not think of her name for the life of him while Alice was 'busy'. Her tongue was moving in corresponding twists to each jerk of her head. Jacob's hands instinctively found their way to her head, his fingers weaving their way in her spiky hair. She loosened her own thrusts, letting Jacob's hands guide her. She mentally giggled again as she realized that if she were human the way he was pulling her, would have made breathing very difficult. Instead she just went along with his pulls until they started to get faster, then she pulled her mouth off of him completely, taking in his pouting but breathless look.

"Naughty boy! Trying to finish already." Under normal circumstances she probably would have kept going a little longer. But in Jacob's case she didn't know for a fact when the right time to stop was. Slowly she stood up.

"Aw come on, don't leave." Jacob complained about to get up as well.

Alice smiled as she used her foot to push him back down. "Who said anything about leaving? I'm just getting more…comfortable." Moving her foot down Jacob's chest she expertly, caught his shorts on her stiletto, and pulled them the rest of the way off with no protest from Jacob. Then she slowly undid her belt, loosening her dress, which she slipped off next. Turned out she wasn't wearing a bra, but she was wearing a very sexy pair of pink lacy panties. She slowly wrapped her fingers around them but didn't pull them down. Instead she made very feeble attempts that barely budged them before she looked at Jake with a pout. "I can't seem to get them off…"

Jacob gave Alice a sly smile as he crawled to her. "I think I can help with that." Once he got to her, his hands eagerly went to her waist and right before he pulled them off, Alice's hands quickly grabbed his wrists stopping him.

"Hey! I like these. Be careful…" She growled, which to be honest, Jacob saw as a turn-on, but he didn't know how angry she'd get if he ripped them anyway so he complied, slowly pulling them down her legs, greedily kissing her stomach. Her waist. Her thighs. Her inner thighs…

Alice's breathing began to get faster as Jacob teased her with his kisses. Despite what she initially thought, he seemed to be rather good at this. He must have really good instincts. Not being able to take it anymore, Alice forcefully pushed Jacob back down on the ground and sat astride him, fiercely kissing him. His huge hands were all over her body. Trailing down her back, one staying on her ass, while the other moved down her legs. He was so warm, it was driving her crazy. And likewise, she was so cold but yet he was so excited, it didn't matter as his hands explored every part of her body as he continued to kiss her. Their panting got faster and faster while they furiously kissed each other. Finally their lips parted as Alice moved down. He was so much bigger than she was used to. Normally she wouldn't have to stop kissing to do what she wanted. But her body just wasn't long enough for those logistics to work right. Eventually she scooched enough that she could feel the head of his cock against her. Giving him one more grin, she pushed it into herself, a loud gasp escaping both their lips as she did.

Her pace was slow at first as she rocked back and forth, getting used to him as his panting and moaning got louder for more. Soon she was pulling him in deeper and harder, her moaning matching his. Alice never took her eyes off of Jacob's face. Though she continually kissed his chest and his abs between her own gasps. Jacob was trying to do the same, but at points it felt so good that his head fell back, his eyes rolling in the back of his head. His hands were practically molded onto her ass, only leaving to deliver the occasional spank, causing Alice to moan back in surprise and ecstasy. Despite the fact that it was beyond good, Jacob could remember what Alice had said previously and a dark smile crossed his face as he suddenly flipped the both of them over.

"Bet you didn't see that coming, did ya?" Jacob taunted as he began to thrust into her pussy once more. Alice's moans were much different now. She was obviously surprised by the sudden position but she definitely wasn't complaining. In fact the closest thing to a complaint was her hands clawing at Jacob's bare back, her heels digging into the ground, holding her in place while Jacob had his way with her and she responded in kind. They were lost in each other not really paying attention to how much time was passing until Jacob's breathing became more uneven. Instead of stopping this time, Alice sped up. She could feel it for her too. The two stared at each other as they got closer to orgasm.

Alice was the first to yell, prompting Jacob to do the same as he practically shook with pleasure before he collapsed on top of her. A giggle escaped Alice's lips. "That…was…different." Her breathing seemed to be very short.

"What? Fucking someone with a pulse?" Jacob teased, still out of breath.

Alice laughed again. "That…and physically being unable to breath directly afterwards because…you're…crushing me…" Realizing what she meant, with much effort, Jacob was able to flip over. Alice maneuvered herself so that her head was laying on Jacob's massive chest, tracing her fingers on his abs. "Still think you'd have been able to sleep through it?" She asked with a smirk as she looked back at him.

"Okay…I wouldn't have…happy now, Shorty?…"Jacob murmured sleepily. Alice flashed him a smile back, not even looking slightly winded.

"Extremely. Sweet dreams." Alice said as she got up again. Jacob's eyes were closing now so he could barely hear the sounds of fabric moving which he could assume was Alice putting her clothes back on.

"I'm sure they will be…"

"I'll be here in the morning…in case you're ready for round two." Alice offered with a smile as she leaned against the tree opposite of Jacob, debating on whether to try and put his shorts on or not.

"Sure…sure…" He mumbled as he fell asleep as Alice reveled in more than one sense of relief.