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Jacob looked around, slightly confused. He wasn't very familiar with this part of the forest and he felt like something was chasing him. He went to phase but that didn't seem to be working either, but whatever was after him had just about caught up. Jacob tried to turn around to face it head on but it was already there, he could sense it before he saw it. But when he did see, he could only see its hands, or to be more precise, her hands, as they hugged him from behind. Jacob didn't need to see who it was, he knew her from touch alone. "..Bella…?"

There was a slight pause as Bella's hands stopped, giving Jacob a chance to actually see her. She was absolutely stunning as usual and Jacob couldn't help himself as he grabbed her face and went to kiss her. But just before they're lips touched, she was gone. It took him awhile to see that she wasn't actually gone, she'd just moved away faster than he could follow. As soon as he found her again, she was leaning against the wall with a taunting look upon her face. He grinned back as he found her again. He couldn't help but notice that now that she was in the light, her skin was sparkling. She was one of them now.

The odd thing was that Jacob couldn't bring himself to care. All he knew was that he wanted her more than anything else. Making his way to her again he went for a second attempt at a kiss to see that once again she began to move again, only this time he pulled her closer. A small giggle escaped Bella's lips as she acknowledged that she was 'trapped'. A sly smirk crossed her face as one of her hands slid down, subtly feeling Jacob's chest, and down his abs, and slipping her hand into his shorts. A growly moan came out of Jacob's mouth as he felt Bella's hand around his cock. It might have been cold but that didn't take any enjoyment out of it.

He looked again to see Bella's hair, which had now gone a deep black. But the more she stroked the less he cared what color her hair was. He just wanted her to keep going. It was like she could sense his desperation and began to use both hands, one hand stroking, while the other glided over the tip, making it almost too intense. So intense in fact that Jacob hadn't noticed that he was no longer wearing his shorts, nor was Bella actually wearing any clothes as well. He did notice her hair had gotten shorter though. But that was when it hit him what was happening. That and what he'd need to do to get more than Bella's hands. "Oooh, Alice…" He moaned.

This caused another pause, as the changes to 'Bella' ceased, and it was Alice who was looking up to him again with a huge smile. A little chuckle escaped her lips as she pulled his dick towards her, being the tease that she was, just lightly rubbing it against her pussy, while making it impossible for him to put it in any further. "Alice…" He moaned again, practically a growl to show his slight frustration. This seemed to be just enough as she practically pounced on him, forcing his dick into her. The sensation was so sudden it caught him off guard. He almost lost it right then and there, but he held on, simply keeping Alice in place while she ground her hips into him.

She felt so good, Jacob knew he wasn't going to last long. He wanted to thrust back but he was practically helpless before Alice's technique. His moaning only got louder as she continued to thrust his cock into her, bucking her hips until Jacob could barely keep standing. If she kept this up, he was going to… "Oh fuck me!" Jacob exclaimed as he fell over in ecstasy.

Jacob then jerked awake, looking at a forest he had become quite familiar with due to all of his patrols recently. He shook the dream off and tried to get his bearings when he saw Alice looking at him from a tree close to the one he was sleeping on, looking innocent. In fact she was looking extremely innocent. The kind of innocent look you have when you've done something. Upon closer inspection, it was obvious what had happened despite the fact that they were both fully clothed. "Alice?"

"Yes?" Alice asked, trying to hide her grin.

"You've got a little…" Jacob pointed to the corner of his mouth.

Alice mirrored the action, feeling the corner of her mouth and finding some of the remaining white substance she hadn't quite gotten rid of. "Damn. Thought I got it all…." She rolled her eyes. "You were a freaking gusher though…" She said with a giggle as she licked the remainder off of her finger.

Jacob narrowed his eyes. "I thought you leeches couldn't eat or drink anything but blood."

"Oh you'd be amazed the properties the two share. It's not nearly enough to make me full but it'd be one hell of an interesting experiment to try out." Alice commented with a giggle. "Not gonna lie. It made me want to feed on you, but your blood would taste horrid." Alice's nose shrank back, thinking about it.

"But my…'other-blood' doesn't?" Jacob asked, finding the situation fairly humorous.

Alice shrugged. "The physiology of that beats the hell out of me." She then noticed Jacob cocking his head to the side. "What?"

Jacob's eyes narrowed. "Your eyes. They're kinda going…white."

Alice's eyes shot wide. "Oh God!" And she dashed off. Coming back just as quickly, she had a grumpy look on her face that only made Jacob laugh harder. "That was not…funny."

Jacob was practically doubled over in laughter. "You'd have found it hilarious from my side and you know it."

Alice smirked. "Maybe. And maybe I'll remember that the next time I think about giving you a 'wake up call'."

That seemed to connect a few dots in Jacob's mind, causing him to stop laughing. "You were doing things to me yesterday!"

"I was not!" Alice protested. "I swear I was putting your shorts on. But since you accused me, I was curious if I could do it without waking you up this time. Which I did, mind you." Alice's cocky expression returned. "Even had you saying my name a few times."

This time it was Jacob's turn to have his eyes bug out. "I said that out loud…"

Alice nodded with a wide smile. "Oh yeah. You were a bit confused at first, calling me Bella but I straightened you out."

Jacob began to crawl over to Alice. "Straightened me out, huh?" He taunted, getting closer to Alice, who didn't seem to be protesting the lack of space between them.

"…you know, we can't keep doing this, right?" Alice asked, momentarily being serious.

Jacob's face soured at Alice's seriousness but quickly turned back as he leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "And just why is that?"

"Because I'm married, dumbass." Alice couldn't help but to smile a little having Jacob whispering in her ear like that. "If Jasper finds out, he's going to kill you. Literally kill you. As in he'll make your life cease to be."

Jacob began to lick Alice's earlobe. "I don't know. I think I could take him."

Alice chuckled a bit before instinctively leaning her head toward him to give Jacob a better angle. "Oh yeah. Someone whose only offense against vampires involving his ability to get angry fighting a vampire who can control emotions… totally favors you there."

"You know. I'm willing to take that chance." Jacob said as he continued to nibble Alice's earlobe, one of his hands slowly tracing her thigh.

"Jaaaake. I'm being serious. Jazz will kill you. The only thing that stopped him from killing Bella when she found out about Edward was me saying she would become my best friend. You're just…" Alice tried to think of a polite way to phrase it.

"Your sex toy?" Jacob said with a chuckle.

Alice laughed back. "Something like that."


"That's more accurate." Alice said with a grin.

"I am totally fine with that, you know." Jacob chuckled again.

Alice smirked back. "You're only saying that because you're a horny teenager who's finally getting some instead of being blue balled all the time."

"You know…they don't actually go blue with me. Technically speaking."

"Stop being such a smartass." Alice shot back, still not stopping Jacob's hand which was sneaking up her thigh.

"I'm far from the only 'horny teenager' to be willing to die for sex. Scratch that. That'd be willing to die for awesome sex." Jacob stated, while gradually kissing down Alice's neck.

"Heh, think flattery will get you everywhere, huh? Keep that up and I might get worried. I might think you're falling for me or something." Alice said, fluttering her eyes.

Jacob rolled his eyes. "Please. You're way too high maintenance."

Alice threw back her head in a laugh. "I'm worth it though."

"Well you're saying that if I keep fucking you its certain death and I'm still doing it so I'd say that's pretty flattering on its own." Jacob said, with a large grin. His hand was currently on Alice's inner thigh. And despite her words, she was already unconsciously opening her legs.

"Maybe because I'm so used to being surrounded by smart guys, I'm getting attracted to the stupid ones." Alice teased.

"I'm stupid, am I?" This time Jacob stopped teasing and let his hand go over Alice's panties. He grinned as she instinctively moaned. "You're still letting me." Slipping his hand under her panties, Jacob began to run his fingers up and down Alice's pussy.

"Well haven't we gone from virgin to confident quickly?" Alice moaned, turning to Jacob with a hungry look.

"What can I say? I'm a quick learner." Jacob said, sticking two fingers inside of Alice, reveling in her accompanying moan.

Alice continued to moan as Jacob fingered her, clutching the ground as she ground her hips into his movements. "Oh fine." She muttered, finally giving in to her cravings and wrapping her arms around Jacob's neck, pulling him into a kiss. "I didn't tell you to stop." She growled, giving Jacob's lip a little nip.

Jacob chuckled as he kissed her back, and continued to work his fingers inside of her, keeping with her rhythm. She gasped with each push, especially when he massaged her clit with his thumb. His fingers sped up, making her breathing raspier, more animalistic. Jacob grinned all the more as Alice's legs began to shake and she clinched onto him even more. It wasn't long before Alice pulled Jacob into another kiss, muffling her screams. As soon as she was able to talk, she pulled back from the kiss. "Trying to give me a head start?"

"I'm nothing if not considerate." Jacob said, flashing his smile as he pulled off Alice's panties, remembering how much she apparently liked having them in one piece.

"If that's the case, I should really try to return the favor, shouldn't I?" Alice asked matching Jacob's smile as she pushed him off of her, onto the ground. Faster than he could comprehend, Alice was on top of him, lowering herself onto his cock.

Jacob inadvertently slammed his head into the ground from just the sensation of how tight she was. "Fuck!" He exclaimed as she rode him.

"I didn't want to be too hard on you before, being your first time and all." Alice said, with practically a Cheshire Cat grin. "Now that you're such a pro now, you can handle me, right?"

"Bring it, bitch." Jacob said, smacking her ass.

Alice began to rock her hips as she went up and down, driving Jacob's dick into her, as she squeezed him making it all the more intense. There was a definite difference in technique from yesterday. It was everything Jacob could do to move his hips with hers. A large part of him simply wanted to lay back and enjoy it. She leaned forward, keeping her thrusting rhythm, as she slowly licked Jacob's chest, never breaking her eye contact with him. It didn't even trigger to Jacob for ages that Alice was still technically wearing her clothes, but he couldn't bring himself enough out of the moment to have her take them off. He just…didn't care enough to stop.

Alice's panting matched Jacob's as she ground into him harder, seeing how much he could take from his reactions as she couldn't see it with him. It was feeling just as good to her as she trembled slightly each time he entered her, which only made her moan louder. Her eyes suddenly narrowed as she suddenly stopped and glared at Jacob.

"What?" He was finally able to get out through panting.

"You were getting close." Alice accused, with a pout.

"Yeah, that kinda happens sometimes." Jacob said, lifting Alice and driving his dick back into her one time.

"Ah!" Alice yelped. "You're mean." A sly grin crossed her face. "So I think there should be a rule. You can't cum before me."

Jacob lifted her and dropped her on him again. "You technically already came."

"Irrelevant!" Alice commanded, as she completely twisted herself around so that her back was on Jacob's chest, snickering at his gasp at her sudden position change. This time Alice moved her hands up, grasping at Jacob's shoulders for leverage and moved her body in a wave, pushing Jacob in and out of her with each movement. The feeling of Alice's ass rubbing against him only added to his excitement.

A grin crossed his face as he moved one of his hands and rubbed her clit as they fucked. If she wanted to cum first, then that's just what he'd do. It was hard to split his concentration between the two but it was possible. That seemed to be almost too much as Alice threw her head back in raspy gasps, bucking and twisting on top of Jacob. It wouldn't be too long now as she felt her trembling increasing. "Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck." Alice kept repeating, which Jacob took as a command and kept thrusting with each one until Alice finally came, squeezing Jacob's cock so hard he had no choice but to come along with her.

Alice's hands gently stroked Jacob's face as he caught his breath. Once he did, she flipped over, facing him with a large grin. "Okay, I'll give you that one."

Jacob laughed, shaking Alice slightly. "Damn straight. I'm the man…"

"Yeah, you're the man. Shouldn't you be the man patrolling or something?" Alice asked, tracing Jacob's chest with her finger.

"Oh! Right! Shit!" Jacob sat up suddenly forcing Alice to sit astride him. He then immediately collapsed. "After a nap…"

Alice chuckled as she threw Jacob's shorts back onto him as she got up. "You might want to put those back on."

"You're leaving?" He asked, groggily.

"Yeah, I need to find a guy without a refractory period." Alice said, winking as she vanished in a blur.

"As I said…high maintenance…" Jacob grumbled.