Nuka ran as fast as he could to the Outlands, hellbent on killing the hyenas

"Mother I will avenge you!" the young lion said in his mind over and over

Soon enough he got back to his old home

"Come out here you murdering hyeas!" Nuka yelled "I know what you did to my family and now it's time you pay for it!"

No answer

"Fine I'll claw you out of yourhinding spot and rip you all to bits!" Nuka said as he dived into the Outlands and began to go on a wild rampage. Destroying anything that came in sight

About an hour or so of this madness had gone by now and Nuka has not found the hyena trio

"Grr those cowards," he said "They must have ran off past the Outlands. YOU THREE CAN RUN ALL YOU WANT BUT I'LL STILL CATCH YOU!"

"Nuka stop!" Kovu said

"Please!" Vitani added

"Kovu, Vitani you're here," Nuka said "Hurry we got to go past the Outlands those hy..."

"Nuka no," Kovu said

"What!?" Nuka said confussed

"Nuka you shouldn't do this," Vitani said

"Why?" Nuka said

"Nuka our mother lived a life of hatred and revenge and it led to her death," Kovu said

"Please don't be like our mother," Vitani said "Just let it go and come back with us,"

"But..." Nuka said

"Vengence only brings sorrow and death," Kovu said "Don't worry will fix the issues Simba had with you," Kovu said

Nuka thought about this for a moment then walked towards his brother and sister

"You two are right I guess" Nuka said

"Glad to have you back big bro," Vitani said

With that the three lions went home

Meanwhile, near a bush a far distance off from the lions

"Phew he almost found us," Shenzi said

"Ya," Banzai said "Man he was more inane then Ed,"

Ed said something

"Sorry Ed," Banzai said

And so everyone lived happily ever after

The End