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Chapter 5

Severus could not believe he was actually going to do this…but he did not want Harry to live with this guilt on his shoulders. Unfortunately to do this he was going to have to swallow and immense amount of pride and talk to the one person who had made his life at Hogwarts a living Hell. He knew that Sirius would hide upstairs in his bedroom, but he didn't know the mutt would go as far as to lock himself in there.

"Black…" he said rapping on the door. "I need to talk to you."

Silence, so the mutt was going to play this game.

"Fine…I'll just tell Mr. Potter that his own Godfather does not care whether or not he get's to see him over the holidays-

The door thrust open causing Severus to stop in midsentence.

"You are so easily baited." He said with a small smirk.

Sirius however did not seem amused or happy that his worse enemy had tricked him into leaving the solitude of his room.

"What do you want you no good git?"

"Humph." Severus sneered. "As much as it hurts me to say this…I do not want you completely out of Harry's life."

"Really?" Sirius said leaning against his bedroom doorframe. "Could have fooled me…so is this just someway for you to seek revenge for my teasing of you back in the day?"

Severus smirked and looked up at Sirius.

"First off…you did not tease me…you bloody tortured me." He clarified. "Second off…this will never change the way I look at you Black…to me you will always be the same arrogant child I knew you to be."

"Does this lecture have a point?" Sirius said, trying to sound bored.

"Fine," Severus sighed. "The point being that despite how much I loathe and detest you. (Merlin that felt good) I do not want to keep you from seeing your Godson."

"I don't need your consent-

-you see that is where you are wrong Black." Severus said smugly. "Harry will be under my guardianship and that means I get to decide what is best for him…so yes Black you do need my consent."

Sirius's face became expressionless and cold. Severus knew that he should be savoring this moment, but for Harry's sake he had to move past it.

"And…because I know how much you mean to Harry…I give you my consent to write him." Severus looked away from the mutt. "I will not tell Albus seeing as he would not want to risk the boy's safety…and…"

Severus wanted to puke; he could not believe he was going to offer this.

"Ask reckless as this may seem…" Severus began. "I will aid in a way so that you can walk with Harry to the train station."

Severus watched as Sirius smiled somewhat and that just made Severus want to kill him. Years…years of dealing with this mutt's mental and physical abuse and he pays him back by actually making him smile.

"And I take it that you want me to start being nice you than?" Sirius assumed.

"I could care less…you will always be the same idiot mutt I knew in school as far as I'm concerned," Severus said rudely. "I'm doing this for Harry, not for me."

"Turning Gryfindor on us Sni- I mean Snape?"

"Not on your life mutt." Severus snarled.

Severus swept away and headed downstairs to see if Harry was still pouting about him playing that little mind game with him. In all reality he really did have something important to tell the boy; he just thought it would be more fun to toy with Harry a little first. When he came back downstairs he could see Harry sitting on one of the sofa's with Hermione. A small smile appeared on his lips, he could hear what Harry was saying from the hallway.

"I've never seen you so happy Harry." Hermione squealed. "I wish Professor Snape and you would have patched things up sooner!"

"Me too," Harry breathed. "Could you imagine how great my life would have been if I had been able to talk to him my first year at school!"

Hermione nodded in agreement.

"Oh well," Harry yawned leaning back into the sofa. "It doesn't matter…something is finally going the way I want it to."

"Harry, you look exhausted." Hermione said standing from the sofa. "C'mon you should go to bed."

Severus took that as his cue to step out from his dark corner and intervene.

"No, Ms. Granger that will not be necessary."

Harry blinked several times and looked up at his potions master.

"Are you going to tell me what you needed to tell me now?"

"Still remember that do you?" Severus chuckled; sitting down next to him.


"The big surprise Harry," Severus said warmly. "Was that if you wanted to you could come home with me tonight you were more than welcome to."

Suddenly Harry became wide awake. He could not believe that Severus was offering to take him to Spinner's End now! He turned to the clock and saw that it was nearly eleven o-clock…he honestly could not believe his teacher had hung around for so long.

"I trust by your gawking that you do not want to go."

Harry's mouth closed with a snap and he glared, jokingly, from over his glasses.

"Cat got your tongue?" Severus laughed.

"No," Harry said with a shake of his head. "Are you serious?"

"Of course I am Potter!" Severus snapped. "When do I joke?"

"Good point." Harry said with another yawn.

Severus watched as Harry leaned back into the sofa and allowed his eyes to droop slightly. He should have expected the boy would soon submit to exhaustion…he had gone through a great ordeal after all. He turned to Hermione who was watching in great interest and with a very hushed voice he said, "Ms. Granger would you mind doing me a favor?"

"No sir," she said with a shake of her head.

"I am sure you know where Harry's trunk is, would you mind bring it down to me?"

"Not at all Professor."

Hermione rushed off leaving Severus to watch the semi conscious Harry Potter. Severus chuckled as Harry fought sleep it was clear that he didn't want to go to bed yet, but his body was winning the battle. No more than three seconds later was Harry out and asleep.


"Remus." The potions master whispered.

"I came to apologize for my reaction."

Severus turned his back on Harry and pursed his lips.

"It is fine Lupin." He said stiffly. "Don't worry about it."

"Severus…I know that you and I have many differences-

-heh." Severus laughed.

"You agree with me then," Remus smirked. "Look I know that with your position in the Order you will need help with Harry…I just want you to know that if you need anything I will do anything to help."

Severus sighed…the brat lying on the couch was turning his life upside down. However he could not deny the werewolf's offer. Truthfully he was going to need Remus's help, but mostly because if Harry ever wanted to visit he really did not want the boy here alone with just Black.

"Thank you Remus, your help will be appreciated."

Remus smiled and turned to look at Harry as well.

"I was wondering when his body would just give out."

"The boy's stamina knows no bounds, I swear." Severus scoffed.

Remus smirked and put both his hands in the pockets of his sweater.

"You should have a lot of fun trying to keep up with him this year."

"This year?" Severus quoted. "Lupin, let us not forget the last four years I had to try and keep up with him."

Remus laughed softly and nodded.

"Well you shouldn't have anything to worry about tonight…he'll probably sleep most of the day away tomorrow."

"Yes, normally I wouldn't let that happen…but he deserves it."

Surprisingly Severus enjoyed the small talk he was enduring with Lupin. He would not say they would be friends by the end of it but he had never really noticed how nice it was to have the company of someone who was actually his age. It seemed that Hermione had taken her time dragging Harry's trunk downstairs.

"Sorry it took so long sir." Hermione spat, rather irritably. "I had to fight Ronald for it."

"Fight?" Remus said concerned.

"Figure of speech Lupin," Severus said with a roll of his eyes. "Mr. Weasly is just choosing to be unreasonable about Harry's future arrangement."

"Don't worry Professor Snape." Hermione huffed. "I'll sort him out."

Both Hogwarts Professors watched as one of their brightest -and scariest- students left to go upstairs. Lupin turned to Severus and with a very small grin he said, "She can scare me at times."

"She resembles Lily in several ways." Severus commented.

"I think that is why Harry is so close to her."

Severus turned to the young Potter, whose glasses laid askew on his face. Smirking somewhat Severus bent forward and nudged the sleeping boy's shoulder.

"No…"Harry groaned. "C'mon five more minutes."

"Mr. Potter," Severus said softly. "You can sleep as soon as we get home."

Harry sat up from the couch still looking like he was tired and dazed.

"Okay." He breathed.

Severus pulled Harry to his feet and with a wave of his wand transported the trunk to Spinner's End.

"Harry," Remus said getting his attention. "I'll be keeping in touch okay?"

Severus wanted to laugh at how moronic Harry looked, but he did not want to embarrass the boy. In all reality his tired state really wasn't his own fault.

"Okay Prof. Lupin."

"I think we'll apparate to Spinner's End Harry." Severus said extending his arm for him to take. "I don't want to risk you nodding off in the Floo Network and getting lost."

Harry nodded in agreement and accepted his teacher's forearm.

"Now, hold onto me very tight." Severus instructed. "And I would suggest keeping your eyes closed as well."

Harry complied and held onto Severus's arm for dear life. He wasn't sure what apparition was, he knew that Fred and George could do it but he didn't actually know what it was…or what to expect. Severus looked down briefly at Harry and smirked. The boy would be in for a rude awakening.


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