Author note: So, yeah, I get a lot of random Jack and Ianto fluff ideas and I thought I might just throw them all in here... the name of the collection was inspired by That Scene in CofE, so, er, yeah...

Enjoy! Oh, and if you've never heard Yiruma's song Kiss The Rain then go do so, it's beautiful and haunting.

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Kissing The Rain

Jack Harkness turned his attention away from the bustling, sun spotted Cardiff, currently enjoying a bout of summer rain, to watch an umbrella appear in the gap of the roof hatch. He smirked as Ianto recoiled from the water that splashed his immaculate suit.

"Jack!" Ianto shouted. "You're getting soaked, get your stupid arse over here!"

"What if I don't want to?" Jack shouted back.



"Come out, it's lovely!"

Shaking his head, Ianto picked his way over the slippery roof. "You, sir, are a twit."

"What's wrong with the rain?"

"What's right with the rain?" Ianto returned.

"Aren't you Welsh?" Jack said. "You're meant to like the rain."

"No, being Welsh just means newfound depths of loathing toward it."

Jack chuckled, running a hand through his wet hair. The action flicked water into Ianto's face and Jack had to laugh again at the repulsed expression Ianto pulled.

"That is not funny, Jack."

"You need to loosen up!" And to prove his point, Jack whisked Ianto's umbrella out of his hands and threw it over the side of the roof, returning to Ianto's glare with a smug smile. The umbrella fell and nearly stabbed an innocent passer-by, but that's beside the point. Jack was having fun.

"The cost of that is coming out of your salary, you realise."

"I don't care, Yan!" Jack announced. "I'm living in the moment!" Jack reached out, ensnaring Ianto's hands in his and spinning him round. Ianto emitted a faint squeak as his feet slipped on the wet roof. "Share it with me?"

In the face of Jack's shameless pleading (who would have thought he could pout like that?) Ianto had no hope. He relaxed in Jack's grip, giving in. "Fine. Fine, I'll share your damned soggy moment, but if we catch pneumonia I'm blaming you."

"You mean if you catch pneumonia and I get to nurse you at your sickbed? You'll kill me then?"

Ianto looked across at Jack, blinking the rain from his eyes. "Are you saying you have a nurse outfit?"


"But you want one?"

Jack stuck his hands in his pockets. "Maybe..." he mumbled.

Ianto sighed, making Jack look up.

"Was that a yes?"


"Was that a no?"

Ianto's lips twitched. "No."

Jack reclaimed Ianto's hands, pulling the younger man close. "Good."

Slowly they revolved, water seeping through their clothes, dancing to a beat only Jack knew. After a while, Jack stepped backward and spun Ianto around as he laughed and protested.

"I'll fall!"

"Then I'll catch you," Jack said, patiently. "Don't be a coward!"

"What's this then?" Ianto asked as Jack swept them in circles.

"It's meant to be a waltz..."

Ianto looked at their shuffling feet then back up to Jack's face. "Really?"

"Meant to be, meant to be," Jack backtracked. "These kind of dances weren't exactly designed for roofs, you know."

Jack spun him again. "Then you should make a new one."

"A new dance?"

"Yeah, why not!" Ianto ducked under Jack's arms to appear behind the older man. Then he jumped on Jack's back. "Live in the moment," Ianto whispered against Jack's ear.

"Live in the moment," Jack agreed, a little breathless. "Yes please."