Author note: This technically-a-drabble-cause-it-actually-has-100-words-for-once popped out of nowhere just now. I do apologise.

For anyone wondering after progress on Starlight Promises or Stranger Than Fiction... Yeah. Life and distraction have gotten a leetle bit in the way there, but I promise they'll be updated as soon as I've found moar Plot!


Ianto couldn't feel his feet when he woke up. He sighed, listening to the snuffled breathing on his right. "Jack, I swear if you don't stop stealing the duvet at night—"


Ianto frowned and turned his head. "Were you pretending to be asleep?"

"I... might have been."

"I'm not going to ask."

Jack grinned, stretched languidly and then dragged Ianto into the nest of his arms.

"This doesn't make up for stealing the covers," Ianto told Jack's shoulder.


"I'm not tired!"


Ianto tried to look up. "You die now."

Jack chuckled and patted Ianto's head. "Sleep."